How To Use IGTV, & EveryThing About The Instagram's Video App
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How To Use IGTV, And EveryThing About The Instagram's Video App

The app allows the users to view and upload the videos up to 60 minutes length

How To Use IGTV, And EveryThing About The Instagram\'s Video App

Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform has some different plans for its users. The company has launched a long time rumored IGTV, the app that enables the user to view and upload longer videos. With the intention to compete against YouTube, Instagram has taken a giant step. With almost 1 billion of user base, the social media giant knows that support for the long videos will attract the content makers. We all know how much influence Instagram holds in the social media world and the IGTV app could multiply it.

Earlier the users were restricted to update a video long upto 1 min. As a result of this, the Instagrammers had to attach the link of their full video for their followers. Now, with IGTV, the company has given a different vertical for the content makers to upload videos up to 60 minutes length. The move from Instagram could be harmful to YouTube in the coming time as the video makers now have an option to directly pass the video to their Insta followers.

Here’s all you should know about the IGTV

On June 21, Instagram launched IGTV app during an event at San Francisco. The standalone app from Instagram focuses on the long video content. The users are allowed to upload the videos from 15 sec to 1 hr long. The format of the videos that could be uploaded is MP4. According to Instagram the maximum file size taken by 10 min videos is 650MB, and the maximum size for 1-hour video is 5.4GB. The platform received a warm welcome from the users and the existing Instagram users took no time to install it. In order to push more users to the new long video centric vertical of Instagram, the company also added IGTV feature on its primary app that you must have noticed recently.

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Now, the real question arises, how the content makers are going to monetize their video on the platform. YouTube rearwards the channel owner with real cash on getting surplus views, likes, and subscribers. For now, Instagram didn't have any monetization strategy over the new platform. So, you won't be getting any money for uploading your long videos on IGTV  for now. However, Instagram needs to come up with some monetization plan if it wants to compete with YouTube.

How To Use IGTV

  • First, you need to download the IGTV app on your smartphone.

  • The IGTV  app is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Instagram and IGTV work closely so there will be no need for sign up or even log in if you have the Instagram app installed.

  • After opening the IGTV  app just click on continue.

how to use IGTV

Once you successfully logged in, you will see the window mentioned below and under the ‘For You’  tab, IGTV will suggest you the videos that you might like. Besides, there is a ‘Following tab’ that will show the videos from the creators you follow on Instagram. Under the ‘Popular tab’ you will find the trending videos. If you want to watch any video just select the video and it will start playing in the background without sound. Now, tap on the screen, and the video will get full screen with the sound enabled.

how to upload video

How To Upload A Video on IGTV

Uploading a video on IGTV is very simple, unlike YouTube where you need to fill up many things.

  1. Click on your profile button on the IGTV home screen.
  2. Now, either select the ‘+’ button or click on the ‘upload video’
  3. Allow the IGTV to access the videos from your device
  4. Select the video you want to upload from your gallery
  5. Fill in the details including name, description, and a cover of the video.

For now, IGTV doesn't allow video recording from the camera like Instagram. You can also like and comment on the videos of other users on IGTV. The new app from Instagram is the best place for the content makers with huge Instagram following to share their videos on the go.

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