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Real Money Mobile Gaming Continues To Grow

The percentage of revenue coming from the mobile gaming is steadily on the rise. Money Mobile Gaming Continues To Grow

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Whether we admit it or not, without mobile technology, the online gaming industry would not have developed as successfully as it did. Since the first smartphone’s introduction, the online gaming industry has steadily been shifting to mobiles. Today, over 40% of all online gaming revenues come from mobile gambling exclusively. 

At present, gamblers can find a plethora of gambling-related Android and iOS applications, including free and real money gambling apps. Interestingly, whereas just a few years ago people preferred free games over real money ones, things are changing gradually now.

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Today, we will explore real money gaming, focusing on its growth over the past few years. 

App Stores And Real Money Apps 

When Google announced it would allow the UK, French and Irish Republic citizens to download real money casino apps in 2017, the public was shocked. Until then, the world’s biggest app market did not allow any real money apps on its platform, largely because of age verification problems. Apparently, having allowed citizens from the aforementioned countries to download real money casino apps from Google Play, Google has changed its view on the subject. Further, experts predict that a number of other countries will soon join the UK, France, and the Irish Republic.

Once Google introduces real money gaming apps to the rest of the world, we can expect revenues from real money gambling to go through the roof. Up to now, punters had to visit gaming sites if they wanted to gamble, but using Google Play, they can now easily explore all sorts of real money gambling apps at their leisure. What is more, having a real money gambling apps category like in or Google Play will enable gamblers to compare different gaming operators and find the one they like the most. 

Without a doubt, the mobile gambling industry will tremendously benefit from the changing attitude of Google towards real-money mobile gambling. That is because, thanks to Google Play, mobile gaming operators will be able to offer their product to a surprisingly large public.

At present, there are more than 2 billion smartphones all over the world. What is more, seven out of 10 smartphone users download a game on their phone no longer than a week after having purchased the device. 

Mobile Gambling Market Growth

It was predicted that the mobile gambling market would reach $100 billion by 2017, but, as it is evident, it grows at slower paces. What prevents the market from flourishing is the fact that somewhere down the chain regulatory and legalizing activities are taking longer than expected.

Mobile gambling market growth

If we look at casino/bookmaker revenues from smartphone gambling, we can conclude that the industry can hardly reach more than $40 billion. Whereas this is nothing compared to the estimations professional analysts made some time ago, especially when you consider that the mobile market was worth less than $1 billion just nine years ago. 

Should we look at statistics, we can undoubtedly say that mobile gambling is the future of the gambling industry. Up to 1/3 of all gamblers in the UK use their mobile to gamble, and if you find this figure small, just remember that the UK boasts some land-based 8,500 betting shops. The fact that mobile gambling prevails even when competition is unbearable speaks for itself. 

Accessibility is key to the unprecedented popularity of mobile gaming – and mobiles’ inherent feature. Mobile gaming is here to stay, and we can not do much more than sitting back and watch how it grows. 

Gambling Companies’ Impact

Now that gambling is mostly mobile, casino games software companies have to make their games suitable for smartphones. Pioneers in the iGaming software development like Microgaming and Playtech already produce high-end casino games designed explicitly for smartphones exclusively. But what changes to games do developers introduce to make their games more appropriate for mobile use? 

Simply said, for a mobile game to be attractive, it needs to be designed as simple as possible. We do not mean poor graphics and way too simplistic features. Instead, we suggest that mobile games need a user-friendly design to be appealing. Moreover, this simplicity of design has already been picked up by video game developers as well. So, it is only logical for iGaming software developers to create what the public wants the most – user-friendly design. 

What Does The Future Behold?

In the future, we can expect substantial changes in the online gambling business. Cutting-edge technology like virtual reality and artificial intelligence are steadily emerging on the horizon and, once launched, they can definitely change the face of the mobile gaming industry. Still, it is unlikely for developers to start using these technologies any time soon. Finally, real money gaming apps of the future are expected to feature more social elements than they do now.

Akash Singh Chauhan
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Akash Singh Chauhan

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