10 Best Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software
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10 Best Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software

Track and manage your fleet with these best GPS tracking software.

10 Best Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software

Are you looking for the top 10 fleet tracking management applications? You have certainly come to the right place. However, before jumping directly on the long list, I would like to start with a brief on GPS tracking applications. 

Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software devices allow intermodal trucking organizations to keep an eye on the operations. What time the truck drivers are commencing their duty, how long they are devoting on breaks, and if they are using the vehicles to do non-work associated activities, this all information can be accessed.

There are countless examples when GPS tracking devices have been used to settle false claims or complaints against trucking enterprises. Not only this, GPS fleet management and tracking devices are beneficial for truck drivers too. Fleet management mobile apps for tracking can structure the timetable of each driver effectively, which ultimately helps the drivers to plan better. Moreover, these devices can collect the entire data from collating them centrally. 

Best Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Software

Organizations that are using GPS tracking systems have noticed enhanced customer service, vehicle efficiency, and improved driver’s performance. It is the reason why 41% of the organizations are using such management systems, where 80% of users are satisfied with the services. Here are a list of the best fleet management and GPS tracking software. Take a look.

How GPS tracking workis

1. GPS Insight Tracking Solution 

GPS Insight provides GPS tracking and E-Log resolutions that gives an incredible fleet intelligence to organizations. GPS Insight is accessible for all the small, mid, and big companies. When you pick the GPS Insight Tracking Solution, you will undoubtedly appreciate the product's features and advantages that will illuminate your exorbitant business challenges. 

Core Competencies: 

  • Instant availability of fleet data
  • Control speeding, unapproved use, and maintenance plans 
  • Enhance general proficiency and profitability 
  • Remove time-consuming paperwork by automating electronic reporting 
  • Increase response time, give better ETAs and demonstrate work completion to improve customer service 
  • Capable of quick theft recovery by knowing when assets or vehicles are being stolen 

2. Fleet Maintenance Programs by ManagerPlus 

ManagerPlus maintenance system is one of the most accessible applications to use. It enables organizations to oversee resources and grow their ROI while decreasing expenses of activity. Their fleet maintenance programs permit you to manage your fleet and asset successfully by dealing with a countless number of preventive support plans for each vehicle in your fleet. 

Manager Plus

Core Competencies: 

  • Screens and traces maintenance for all your vehicles and their subsystems 
  • Recognizes early indications of vehicles and equipment exhaustion 
  • Controls performance based on fuel, as well as oil utilization 
  • Spots potential issues before they turn into the big problems
  • Creates work orders automatically for precautionary support
  • Records exercises to enable you to examine trends and distinguish a pattern of issues 
  • Regulates maintenance by odometer, days, hours, days of the week, tire depth or calendar dates

3. FleetGO 

FleetGO offers a range of smart solutions to help businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations and reduce costs. We have a strong focus and keen on technology, and we combine our supreme hardware, state-of-the-art cloud platform and outstanding knowledge in the field of connected fleets, rules, and regulations. With unique features and user-friendly interface, we are becoming the leading fleet tracking company in the UK.

FleetGO Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software

Core Competencies

  • Download of digital tachograph files.
  • Automatic logging of hours of service.
  • Plug and play solution to enjoy the better fleet tracking experience.
  • Driver behavior monitoring.
  • Available on Android and iOS platforms to experience the remote access of your fleets.

4. ClearPathGPS

Another system belongs to this list is ClearPathGPS. As the name suggests, this application offers businesses a GPS tracking resolution with complete control. Its simple to use web-based system contains free mobile applications for both, Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the tool includes a full-service installation with onsite support. It is one of the reasons why businesses love ClearPathGPS. 

Clearpath GPS

Core Competencies 

  • Updates appear within 30-seconds with Verizon reliability
  • Versatile hardware purchase options
  • Installed professionally and fully warranted
  • The user can suspend service any time
  • Boost productivity, regulates labor expenses, lessens your risk, and keep a check on maintenance

5. Agile FleetCommander

This utility is capable of managing your fleet without any size restrictions. It is the resolution for analyzing vehicle utilization, getting your fleet the accurate size, and sharing vehicles. 

Core Competencies:

  • Makes the entire process of tracking simple, quick, and effortless 
  • Traces fuel, maintenance, accidents, and many more
  • Maintains the automatic dashboard updates and offers a complete summary of maintenance activities
  • When you go to the maintenance dashboard, it provides you with additional information, parts, repairs, etc., 
  • Being a web-based utility, it can be accessed from anywhere 
  • It is possible to send automated maintenance reminders to numerous people 
  • Its reports help you to spot costs, trends, strengths, and weaknesses in the maintenance program.

6. Azuga

It empowers businesses and managers, to trace driver scores, diagnostics, trace vehicles, maintenance requirements, and much more. Being a powerful and straightforward to use a system, Azuga lessens fuel usage, premium costs, and the number of repairs required. It is a tracking utility with the ability to cover everything from instant-install OBD plug-in systems to cloud-based applications.



Core Competencies: 

  • Exclusive rewards program 
  • Enhances decision making by giving accurate information
  • Stores vehicle data approximately ten times more regularly as compared to other tracking applications
  • There are no termination fees
  • The mobile app displays drivers instant safety scores. Moreover, it rewards efficient drivers with major-brand gift cards. These cards can be delivered to their smartphones directly
  • Lessens distracted driving, as well as enables managers to control calling and texting while in motion 
  • Delivers data, alarms on speeding, vehicle history, hard acceleration, hard braking, excessive idling, and other performance and safety indicators.

7. Fleetio

This is an advanced and innovative web-based fleet management platform. The tool makes it simple to maintain and trace the vehicles and equipment. As it is web-based software, you can access it from anywhere. This software makes all operations, including analyzing, tracking, and improving fleet manageable with no size limits.

Fleetio comes up with two products, one is ‘Fleetio Manage,’ and another is ‘Fleetio Drive.’ Fleetio Manage is a  one-stop solution for the fleet of different sizes, made for collaboration with the built-in mobile-first design and automation. Whereas, the latter one is based on smartphone GPS tracking and driver behavior scoring software.

Core Competencies:

  • The software is designed to support integrations
  • The utility iterates fastly with the tool updates
  • It uses the mobile-first tactic for the tracking process 

8. myGeotab

This is an applauded system of safe open platform telematics technology. It helps the fleet manager to boost the driver’s safety, productivity, and compliance through Big Data. MyGeotab is also a web-based management system, which offers vehicles and drivers information in one place. Therefore, it is easy to make a better business decision. 


Core Competencies: 

  • No size limitation 
  • Wonderful tool to generate  new opportunities for savings and growth 
  • Removes the complexity related to data collection and transforms it into actionable information for the organization
  • Vehicle tracking of this app includes a rule feature for the assistant of fleet managers to measure event in 5 core areas. These include safety, compliance, productivity, fleet optimization, and expandability.
  • Provides robust engine data reporting, advanced reporting, driver’s behavior management, GPS vehicle tracking, engine health and maintenance, route optimization, etc.

9. Omnitracs

A pioneer of advanced and SaaS fleet management system, Omnitracs serves the transportation industry. This tracking software increases the productivity and safety of the products. Moreover, it helps businesses retain drivers and makes the entire process streamlined.

Core Competencies: 

  • Comprehensive HOS, FMCSA, IFTA, ELD, and DOT compliance
  • This safety tracking offers insights to understand the steps necessary to implement for overall protection simply. Additionally, to reduce the safety-related incidents
  • Route planning for enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Efficient vehicle management to keep your fleet productive and drive your business forward
  • Allows you to get essential insights into customers, assets, drivers, and many more.

10. US Fleet Tracking

The last software I have included in this list is US Fleet Tracking.  It is a leader in offering live asset, as well as GPS tracking systems and software. Fleet managers have complete control and access from anywhere with this system. 

US fleet tracking

Core Competencies:

  • Traces and maintains assets on the go by mobile fleet management 
  • Provides live weather and traffic conditions 
  • Offers alert notifications involve geofence alerts, idle alerts, speed alerts, maintenance alerts, and ignition alerts 
  • Makes it possible to improve scheduling

Final Thoughts 

Fleet tracking management software has transformed the manner organizations are managing their workforce. These systems are offering software that collaborates, as well as simplify entire processes involved in running a fleet. Recently, there are different types of fleet management software available on the market.

Every software has something unique to present. Therefore, after considering the confusion and difficulties you may face while choosing one of them, I have discussed a list of top fleet tracking software. 

You can choose any of these as per your convenience. It is recommended to use trial versions of these tools to understand their functionality. Moreover, using the free edition of all these software would also allow you to judge the features accurately.

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