10 Spine-Chilling AskReddit Threads Can Give You Instant Goosebumps
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These 10 Spine-Chilling AskReddit Threads Can Give You Instant Goosebumps

Fear has no face.

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Reading is a good habit, and every parent endorses the same to their children. With the advancement of the technology, the people have gradually shifted from actual books to online reading, which is reasonably good enough to a great extent. You can’t carry books everywhere, but a smartphone does fit in your pocket.

As we are talking about online reading, how can I miss AskReddit, the social web content platform where people come and discuss topics of their liking. In this open forum, the content depending on their credibility and relatability gets voted up or down by other members.

Sometimes, people do come up with something very bizarre and nerve-racking incidents and on the basis of it, here are ten very popular Reddit threads that give a complete sense of spookiness that happened to some of the Reddit members. Most of these threads are inexplicable and strange, which will definitely give you some insane chill of your life.

Get your friends ready and dig deep into these scary Reddit threads.

1. Reddit, what is your most disturbing, scary, or creepy real story?

There are things which even science can’t explain. Read this Reddit thread and if you can relate, add up your story, so that, others can also know about it.

2. What's your best TRUE spooky story?

Sometimes, you find yourself shorts on words to explain an incident to your friends, especially when you are left open-mouthed.

What's your best TRUE spooky story?

3. r/Paranormal

Amid the hustle and bustle of the city lights and deep down under the dark corners of your city, there reside some of the untold harrowing stories, and this Reddit thread talks about it.

4. r/OldSchoolCreepy

The haunted places are not the only spot to experience spookiness, sometimes most crowded places can give you chills, and the schools are one of them.


5. Hikers, Campers, Woodsmen and the Like What Are Your Scariest Experiences in Them There Woods?

What comes to your mind when you think about woods/forest? A well-planned trip in some cozy cottage with some breathtaking views, right. But do remember, there is always a dark side of everything and woods have many. 

Your Scariest Experiences

6. To all Reddit travelers, what is your creepiest hotel story? 

Have you ever heard about hotels and motels where people have experienced something very unusual? I have. Traveling to unknown places and staying at country hotels can turn out creepy sometimes.

7. Truckers of Reddit, what's the weirdest, creepiest, scariest or most wtf thing you've seen while on the road or at a stop?

Long drives at night fascinate all, at least my friends fancy it. But not all the night drives ends well. The possibility of getting awestruck by looking at the corners of the road is quite high, and if you are a trucker, the chances increase multi-fold.

Truckers of Reddit

8. What’s the most mysterious thing you’ve experienced in the wilderness?

Much like woods, the wilderness can throw some or the other surprises, and it is not necessary that the experience will always be pleasant. Sometimes, you may regret your idea of exploring the unexplored.

most mysterious thing

9. Law enforcement of Reddit, have you ever had a paranormal case?

Bound by the nature of their job, the law enforcement personnel often come across unexpected cases, and if it involves the paranormal elements, it becomes more enticing and here are some of the real-life incidents. This Reddit thread talks about some of the encounters which were creepiest as hell.

10. Redditors who do house calls, what is your creepiest experience?

Some random house calls can toss up something very unexpected, and the Reddit thread is all about it. After reading it, you might think of reconsidering your urge of knowing what’s going on in your neighbors' house.

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