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How Are Apps Revolutionizing the Online Casino Experience?

Get your hands on Casino games. Are Apps Revolutionizing the Online Casino Experience?

Our smartphones and tablets have transformed the way we entertain ourselves, both at home and on the go. From manually dragging and dropping videos and MP3s to modern, instant streaming services, the portable and internet-connected nature of our smart devices has given rise to not only entirely new gaming and entertainment experiences, but exciting twists on established formulas.

The incredible shift has come not from smartphone markers themselves though, but from software developers who have leveraged the open marketplaces on Apple and Android smartphones to consistently push the envelope on what a smartphone can actually do.

One established formula which has thrived on mobile devices is that of the casino – transplanting world-famous gaming experiences from the dedicated casino into your pocket for any time, anywhere play.

Worldwide, the gross gaming yield from casinos tops more than 450 billion dollars annually, with an ever-increasing share of that money coming from mobile apps – just like the ones you likely have on your device. But just how are apps revolutionizing the casino experience?

They’re bringing tactility back to online gambling

Online gambling has enjoyed huge success since it first made its very first appearance, but something was always missing from the experience. Although casino games were often replicated well online, the method of interacting with them was far from perfection.

Clicking and dragging cards, spinning slots by completing fussy motions and more – these didn’t truly simulate the casino. In turn, this meant that the experience of playing casino games just wasn’t the same as the tactility that the real casino experience offered.

That all changed with mobile apps. Thanks to widespread touchscreen support, casinos were able to perfectly mimic the experience of playing these games in real life. It drove users to apps and kept them there for longer, contributing to the massive success of the industry. 

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They’re portable

Modern life is all about portability. Our smartphones have ensured that we never need to go without when we’re on the go. Whether it’s media, shopping or, well, almost anything you can imagine, the always-on the internet connections on our smart devices has changed everything.

Their nature means that wherever you are, you can now play in casinos. Whether it’s premium roulette or blackjack or slot games like Buffalo Blitz, the fact that you can now play these games anywhere, from the local park to your bath, has revolutionized the experience for everyone.

They can evolve quickly

Unlike a traditional brick and mortar casino, online casinos and, specifically, casino apps aren’t tied to a physical location. In fact, they’re little more than code. As such, they can be changed, altered, and improved upon consistently, moving with the times to bring new features to eager customers.

The latest wave of innovation is coming in the form of virtual reality. By utilizing low cost, lightweight headsets like Google Cardboard and the hardware already built into your smartphone, virtual reality experiences are increasingly possible for everyone. Imagine feeling a real presence inside a virtual casino, playing alongside other VR gamers in the ambiance. It’s perfectly possible with VR.

Although it’s early days yet, this kind of exciting innovation is only possible within the app-based environment, and it highlights just another way that apps are revolutionizing the casino experience. 

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