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Top 10 Video Editing Softwares 2018 You Need For Your Video Content

All the tools are easy to handle and can be used by anyone

Top 10 Video Editing Softwares 2018 You Need For Your Video Content

The Internet is the most significant innovation for the making, and now we owe almost everything to this technology. Most of the businesses are possible due to the existence of this mode of communication. However, this virtual world keeps changing at a very high speed and incorporates new trend frequently. Now, the video content has taken over this channel, and the exciting media content is all you need to engage the users.

The content containing an exciting video tends to be more successful than any other format of media. Most of the users are likely to engage with the video while surfing the internet. Whether its social media or any other online platform we always stop by to check out an interesting video. YouTube is one of the most prominent examples of understanding how much video content is essential to make your brand successful.

All the experienced SEO expert has started incorporating the video to their brand for bringing more organic traffic. Now, you must be thinking that this will require you to hire video experts to pull out the strategy. On the contradictory, you don't require a professional video creator or hire any skilled one instead you can do this with the help of video editing tools. Here we have listed top 10 video editing software that you can use to create your own video content. You will get a number of options in these software to make your video interesting and attention-grabbing.

The 10 best video editing software

1. Lumen5

Lumen5 is much more a video editing tool than software that is very useful for social media promotion. The content creators and promoters can use the tool to create something very interesting for the social media audience. With creative ideas and a little bit of hard work, the tool can help video editors in coming up with a traffic booster content. You just need to have the idea and topic on which you want your video to be made.

The tool isn't complicated and requires no special skill for anyone to use it. There are simple options placed in the intuitive design. The best part of the tool is that its small elements help in making animated small videos that are ideal for social media. You can customize your video according to a particular social media platform.


The tool successfully converts your normal blog post in a promotional content that will pull a maximum number of users. In Lumen5, the video editors need to make a combination of your ideas by dropping some GIFs, images, add music in the background and can attach more things via available options. The process of creating a video is straightforward all you need to do is bring out your creativity, and the tool will convert it into a traffic generating content. Add text in different format and transitions to deliver the message. Lumen5 is perfect for posting your regular blogs on social media with some.

2. Corel Video Studio

Here comes a full package of tools for video editing that let you edit your video like professionals. Corel VideoStudio is video editing software that comes with many features that you may require while editing. The feature that makes this software unique from others is the support for 360 degrees VR and 4K content. Besides, you will be able to use all the features that will help you in editing and make it more interesting.

The most prominent feature of the tools is Motion tracking that you can use to edit your video. Motion tracking is the option that the video editor uses to track any specific object through any part of the video. For example, you want to blur anyone’s face or add a crazy smiley to their head. Compared to other video editing software in the list, VideoStudio offers much smooth use of the motion tracking.

corel video

Besides, there are other options that you will only find in some of the professional software only. With this free video editing software, you can make your content much more viewer-oriented so they won't get bored while watching it. Adding a few interesting things to the video will attract more users and will make them share with their friends.

3. CyberLink PowerDirector

Now, it's time to get a little bit serious in video editing with CyberLink PowerDirector and its endless features. You must be thinking that it is some kind of hardcore editing tool that is hard to understand. However, it is opposite, and we have included the video editing software in this list because it offers the perfect learning environment. Don't get scared by seeing the extra features and options of CyberLink.

The video editing software comes with a beginners guide that will take you through all the option of the software you can use while editing. The user interfaces of the tool are pretty straightforward so you will get used to it immediately.


The most helpful thing about the editing tool is that it organizes the editing options in the manner you need them. The illustration of the features is so simple that you can understand by seeing the icons. The video quality comes out of the tool is great, and it also makes it look interesting. CyberLink PowerDirector receives the frequent updates that add cutting-edge features to the software. Besides, the software also offers 4K support an option for 36o degree Virtual Reality videos.

4. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the oldest video editing software in this list that is launched by the tech giant. The software offers lightning speed and straightforward process that can't be rivaled by any other software. Besides the video editing tool is effective for making your video an alluring piece of internet content. Either you want to add effects or make your media look more interesting you get everything with APE.

The software comes with a feature guide that is ideal for the designers to learn about it. With every step, you will get the instruction, so don't worry about choosing the features. Moreover, the video editing software also offers additional suggestion to make your video amazing.

adobe premier

Adobe Premiere Elements is so fast that even the heavy editing tools can be integrated into your video in seconds. The user interface is friendly designed especially for the beginners. Apart from speed and additional features, the company name behind the software is enough to assure you about its quality.

5. Apple iMovie

We know that PC users aren't able to use this tool but Apple iMovie worth including in the list. The video editing software is one of the finest that you will ever see, and it covers all the needed features. The quality of the video is in unrivaled, you get a user-friendly interface with quick processing speed and a light weighted tool.

The benefit of using Apple iMovie for the Apple users is the convenient Apple ecosystem. If you are capturing your video on iPhone, then editing it on your iPad you can easily wirelessly transfer it your Mac via Airdrop without much of a hassle.

apple imovie

Moreover, it comes with some great options that let you edit your media professionally, adding filters, motion variation, filters and much more. The most interesting feature of the tool is a green screen or Chroma key. The features enable the video editor to put the video characters in different locations like Miami, Hawaii or much more.

Besides, Apple iMovie is integrated with iTunes and GarageBand so you can directly add any soundtrack to video quickly. Once your video is ready, and you are done with all the editing you can directly share it via iMessage, YouTube, Facebook, and many other platforms.

6. VSDC Free Video Editor for Windows

VSDC is a powerful video editing suite that is perfect for beginners willing to get into the professional league. It provides the basic cutting tools and an easy way to achieve advanced-looking effects like picture-in-picture, video side-by-side, and Chroma Key. VSDC recognizes all the popular formats, supports 4K footage, and allows for saving videos in high quality using H.265/HEVC codec.

VSDC Free Video Editor for Windows

The best part about VSDC – it’s absolutely free with no watermarks or trial period limitations. Apart from the video editing feature-set, there is a built-in video converter, webcam video capture tool, voice recorder, and a YouTube uploader – to publish the edited videos directly to your channel.

7. Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium Review

Here comes another software editing tool that you can have at affordable cost with a number of features. Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium is the first choice for video makers working for social media. The video editing software offers a variety of tools that help in editing and customizing the media, especially for the targeted audience. With software you will get, Multicam, a number of effects, titling tools, and trailer-like movie templates.


Besides, there is sound tools and robust disc authoring having more than 100 templates. Magix Movie also offers the Motion tracking feature along with the support for 4K video. The tool is easy to handle and comes with a very intuitive user interface for the users. The company is very active with the tool and provides frequent updates to fix any bugs or issues.

8. Wondershare Filmora Review

In case you're really looking for the budget video editing software then this is the one you should pick. Wondershare Filmora is the only tool that comes at a very inexpensive price and also covers most of the features that you should have while editing the video. You will get different cut modes that allow editing one clip at a time. Besides, there are a number of overlays, effects, sound effect options alongside other editing options.


However, the tool misses the 4K support, 360-degree video, Multicam and Motion Tracking. But, if you just want to edit your video with some usual effects, then Wondershare Filmora is the perfect choice for you. All the voids of premium features are filled by the tool’s user-friendly interface and quick speed of processing the edits.

9. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Here is another video editing tool from Apple in our list, the tool may be not premium as Apple iMovie, but it has a lot to offer. The tool is one of the most powerful editing tools in its price range. Apple Final Cut Pro comes with a user-friendly user interface and some of the professional video editing supports. With this tool, you will get Magnetic, trackless timeline along with the features like ratings, tagging, libraries, ability to tag the faces and scenes in the video.

apple final cut pro x

Apple Final Cut Pro also comes with the support of 360-degree footage, Multicam, 4K video, and Motion tracking for the video editor editors to add some impressive effects to the video. Besides, Apple Final Cut Pro is pretty fast and also support the MacBook Touch for the friendly user interface. Moreover, the company has made it better with the last iterations, and now it is more stable than ever that further increases its processing speed.

10. Nero Video

Nero may be the last editing tool in our list, but that doesn't mean we think about it less. The video editing software is another addition in the budget-friendly list for the video editors. With the Nero Video, you get a variety of editing options along with few premium features that no low-cost editing tool offers.

nero video

The Nero is also available for free for the users that offers limited tools. Compared to other tools Neo is the best free video editing software also comes with support for 4K content and provides a good quality audio tool. If you are really tight on budget and still needs an editing tool with the primary user interface, then Nero editor is the excellent option for you.

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