How Instagram Questions Sticker Is Turning Into Annoying Clutter

How Instagram Questions Sticker Is Turning Into An Annoying Clutter

Did you notice sudden followers drop after using the Questions Sticker? Here’s why

How Instagram Questions Sticker Is Turning Into An Annoying Clutter

Instagram may hold the title of most lovable social media platform, but things are getting grimy since the introduction of Questions stocker. Last week, the social media platform dropped a new feature for the users by adding another sticker for their stories. The Instagram ‘Ask Me Anything’ sticker went viral immediately on the platform. The sticker lets the users ask a question from their followers via stories. Where initially the new sticker was such an excitement and a creative initiative, after a few days it came out as a irk creation for most of the Instagrammers.

The endless wave of question sessions has been blamed for causing mass unfollows, irritating the users and increasing number of blocked users. Yes, the attractive sticker option also brought a dark side with itself. If you still don't know how to use the question sticker then here are the simple steps. You just need to create a story and add the question sticker from stickers tab. The sticker will post ‘Ask Me Anything’ quote by default. Your followers will start seeing your story, and they can reply to your sticker by tapping on the question sticker. Afterward, you can also share the questions along with your response publically on Instagram.

Ever since the feature launch, you can notice your story feed overflowing with people asking you to ask questions about them. This is where things went out of order the feature started to overrun on the story feed. Everyone’s stories were filled with the ASA sticker following by the irritating questions and their pointless answers. I am saying irritating and pointless because who want to know ‘how tall are you’ and ‘why are you so charming.’


The craze went so much viral that it flooded the Instagram with similar crowded stories of people posting replies of the question they have been asked.

Some of the users weren't able to handle this outrage and blocked their fellow Instagrammers to reduce the cluster of same stories. It can be understood that celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Eminem could leverage the question sticker to have a quick Q&A session with their fans. But everyone behaving like celebrities themselves after getting the new feature is kind of weird. One of the users took the issue to Twitter and made a joke of a person with 400 followers posting ‘Ask me a question’ sticker.

However, blaming Instagram for this clutter isn't right as the idea behind the question sticker was great indeed. With the help of a new sticker, the user could ask their follower to shoot their query regarding anything specific. Instead of posting the same ‘Ask Me Anything’ quote the user could change the question to connect with their followers more effectively. For example, an artist could ask his or her fans to share their response on the latest performance or gig they have done. The normal people could connect to their network for acquiring beneficial information using the questions sticker.

The unwanted reply stories aren't the only concern about the question stickers. Some of the users have mistaken the new feature with Sarahah and TBH app to ask questions anonymously. These users have asked their friend weird or unpleasing questions that lead to either end of their friendship or an embarrassing situation for them. The question sticker of Instagram reveals the identity of a user replying to that question, unlike the Sarahah app.

For instance, the people irritated with the questions sticker just need to hold on for a while till even the most avid sticker user gets bored of it. Moreover, some of the users have already started using the question stickers differently using creative questions. It's just a matter of time when all the user will get tired of this feature, and it will be used when needed to known other’s opinion like the poll sticker.

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