Top Frameworks and Libraries for Software Development
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Top Frameworks And Libraries For Software Development 2019

Know more about all the developers’ tool.

Top Frameworks And Libraries For Software Development 2019

The world of mobile app development is changing rapidly. It is not only about the technology that is changing rapidly but also about the tools and the frameworks that developers use these days.

The suite of tools that developers use now is a lot of technical, modern, and do serve a variety of purposes. These are equally exceptional and prominent when used for app development needs. 

As the landscape of programming language is enriching day by day, we have new tools in the form of open-source software that developers mostly rely upon nowadays. We tried and tested some of these tools to offer you insightful information on the best mobile app development frameworks.

Best Frameworks And Libraries For Software Development

We have also gathered a few programming languages that developers use the most. All the tools mentioned here have defined their space in the software app development.

1. NodeJS 

Nodejs is the javascript runtime framework that is built on the Chrome V8 engine. The Javascript runtime environment is leading the list for a number of reasons rather functionalities that it offers to the developers.

When it comes to mentioning the features, the list of advantages goes on and on. The app development framework is event-driven and based on non-blocking I/O model. And this is something that makes this framework one of the best to be utilized by the developers having different expertise levels. 


Here is more insight into Node Js benefits

  • NodeJs leverages Javascript benefits. Additional, the Java operations are non-blocking and that forms an important part of this framework to compete successfully with counterparts available in a similar category. 
  • Applications build with Node JS uses less Ram and that is another reason for the popularity of this Javascript runtime among the developers. Because Node Js uses less Ram, it is operational in developing apps fastly, include heavy I/O bound workflows, such as Single Page Applications, team collaboration apps, streaming apps, etc.

2. React 

Facebook is behind creating this javascript library that is used prominently by mobile app developers in order to create a great user interface. The framework was launched back in 2013 and since its launch, it outpowered all the counterparts who were leading the market then.

Here is a bunch of reasons on why this Javascript library is a favorite to a number of leading developers.


  • ReactJS saves two copies of the changes that developers make while coding. The changes are saved in the original DOM (document object model) and also in the virtual DOM. So, whenever developers change a React component, both the document object model or DOMs are compared. And the changes are updated only in the view. This further ensures that the changes in the view are rendered fast.
  • With ReactJS, it gets easier to create mobile-friendly interfaces for users. In addition, building cross-platform native apps by using Javascript becomes easier. It is because of Javascript only that developers need not focus either on Objective C or Swift to build user-centric applications. 

3. Cordova

Cordova is an exceptional hybrid app development framework. The mobile app development framework uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make it easier for developers to create user-centric applications. The best element of Cordova is the additional layer of HTML and Javascript.

These elements ensure app development in accordance with the specific device. And the apps developed with the use of the framework is neither native nor it is a web app. It thus ensures the creation of hybrid app development easily. 


  • Cordova as a framework is renowned to develop hybrid applications. And the development of these mobile apps does not take much time and the efforts from the developer’s end. When working with Cordova, developers have an advantage of including other prominent mobile app development platforms and some of the popular names include Visual Studio, Ionic, Framework7, Monaca, Mobiscroll, etc.
  • With Cordova, developers can target multiple platforms with one code base in an open-source environment. Cordova has been contributing exceptionally well to some of the giant techies including Adobe, Microsoft, Blackberry, IBM, Intel, etc.

4. Xamarin

The trend of cross-platform mobile app development platforms is all time high now. It is only because of the benefits associated with this prominent framework that it is one favorite to not only mobile app developers but also to the leading tech companies.

Xamarin allows the development of full-fledged mobile apps using C# and is one favorite to many app developers owing to a number of functionalities that come blended to it. There are a class library and runtime environment that adds more to the advantages that Xamarin has to offer to the developers. 


5. Hadoop

Hadoop is again an open-source framework by Apache. One great news about this open-source framework is that it stores and distributes large data sets across servers and that makes it unique in the list of other renowned frameworks.

Even if developers have a giant set of data, they can use Hadoop to store the information on the platform. This way, it is not only affordable but a lot convenient for developers to make use of Hadoop for running their app on the cluster of commodity hardware. 


  • Hadoop Distributed File System (the storage part) and MapReduce Programming model (the processing part) is the core of Hadoop framework that helps app development companies to store even giant set of data securely on the platform. 
  • Another advantage of Hadoop comes with the fact that Hadoop has been written in Java, which is one of the widely used programming languages by the developers. With Java in use, it gets easier for developers to handle as well as process the data effortlessly. 

6. .NET Core

Besides being an open-source framework, .Net Core has a number of benefits in its store for the developers. The offering is for the developers from the Microsoft and that is why it gets much more prominent when it comes to the functionalities of the framework.

Among other benefits that come embedded with this framework, an amazing advantage is, .Net Core runs on a variety of platforms (operating systems) including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. So, if there is a requirement of building an app that could run on a variety of platform, .Net Core is the perfect choice for the developers. 

.Net Core

  •  With .Net Core, developers do not need to choose a variety of other frameworks to develop the applications and that is why it is gaining popularity among the developers. It also satisfies developers’ cross-platform app development requirement, which is an added benefit for them.
  •  .Net Core is also the choice for the app developers who are looking for a scalable framework that could help them develop apps that are higher on performance and involves Docker container, microservices and more. 

7. Angular JS

Angular JS has a set of additional points in its store for being functional, flexible, and cross-platform mobile app development platform. It is open-source and thus developers from the global arena can contribute to the vibrant growth of this app development framework.

The app development framework is mainly maintained by Google right from updating the framework to adding the new functionality for the users. 


  • The additional catch with this open-source framework comes with the ease of testing and developing the applications simultaneously. Along with the client-side model view controller (MVC), Angular JS also boasts model-view-ViewModel (MVVM) architects along with certain other components.
  • The mobile apps having Angular JS as their framework work by reading the basic HTML. The framework has additional components of Bootstrap tailored to develop applications with specific features. The framework allows developers to test the responsiveness and speed of applications. 

8. Appcelerator

Appcelerator is another open-source application framework that makes it easy for developers to create native mobile apps. The additional advantage is that it allows developers to create the application with fewer lines of code, which is probably the best advantage for them.

As an exceptional app development tool, Appcelerator supports iOS, Android, Windows, and browser-based HTML5 applications.


  • With a JavaScript codebase, the open-source framework helps create native, hybrid and mobile web apps across all the above-mentioned platforms. The fact that developing apps from a single JavaScript code base is the icing on the cake for the developers. Moreover, the framework allows for developing apps with an enriched user interface. 
  • Having the advantage of a JavaScript-based software development kit, Appcelerator has over 5000 API for iOS, Android. Windows and more. This open-source framework has higher cloud capacity limits, which makes it popular for the developers. 

9. PhoneGap

Another open-source framework for the developers that are free to use. The cross-platform app development advantage comes embedded and that is one of the reasons for the popularity of this framework. PhoneGap is an open-source framework that helps develop cross-platform applications meaning they could easily run on a variety of platforms.

The framework works exceptionally well on JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. With PhoneGap, the apps could be integrated exceptionally well with a host of libraries that enhance app performance. 


  • PhoneGap makes it easy for the developers to develop applications in less time period as compared to other open-source frameworks. It is easy to use, offers a set of libraries along with making it effortless for the developer to develop an app to run on a variety of platforms. 
  • The open-source framework could also be used by developers who not possess a specific set of skills for developing the application. The plug-in architecture makes it even easier to add a series of functionalities in the application. 

10. Ionic

Ionic, being the HTML5 mobile app development framework adds the goodness of the markup language in the application. App developers mainly use the framework for developing hybrid apps, which has a higher demand among users. Ionic is a useful tool that helps to build SAAS, HTML5, and CSS based mobile applications. It comes with embedded CSS components.


  • The open-source framework is free to use and thus the developers from across the globe can contribute to the development of the tool. App developers generally use the tool for building progressive applications. 
  • As stated earlier it has a host of CSS components, which seems to be a benefit for the developers when developing specific applications.

The Upshot

The world of top frameworks and tools is as dynamic as the range of applications that we have today. We have tried and compiled the list of the tools and open-source frameworks that are helping developers in creating some of the most-trusted user-centric applications.

Let us know your pick and if you want to see any framework in this list, let us know about the same.

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