Facebook Brings In Auto Translate In Messenger For English, Spanish
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Facebook Brings In Auto-Translate In Messenger For English, Spanish

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The American online social media has rolled out its M Translations tool for all users in the US and Mexico. The new service will translate all the messages between English and Spanish.

Facebook introduced the M Translations feature in April at its F8 developer conference. Initially, it was available only when users on Marketplace ted to arrange a transaction but spoke different languages. But now it is accessible to all Messenger chats in the US and Mexico.

Facebook said in a statement to TechCrunch, “The goal with this launch is really to enable people to communicate with people they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, in a way that is natural and seamless.”

The M Translations will work in a very composed way as it employs artificial intelligence that assists the people in crafting quick replies, make plans or book a ride. If the default language of the Messenger app is set in English and the user receives a text in Spanish, the app will ask you, if you would like to change the text. If you agree, the whole text will be translated. The feature will also work if your default language is set as Spanish. Also, all the future messages will be auto-translated unless the user turns it off.

The move looks as an attempt by Facebook to keep the people excited about the platform. Moreover, the translation feature will surely help the people of US and Mexico to conversate in a better way by serving in cross-language friendships, business, discussion, and more. Facebook will be offering more language and countries in the near future.

Facebook first initiated the translation feature for Feed posts and comments in 2011. Since then, the translation technology was translating 2 billion pieces of text a day for 800 million users.

The new addition of M translations has come amid when Facebook is trying to lift its Messenger app to a new horizon. Recently, Facebook announced the inclusion of auto-play video on its messaging app, which will be replacing static ads. Though Facebook indicated that they will be closely keeping a track on users’ behavior to ascertain their views about the autoplay video feature.

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