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10 Essential Features Of Your Prestashop Mobile App

Attain the richness of ecommerce mobile apps for your business.

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The time people spend on mobile is growing every day. The average expense being done via mobile has also been growing consistently. Almost 52.2% worldwide online web traffic is coming from mobile phones which is up by 50.3% in 2018 compared to 2017

If we talk more on stats, the following image shows the global number of m-commerce buyers from 2012 to 2018.

User Statics Image Source: Statista

In 2013, 379 million users had purchased products via mobile apps. This figure is projected to surpass 1 billion in 2018. These data show that mCommerce can easily boost your small business.

With these staggering numbers, if you own an eCommerce Store, you ought to think about your specific mobile strategy. And the good news is all the open source eCommerce platforms including Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify as well as WooCommerce mobile apps can be created. It's easier said than done. When you are trying to get a Mobile App developer, you ought to keep certain things in consideration. Below mentioned are the 10 essential features for every eCommerce Mobile App.

1. Intuitive App Interface

Mobile app design plays a vital role in triggering the customers' decision (of buying any product). You should try to provide then a shopping experience that isn't available elsewhere. Users prefer applications that are easy to use and provide valuable insights to them. The front-end interface is the first thing that the store visitors experience. Keep it simple and make the browsing smooth enough for the users. these elements are sure to engage the customers on your store.

App InterfaceApp UI with Animations Image Source

2. Near Real-Time Synchronization

Real-time synchronization is almost a default feature which should be there in every eCommerce Mobile app. In case your app lacks the element, keep the webstore and mobile app in sync with each other. Manual synchronization might lead to the delay in syncing data or processing a large number of requests. If your app developer is suggesting to go with Manual Data Sync, get him/her to change it to automatic synchronization. 

Remember eCommerce businesses fail not because they lacked the ability to stand out from the crowd, but because the owner of the store lacks the specific feature to make it better. So, instead of wasting time to worry about trivial things like manual inventory syncing, get it done automatically.   

3. Push Notifications

Push notification is an in-app marketing tool that sends messages and allows the store admin to keep the customers notified about the various offerings of the store. This functionality is basically available in mobile apps for easy targeting of the audience. You can either send mail/ messages to users but with notifications, store marketing, and brand enhancement is just a few screen taps away. Even though the push notifications are considered to be annoying by the customers, it has definitely reaped results. Usually, it happens that your emails end up in the user's spam box. Push notification will surely take your offering to user's eyes. So, keeping your customers aware about new store offerings and arrivals in such easy way looks like a good deal to me.

Push NotificationPush Notifications Source

4. Social Media Integration

Customers usually hate lengthy form fillings. They usually avoid such apps that ask for more details for getting an access to the store. For the sake of the user's comfort, social media can be integrated in the eCommerce website. Along with easy and quick login, social sharing options should be available in the app, so that, the users can share any deal or store product on social media platforms. It motivates new users to use your mobile application.  

Social Media IntegrationSocial Media Integration

5. Uncluttered App Navigation

Unlike eCommerce websites, mobile apps have a smaller screen size. To simplify the product discovery process, make sure that your mobile app has simple and clear app navigation. The filter options should ensure that the customers are able to find the desired products with ease. Menu list items should be compact and clear.

Simple App Navigation Simple App Navigation (Source)

6. Secure Online Payments

No matter what purpose does your application serve, secure payment is a basic necessity. You should make sure before the app is live that the payment methods and transaction gateways used in it are not compromising with the data security. Providing multiple payment gateways could prove to be a conversion booster for you. 

7. Thumb-Friendly User Experience

According to a survey, 70% of the total population is right-handed and hold their smartphone devices with the same. This interactive fact can also be used for your app designing. Keep all the key features and functionalities in the thumb-friendly zone of the screen, so that, the app users can access them without any hassle. 

Thumb Friendly ZoneThumb Friendly Zone Image Source

8. Progress Bar

Users usually don't like lengthy signup forms. Instead, the progress bar should be used to let your customers know exactly how they will finish the process. The visitors can even view on the screen as a visual hint of when the app will wind uploading. 

Progress Bar Progress Bar

9. Add to Cart Button

Add to Cart button plays a vital role in enhancing your sales. You just add a button on your app and save users from the multiple page loading time. With this functionality in your store, you can conveniently provide a better user experience and lure them to buy the product.       

Add to Cart ButtonAdd to Cart Button

10. Clear Images With Fast Loading

In eCommerce application, product images should load instantly whenever user swipe down the screen. Slow product image loading could be a cause to losing conversions. Before getting your app developed to make sure your app should have product images with moderate resolution. This will also benefit you when the user has a slow internet connection.

The Bottom Line

With the constant rise in online shopping, the mobile app has a great impact on driving sales to your web store. An e-commerce mobile app should provide such experience to users that online shopping becomes fun for them. If you keep your app enriched with these amazing features, it will not only fulfill the user requirement but will also bring profits to your business. Hence, whether you are hiring an app developer for Prestashop store or you are going with the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder, make sure you have got these feature incorporated.

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