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Get A Galaxy S9 For Almost Free On DrakeMall?

Get yourself The Samsung Galaxy S9 free of cost.

Upcoming Device published date 9th August, 2018 Vikram Khajuria

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has finally arrived in the market and it is making Samsung lovers go crazy to have the phone in their hands. It is becoming one of the most demanding mobiles of 2018. They have started stealing the hearts of Android fans, and the intentions won’t look like stopping anytime sooner.
Consumers are used to buying things online. For hell's sake, if you're sufficiently youthful you likely can't recall a time when people didn't buy everything from electronics to food over the internet. You've even purchased stuff second hand and by auction without getting up from your work area.  

Small and Compact

Let us know a bit more about the size and compactness of the Galaxy S9. On looks, the size of the phone seems to be very compact yet very engaging. The size is, of course, good and seems compact at the same time. The gadget screen is almost 5.8 inches which makes the display wider. So, it is pretty same as the S8. 

Apart from this, the finger positioning is good. You do not have to stretch to point out something. The power button is rightly placed on the edge. It is in a very simple position allowing you to get the needs. Besides this, there is also a Bixby button present at the left edge. The phone encompasses the features quite well. 

In addition to all this, the bottom section of the phone is even better. It has a USB port that allows you to charge the phone. Apart from this, there is also a headphone jack with a bottom firing speaker. So overall, the design of the phone seems to be quite impressive and also good. The phone also maintains a good temperature. So the music seems to be comfortable for the ears as well. 


There is an opening gap in the camera that gives light access to the sensor. The S9's f/1.5 is the most extensive gap accessible on a smartphone currently meaning it can assimilate a great deal of light on the grounds because the gap is bigger (the lower the number, the more extensive the gap). 


The software looks far superior than Samsung's old TouchWiz UI, and there are a lot of customization options to personalize your S9. 

Battery Life 

After using it vigorously to watch YouTube recordings, taking photos, playing computer games, and browsing the web, we achieved 7 percent by 6 p.m. That is bad by any stretch of the imagination, and you can without much of a stretch find better battery life with the competition, particularly with Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Anticipate that the Galaxy S9 will last at least three years. It's IP68 water-and residue resistant, so it will survive plunges in the pool, however, it's canvassed in the glass, so you should secure it with a case. Samsung issues software refreshes for a long time, so you will start to see performance plunges by then, particularly since the battery will start to deteriorate. 

How DrakeMall Works? 

The operation is exceptionally simple to follow. Once you have purchased the credits from the site, you can use them to open sacks accessible to you. Inside each sack, there is the probability of winning a couple of prizes. For each sack used, you will definitely win and this should be the reason why you play on a site that honors prizes in light of favorable luck, isn't that great? 

The nearness of the site is unquestionably charming, and the essential page has been outlined with the objective that each new visitor can rapidly take in all the information on how the site works. 

To get started, you'll need to join with either your Email ID or social profiles. Once your account has been made, you can buy credits by choosing the Add Funds option. The benefits will be added to your virtual wallet. Follow the steps to get a Galaxy S9 on!

How to get Galaxy S9 on DrakeMall? 

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the ideal smartphone with unmatchable performance and the best camera the industry can offer. If you are thinking about replacing your phone, this is a perfect time! In any case, what is the least expensive approach on how to get Samsung Galaxy S9 on affordable rates? Open our Smart case or Android case and get this protest of want for nothing! Simply sign in, include supports and tap the case on the main page. gives the least demanding approach to get a Galaxy S9 for almost free. What other places can you get this phone online for only $14.99? 


This online stage has not false intentions and there isn't any trap. You can rely on the website to get the free offerings they have for you. They are officially incorporated with the system to win a Galaxy S9.

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