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10 Most Creative Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Strategies that matter in app marketing

10 Most Creative Mobile App Marketing Strategies

As a marketer, will it entice you to get your app ranked at the top position, fighting with all the prominent ones to get the ultimate top-rank for your application? If the answer is yes, I have an offering for you, something that you might have read before but didn’t use the same. May be you were not focused enough that time or maybe the write-up failed to convince you on the marketing tactics. Honestly speaking, there are thousands of such strategies available for businesses that they could utilize as per their niche.

We are in an ecosystem where apps are designed, developed, and registered frequently. Worth mentioning most of these go unnoticed and it is a total waste of efforts as there is no point in developing such apps that even fail to get the recognition. So, customizing the features is one of the most important concerns for every developer irrespective of the technology they work on.

Another important concern for marketers is they are still following the year-old practices and that is causing more harm than good to them. So, the marketing strategy needs to be creative enough to attract users from all walks of life.

In terms of developing the applications, the elements need to be functional, dynamic, and user-centric to attain the clients’ attention. Besides this, there is a long list of suggestions that marketers must follow in order to rank their apps higher in the search results. Here are the practices to keep into the mind.

Practice 1: Invest As Much Time As Possible In research

It is important to know the latest trends in order to market your services the right way. Knowing and researching the latest market trends includes everything. It is not only researching on the needs that are functional but also analysing those to ensure that they are prominent enough. One must also consider what other well-renowned applications offer to the users? When researching on all these concerns you need to put considerable time and efforts from your end to offer something of value to the users. Your points of research must include:

  • The latest trend in the specific domain you are planning to launch your app into

  • An extended research on the functionality of other apps

  • The value other service providers are offering to the users under the same niche

  • The description you can have for your mobile campaign

marketing sheet

Do compare all these possibilities by maintaining a sheet that has all the information like the one illustrated above. It will help you to keep an eye on what other marketers are offering and what you are proffering with your offer. An extra effort could help you lead the race and offer something of value to the clients.

Practice 2: Launch A Beta

Everyone likes to try on clothes before buying them and this is true for mobile marketing campaigns too. Users would love to get the taste of an application they will be installing further and thus the idea is to focus on beta release prior to the actual rollout. Betas allow users to use an early version of an upcoming app. It makes users able enough to provide their valuable feedbacks for helping the mobile marketing professional make the upcoming release much more prominent.

Rolling out a beta version is an opportunity for the marketers to launch their products earlier for the users and then work on all the feedbacks they get. Do not forget to include the suggestions in the final version and then launch the app. Before the actual launch, make sure all the details and the feedbacks were kept into the notice, ensuring the app security and the bug removal will also come handy prior to rolling out the app for the users. Additionally, the beta must be geared up towards the right people. Beta release plays an important role prior to the actual launch as it helps to know all the downsides of the app and helps marketing professionals to work on all the flaws to launch the most accurate, free of bug app for the users.

Practice 3: Involve In Marketing Practices Right Before The Time

Marketing campaigns should be kick-started at a later stage and not after your app is ready. Try starting your marketing through mobile advertising networks that could yield positive results in the favor of the business. The marketing is the most important part of any release and therefore it needs to be performed exceptionally well with the help of professionals who have great years of experience in the similar domain. It holds importance to involve marketers much before the actual marketing initiates. Why? Because these professionals can plan unique strategies like converting a business idea into the real one and to get all the resources at work in order to get the best results. Thus, involve marketers as soon as your app crosses the developed threshold. Here is the checklist to consider further:

  • Hire a company that has worked in the similar domain

  • Allow the professionals to include innovative measures

  • Let them include the goodness of featuring trends to your marketing measures

marketing practice number three

When it comes to the marketing, the professionals are generally involved at the last stage, which takes back the privilege from them to work extraordinarily or to add impressive elements in the campaign as there is a little time left with them.

Practice 4: Get Reviewed

Users are constantly looking for new ideas that is why they read new stuff. Get benefit from this fact and enroll your app on popular sites. Getting the app into popular sites would help it get more and more exposure by those whose attention would help it scale further in the positive direction. Do write blogs and other informative write-ups that could bring recognition to your efforts. Remember, it is important to get noticed by those who care and are capable of directing your efforts to the right direction. Everyone does marketing but the most important concern is to do the things in the right way in order to get extraordinary results.

Here are more ideas to follow:

  • Get reviewed by prominent bloggers are advertisers as they can help your services or products reach to millions.

  • Authentic reviews coming from well-known entities will help you make the needed impact on the users and in the market as well.  

  • The additional exposure can add the desired acceleration that is required to your marketing efforts.

  • Let the bloggers and advertisers talk about your app and its features. The more they will advertise about your services, the more you will get the recognition.

Letting your services reach to millions by taking help from these points will offer your app the proper exposure.

Practice 5: Talk About The USP And Choose The Right Name

Different apps have different offerings for the users. Marketing the app is one thing and talking enthusiastically about its USP is another. Why not market your services in such a way that it could educate the users about the USP of your app? To begin with this, pen down some questions to talk about the USP of the product. Answer the questions as I have mentioned here. It gives a sense of belongingness to the users.

What’s new in the product?

  • Try to be innovative while answering the question. The users must find something innovative and then only they will get to use your product. In case, it seems different they will surely use it. So, the difference must lie either in the appearance or in the functionality of the application and then only the users will find it interesting.

Does the product do something unique that other products fail to do?

  • You must play safe with it. Never brag about your application right away or say it is the best in front of others. Of course, you can be positive about your product but that doesn’t mean you keep praising it. Show your users the results on the basis of comparison (other apps with yours) and you are done.

Practice 6: Focus On KPIs Specific To Your Niche

Setting up the goals for your mobile campaign is the most prominent task every marketer must perform in the first place. The goals need to be specific, very much measurable, must seem realistic, and so on. The difference in the approach may lie in the means and the tactics along with the app-specific nuances to reach those objectives. When marketing your services, you get to know a lot of concerns in and around the development sector. The task will bring along a whole new range of concerns to the table. So, your focus must lie on the below-listed concerns

  • The KPIs specific to the app marketing must leverage your app in a way or other

  • Focus on the functionality so that it could yield a positive result in the favor of your services. The metrics must include positive rankings, optimized services, and cost-per-download

  • To serve these goals specifically in the favor of the services, hire a developer who could offer exceptional services

Dedicated resources may yield results that could help your services reach to the zenith. Remember it is a world full of innovative applications that are being developed every single minute. Your product can only make a difference if it is worth the value, price and all other considerations that a normal app keeps in store for the users. It is a world full of specific services and to be noticeable enough offer the best to the users.

Practice 7: Never Pull Your App In Too Many Directions

Running an app marketing campaign is equivalent to working with a team of specialized professionals. Each person in the team has a role to play and holding the specialization would mean they would suggest unique ways to get the campaign in a direction they hold specialization into. This may prove to be a concern as taking an application in so many directions would only result in the failure of the app.  So, the ideal way to market your application is to offer it one direction rather than giving it too many choices. Sure, you can sit with your team to discuss the direction but remember to follow the one that seems most ideal.

Aligning the goals of every department may seem a hard nut to crack for you but through ongoing communications and meetings, the efforts can be channeled into the right direction. Sit and talk with your team to work on a plan that everyone could easily agree to. It is important to have the same mindset of every single individual in your team when it is about promoting your product. Keep a check on all the developments. They must be aligned in one direction in order to get the ultimate benefit.

Practice 8: Invest Some Time In Building Your Own Presence

It is an internet-first world today where every development knocks on the internet first. This makes it crucial for you to have a wide internet presence so that your audience may know about the app marketing campaign you are running. The majority of your marketing efforts will be done online or on mobile, so you need to engage your potential customers through such a campaign and drag their attention towards your services.

Here is how your online following could benefit you:

  • Leveraging the personal following

Having an account on different social media channels would mean that you can show your product to your personal followers. You may or may not get the downloads for your application but you are surely spreading the news about your app to these many followers.

  • Look for people you could interact with

Not everyone who follows you has interests similar to yours. And that makes it important to interact with those people only who hold interest similar to yours. Talk to them about your offerings and what is new in your application. Let them know what differentiates your services from others. Talk about the utilities that only your application is going to offer.

mobile marketing practice number 8

Practice 9: Don’t Forget To Measure Important Things Through Your App

The app revenue, monthly active users and daily active users form an important place in the overall mobile app marketing practice. With a growing revenue, it is clear that your mobile app marketing services are being liked by your audience that will clearly reflect through the following measures:

MAU & DAU: The count of monthly active users, as well as daily active users is a measure of your app success.

ARPU: Average revenue per user. The element is counted as ARPU = total revenue generated by the app / total active users of the app.

Measuring ongoing success with these metrics is just a stage, don’t take it as the complete success. Of course, you can enjoy the results but it is time to move forward to work more on such strategies, and you can add these points to your strategy:

  • Working on developing personalized marketing campaigns

  • Personalizing the app onboarding experience for users

  • Personalizing the post-conversion communication

  • Personalizing the app engagement for the users

Offer something valuable to the users else they won’t consider your offer. Be specific with your services in order to get the results as per your desire.

Practice 10: Leverage The Benefit of Referral Campaigns

You may find referral campaign an old practice but they work for sure. For a mobile app marketer, this post-marketing practice does a great job. And the reason behind is users trust on the recommendations if they come from someone they know. Here comes the effectivity of referral campaigns. You are absolutely going to consider a suggestion that comes from your friends or the family members. And this is the goodness of referral campaigns. This is an exceptional opportunity for the marketers to advertise their products to the audiences.

As a part of post-mobile-app-marketing-strategy, such campaigns can actually do wonders for marketers looking for greater response for their businesses. Through your application, give users the opportunity to invite their friends. This will help in getting the needed response for the application. The more the users will market your services, the more your app will get the visibility.

marketing graph

Let me put forward an example to explain the scenario. Remember playing Candy Crush, the juicy game that compelled us to glue our eyes right on our smartphone to play the game continually? If you remember that, you must have noticed the times when all your lives get lost and the only way to embrace the revival was to ask for referral. And if you had kept close tab on this you must had asked for the referrals from the friends to successfully get the one. This is how referrals work.

The Upshot

Getting your product on the floor is not the actual concern. What matters is how you market the product in front of the users. Always remember, an attractive marketing campaign is going to do the job for you. So be as much creative as you can with all the above-listed measures. It is important to offer something unique to the users so that they can say a yes for your product or the app.

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