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The Evolution And Future Of Blockchain Games

The Dragon’s Tale is referred as the first ‘blockchain game’. Evolution And Future Of Blockchain Games

Over the past few years, the gaming industry has seen many changes and will continue to do so over the next few as the world continues to evolve. Mobile gaming has taken the industry by storm, which has been underlined by the continued success of mFortune, a leading mobile casino brand. Furthermore, mobile gaming has become a niche for premium games, with the current leading model being the Free to Play games that have instant in-game/app purchases. 

Popular current games with this model, who are generating fantastic profits are the likes of Fortnite and Hearthstone. These games are story driven and can be played continuously and have their own in-game currency that you can earn and use within the games. This is where blockchain technology comes into the gaming industry.

The first game that could actually be referred to as a ‘blockchain game’ is probably that of Dragon’s Tale, which is a multiplayer online role-playing game that allows players to stake bitcoin on the outcome of mini-games. It was launched in 2013 and may not have used the blockchain network in a particularly innovative way, but it showed that the world of cryptocurrencies and video games could mix.

Crypto based games, enabled by blockchain, have started to become more prevalent and widespread. This is mostly in part due to the introduction to the market of the game ‘Cryptokitties.’ It is a cat breeding game that uses the Ethereum blockchain to trade and provide ownership of titular crypto cats, and it has now become prevalent. Allmine is a match-three puzzle game that was released in 2018 with three interrelated sub games. Players participate in a mining game and permit their computer to basically mine ‘Jewel,’ which is the cryptocurrency created just for this game. It is very likely that we are going to see more and more blockchain games with their own currencies moving forwards.

Blockchain will also be able to decentralize the game store model, which will mean that preferential treatment to certain developers will not be possible. It will help to remove biases and suggest that the best games, according to user opinions to be displayed and it will increase transparency within the industry.

There are already many games that are implementing the blockchain technology as a way to enable players to make in-game purchases and earn money in-game, and this is going to continue to grow, and we will see the presence of blockchain technology in more and more games moving forward. Whether it is to buy more ammunition during a game, a new vehicle to race with, provide payment for winning a game of FIFA or to credit player funds within an online casino, the blockchain technology makes all this possible with the digital currency. We are going to see many games developed that will be referred to as ‘blockchain games’ and are built solely on this network, with all the data stored on the blockchain and all payments made via it.

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