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Here's How To Donate For Kerala Flood Relief And Rehabilitation Via Different Platforms

Conditions in Kerala are sevre you can help the using common e-commerce platforms\'s How To Donate For Kerala Flood Relief And Rehabilitation Via Different Platforms

As devastated flood water strikes the Kerala State in India, the whole country is under a deep sorrow for the damaged it has done. At present, more than 200 people have lost their lives, and around 700,00 people are seeking the refuge in camps. The natural hazard has shaken the state with huge destruction where thousands of people have seen their house floating down the streets. Currently, the stat as well as the central government has been working day and night by operating rescue operations. The governing bodies have set up almost 3,700 medical camps across Kerala along with the supply of resources like food and clothes. In this moment of need, we can help the people of Kerala using the contemporary technology. In order to support the relief program, many E-commerce services have started a donation campaign, where you can directly help Kerala by donating some amount.

Here are some of the platforms that are participating in the relief program for Kerala along with the method to donate.

1. Paytm

The India based leading e-commerce platform Paytm has also joined the campaign for helping the flood victims in Kerala. In order to make the donation via Paytm, open the app and you will see a Kerala flood icon beside the Electricity payment option. Click the icon, and you will be redirected to the donation page where you can see the fund recipient 'Kerala CM's Distress Relief Fund. Paytm has joined hands with 'Kerala CM's Distress Relief Fund’ for delivering the donation to the victims.

Paytm.How to Contribute for Kerala Floods with Paytm

Here you can add the amount you wish to donate for helping the Kerala flood victims. Besides, you can either choose to mention your name for the donation or stay anonymous. According to Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar, the company has managed to make 3 crore rupees of contribution till now. The donation process is so simple that hardly takes 2 minutes.

2. Donate via Amazon India

In this time of need, Amazon India is also asking its consumers to make their contribution for Kerala affected. The company has partnered with three NGO’s who are supplying the resources to the Kerala flood victims in the state. On the company’s page, you will see the name of three NGO. Each NGO has provided the products list ranking them on the basis of priority.

Donate via Amazon IndiaDonate via Amazon India

The products include food, towel, sanitary napkins, utensils, clothes and much more. The donation process is so straightforward here, select any of the NGO and then the product you like to donate. The product will be a move to your cart, and you will be required to make the payment. Once you make the amount, then the product will be given to the NGO, and it will be supplied to the victims in Kerala.

3. Donate with Big Basket

Now, the Goonj has associated with Big Basket in order to speed up the relief program in Kerala. With the help of Big Basket, you can quickly make the donation and provide aid to the Kerala flood victims. On the company's website page you will see the banner asking for a donation.

Donate with Big BasketDonate with Big Basket

Clicking on the banner will redirect you to the different shopping page where you will see the ration bundle for donation. Currently, there is only one bundle having rice, sugar, and dal available that you can choose to donate. Just pick up the package from here and make the payment for donating it to the Kerala flood victims.

4. Donate with Mobikwik

Mobikwik, the online money transaction app has also taken the responsibility to help the Kerala people. The company is running a number of the campaign over its social media accounts to encourage people for donating money using the platform.

You can easily donate via Mobikwik, just need to follow the few steps.

  1. Launch the Mobikwik app
  2. Link your bank account to the app and make @ikwik UPI ID for your account.
  3. Now, you can easily donate by transferring the money to the UPI IDs, UPI ID: 1000010033@mairtel, keralacmdrf@sbi, and keralacmdrf@sib.

5. Donate with Google

In case you are safe in Kerala and in suitable condition to help others then you can take help from Google. Google is providing a list of the district currently in need of help on its Person Finder.


In each district, you will find the address of the shelters along with the concern person’s number. Besides, you can also know what the people in these shelters need the most, so you can provide that to the people. However, it is not advisable to put yourself in danger unless you are sure that you can help others without risking your life.

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