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Make Your Child Active With Five Amazing Games

Let your kids be creative at games.

Make Your Child Active With Five Amazing Games

We as kids had a very different childhood as compared to the kids of today. Mobile games only got introduced a few years ago, and before that, kids had to find other hobbies to spend time. It was easier back then to perform activities that were both physical and demanded our full attention. Games today have revolutionized the way kids spend their time. All day long, they are hooked to their mobile and laptop screens. What we should understand is that the problem lies not with the mobile games but the way this technology is used. We need to restrict our kids to spend their time on such devices for a specific time.
Games are not just wastage of time anymore as they push children to bring their mind to the work. Parents do not know yet how to use this technology in a way that it could benefit their children instead of destroying their time and personalities. Many game apps have puzzles and riddles that children have to solve. There are also such apps that use children’s love for mobile games, and use it to push them to engage in physical activities. Check out all .io games list to play fun and engaging online games.

Here are 5 of the many fantastic games that require the children to be mentally active.

Zombies, Run!

This is the best adventure app out there for older kids. It sends the players on missions where they have to run from zombies. The player has to route a course that they will run on, and there is a storyline in the app as well. The app even incorporates the player’s favorite movies. It is an excellent app that gives you the motivation to go for a run.

Elmo Loves 123s

This app is for younger kids who want to learn to count. It lets your child count up to 20, do simple subtraction and addition, and trace numbers that open surprises. Kids’ favorite characters like Elmo and Abby Cadabby guide them throughout the gameplay.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

This app will keep your child busy as it has over 180 logic puzzles that start off simple and get complex with time. These puzzles have obstacles, mazes, and multi-touch action. This game is for children above six years old.

Dexteria Dots 2

This app improves children’s math by allowing them to practice it, and thus develops their motor skills. Each dot represents a number that players have to combine or divide to solve the problems. 


Kids love to take care of their pets and what is better than to redirect this love for their betterment. In this game, the child is responsible for the creature’s exercise and diet and has to exercise along with it. This is a brilliant way to involve your kids in physical activities. 

Games are slowly becoming part of our daily lives, and the only way to get benefit from these games is to download them in order to strengthen their physical and mental abilities.

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Catalina Smith is a young digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. She has covered the gaming world online for over six years. She regularly posts at Dimble Games.

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