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Unveiling 14 Android Emulators For PC And Mac

Run Android on your machine.

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A software has to pass through multiple phases of testing during its development phase. Similarly, the app developers devote numerous sleepless nights prior to finalizing their codes, as well as strings. In order to do this, they need an emulator where they can examine how their application will run on an Android phone. 

The benefit with this early emulator check is that you can find some of the flaws and fix them right away. But, the most important concern here is how to find the best Android emulators from the heap of a list that claims to feature the best offerings? In order to offer you the proper assistance, here is my take on the best Android emulators.  

We all know, the app market is full of emulators. Moreover, every emulator claims to be efficient and strong. However, the reality is just the opposite. You need to face different kinds of challenges while accessing these emulators, including software crashing, slow working, etc. So, here is the list of 14 best Android emulators for PC that allow you to run Android on your machine. 

1. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

Remix is an OS based on the Android x86 project. The reason I put it in the first position of the best emulators for PCs is that it is my personal favorite. Why? There are multiple reasons behind it being one personal favorite. It is very simple to install Remix OS on your Mac or Windows machine. But, you can even experience it without encountering the installing hassle. Remix OS player is absolutely a free emulator. Before installing this emulator, kindly note that it is not compatible with some AMD chipsets. Moreover, it requires “Virtualisation Technology” enabled in your BIOS.

When you run Remix OS Player for the first time, you find an advance and new interface, with the taskbar on the bottom, as well as a shortcut button to access the installed apps. In addition, the Remix Central app provides you with the suggestions of popular games and apps that you can download effortlessly. 

You can download apps and games without any extra setup because it supports Google Play Store. As acknowledged by the team, while playing a game you get a delightful experience by mashing a button. It may difficult for you to get the similar experience just from your touchscreen. Hence, they have optimized Remix OS Player for gaming purpose. 

One of these optimizations is that you can map keyboard button, as well as manage various games simultaneously. In fact, there are multiple under-the-hood advancements to improve gameplay. You can manually set the signal strength, battery, location, network type, and various other things that can help you to debug your Android application. In short, Remix OS Player is a robust emulator and possibly the only one that runs Marshmallow (a comparatively new edition of Android). 

Price: It is free of cost. 

2. Bluestacks

Whenever anyone talks about the best Android emulator for PC, it would be a surprise if the name of Bluestacks doesn’t show up. It has only one downfall that it is still operating on Android KitKat 4.4 edition. Bluestacks comes up with a pre-installed play store, which can be categorized as the key advantage of installing it. 

Additionally, installing, as well as sideloading apps on the Bluestack is absolutely a piece of cake! Bluestack is available as both premium and free edition. Nevertheless, the free edition is spammed with sponsored applications that pop-up quite a lot.

Price: Available as both free and premium.



This android emulator, also known as DuOS, has taken 3rd position in my list. AMIDuOS is developed and managed by American Megatrends, a Georgia-based organization. It comes up with Android jelly bean and Android lollipop. You just need to pick what you require and you are good to go! One thing that is crucial to know before downloading DuOS is that it does not have a play store. Therefore, you need to install apps from sideloading APK or Amazon app market, which is quite simple to do.

Price: Free of cost!

4. Genymotion

Genymotion is one of the most flexible Android emulators for PC because it can easily emulate Android phone and Android edition. From Android KitKat 4.4 to Android 7.0 Nougat version, you got it all. However, it does not come up with the Google Play Store, but there is no need to worry about it. You can simply fix it by installing GApps manually.

Genymotion offers a web-based online environment that might be useful for cloud-based apps deployment and testing. This emulator is the impeccable tool for developers’ requirements. Nevertheless, you can use it for gaming. 

Note: It is suggested to use emulators for games that provide game optimizations, such as Bluestacks.

Price: It is free to use!

5. Nox Player

Nox Player

Nox player is another wonderful Android emulator designed for Windows and Mac. It is designed with a pre-installed play store. I have only noticed its one downside i.e. it runs on old Android KitKat edition. It has a new feature to “simulate touch” functionality, another name for keyboard mapping. Moreover, it helps you while playing games.  

Nox Player brings forth a pre-rooted edition of Android, therefore if you wish to try root-enabled apps, it is possible to do it here. It is one of the reliable Android emulators for PC. At the time you download the installation file, you don’t need to do anything else. Just run it and start enjoying Nox. It is good for diversions and supports gamepads.  

Price: It is available for free!

6. Andy-Android Emulator

Another exceptional Android emulator app that can run approximately the whole gamut of Android experience. This makes Andy tremendous as a productivity-focused emulator. It can allow you to play the games as well. With a simple UI, the capability to use as a controller, and helpful keyboard shortcuts, Andy is one of the most prominent emulators to use. Moreover, it runs on both ARM systems and x86. 

Price: It is absolutely free!

7. Droid4X


Droid4X has its own pros and cons. It comes up with a basic plan, which ought to be easy for a large number of people. This emulator advertises itself towards the gamers and floats support for casual games. Droid4X even enables you to use any application on your PC or Mac. It provides you a cunning approach to utilize the Google Play Store. You can simply pick any of the applications of your choice. Moreover, it delivers you a great user-experience, gaming controllability, and compatibility.

Price: It is free of cost!

8. Windroy

Windroy is another emulator that cannot be ignored by any means. The working of Windroy is similar to other emulators, but there is a reason to add it on the best Android emulators for PC. It completely runs using the Windows portion. If I talk about its working, then it is the simplest emulator from all the above. The reason behind this is its lightweight user interface design.

Price: It is free of cost! 

9. KoPlayer


Being one of the recent Android emulators for PC, it has figured out how to pave its own path. The primary concentration of KoPlayer is for gaming. You can utilize the key mapping, in order to copy a controller with your console. Similarly, the players can record diversion and move it wherever they require. 

Price: It is free of cost.

10. MEmu

This is a competent Android emulator for Windows, which is based on Android Lollipop. Unluckily, MEmu comes preinstalled with the Android Jellybean 4.2 version and upgrading it to Lollipop needs downloading extra packages. It is supported on Intel, Nvidia powered by Windows PCs. Unlike Remix OS Player, this Android emulator is compatible with AMD chipsets as well.

As soon as you open this emulator, you are welcomed with 4-year old Android edition. The main menu is situated in the right-hand sidebar. MEmu comes up with a pre-loaded Google Play Store. Hence, you can browse, as well as download Android games and apps efficiently.  Moreover, MEmu relates itself with APK files on Windows OS. As a result, you can access the APK file from anywhere. It would open automatically and runs in MEmu. If you discover new Android apps, you can have this Android emulator to push the app instantly to your phone through USB cable.

The emulator supports keyboard mapping, hence you can assign specific keys to simulate the touch in certain areas of the screen. Not only this, it supports full-screen mode. In addition, it features an amazing “operation record” utility, therefore you can record specific touch-screen actions and even replay it anytime. What I really like about this emulator is its keyboard integration and flawless pointer. 

Price: It is free of cost!

11. Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin Android Player

Among the host of Android emulators, Xamarin Android Player is not known to most of the users. Since, it is the result of proficient engineers, as well as organizations, it doesn’t have bugs. It runs Android on an x86 virtual machine with the help of OpenGL and hardware accelerated virtualization. Therefore, it is quite and faster than other Android emulators. In addition, it runs with Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, and other application supported by ADB. 

Price: Free of cost!

12. LeapDroid:

It is a robust Android emulator and comes up with a clutter-free user-interface. LeapDroid is one of the upheld applications with amusements and a lighter effect on framework asset. Recently, I was searching for reviews on different Android emulators and I found this at one forum sites, “So awesome! I tried many android emulators (BS3,nox,memu,koplayer...) but I very like leapDroid, it's so fast and smooth. I  have an old computer, leapDroid is best for me.” All things considered, if you love gaming then it has been designed for you only. 

Price: Free of cost!

13. Super Retro 16

Super Retro 16

Super Retro 16 allows you to play Super Mario RPG, one of the significant attractions. It is possible to synchronize the cloud and get frequent gaming on each one of your devices. Including it on the list of the best Android emulators for PC is a must because of its popularity among users. Super Retro 16 includes on-screen controls. Not only this, you can even enjoy the multiplayer mode whilst utilizing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  

Price: It is absolutely free!

14. ARChon

It doesn’t belong to a conventional emulator list. Once you introduce ARChon into Google Chrome, it enables Chrome to access Android applications. This is a simple emulator. After the introduction to Chrome, you need to get APKs to load them in. You may even need to use an apparatus in order to change the APK and make it perfect. ARChon is good with Mac, Linux, and PC. This is hard to set up but includes some of the features that make it an exceptional emulators of 2018. 

Price: It is available for free!

The Bottom Line

This is the end of the best and most reliable and effective Android emulators available for both Windows and Mac. However, before concluding the write-up, I would recommend you to choose the Android emulators wisely so that, the results you get are impeccable. Almost all the emulators discussed here are available free of cost. 

I hope this list of best Android emulators for PC will help you to the best offering as per your requirements. I would love to know about your favorite pick from this list of the best emulators for Windows or Mac. Moreover, if you think I missed out any good Android emulators, let me know about the same in the comments. 

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