GitHub Alternatives for 2018 For Hosting Open Source Projects
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Top 8 Best GitHub Alternatives for 2018 For Hosting Open Source Projects

Pick your favorite from best GitHub alternatives

Top 8 Best GitHub Alternatives for 2018 For Hosting Open Source Projects

Surveys are the core of every industry that not only presents the insights on the trends but also gives significant hints on what is to come next. So, claiming surveys the lifeline of software development industry won't go wrong. I am a big fan of including these surveys in my write-up as it breathes in life to any statement. And, when people are presented with concrete numbers they are more likely to believe that statement. With this write-up, I am going to take advantage of the same while talking about best GitHub alternatives.

As per 2016 GitLab survey, nearly 92 percent of developers use open-source code. And the developers who prefer version control language use Git as their ultimate software. Hosting their code to any website is vital for developers. Instead of having a plethora of options, people are blindly following one single medium for this, Github.

Using GitHub is advantageous for many reasons. With this offering, developers can either choose Git or Subversion for version control. Also, there is a facility of unlimited public code repository with GitHub repository. Well talking about the GitHub advantages will add a long space to this article and we are not here to speak on that. So, let’s focus on why developers should focus on the GitHub alternatives?

GItHub recently made a big announcement about its acquisition by Microsoft. As soon as the news broke out, people started looking out for alternatives to GitHub. Well, that’s the reason why I decided to jot down the list here. And to support my decision, here are a few reasons why you must have a glance at GitHub alternatives.

  • To add the security and privacy of an in-house system

  • GitHub’s pricing may not seem to be affordable for large-sized teams

  • You may work in a version control language other than Git

  • You have an overwhelming aversion to the Octocat

Now, here comes the compilation of the best Github alternatives:

1. Bitbucket


Reason to switch to Bitbucket

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

Bitbucket provides best in class integration with Jira and Trello in order to make it easy to keep the stakeholders in the loop. It builds status and provides access to the branches.

Best-in-class cloud delivery

Best-in-class cloud delivery

The tool helps to build, deploy and integrate codes easily. It benefits from the configuration with unlimited scaling without managing build infrastructure. It gets easy to view and implement the code from one place.

One platform one tool

One platform one tool

The software allows developers to create deep integration right within the product UI. No more content switching between tasks and tool, which makes it easier for developers to code and commit.

Improved security

Improved security

2FA, two-factor authentication with this alternative secures its repositories. It uses 2nd factor to secure code with a second confirmation other than the password.

The additional note: This alternative is easy to use, has robust security and gets easily integrated with a bunch of other tools, so, for developers it is an amazing offering if they are looking out for options other than GitHub.

2. GitLab


Reason to switch to GitLab

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

Offers the best idea for development

GitLab offers you the best ideas for development to make a developer's job easier than ever. Whether developers are a fan of Waterfall, Agile, or Conversational Development, GitLab streamlines the workflow for them.

Best-in-class cloud delivery

Security to the code and project data

When it comes to the security, GitLab is profound for consolidating source code into a single DVCS (distributed version control system). With this offering, it becomes easier to manage and control codes without disrupting the workflow.

One platform one tool

Container registry to manage images

GitLab Container Registry gives developers enhanced security for codes. It additionally provides the access controls for custom docker images. With this GItHub alternative, developers need not using third-party add-ons.

Improved security

Automate configuration management

From built to deploy, GitLab automates entire workflow. The software additionally monitors the workflow with GitLab Auto DevOps. Some templates need zero to no configuration.

The additional note: GitLab is one of the first applications that has been built for all the stages of DevOps lifecycle. It can be used for product management, development, QA, security and more.

3. Beanstalk


Reason to switch to Beanstalk

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

Offers full control

Beanstalk offers full control to developers by defining repositories and managing the branch level permission. It’s flexible so, working over this tool gets easier. And, the best news, the GitHub alternative works for the organization of any size.

Best-in-class cloud delivery

Better team integration

The software keeps all the team members on the same page by providing notifications, email digests and other important notifications to everyone who is a part of the team.

One platform one tool

Easier code reviewing

The code reviewing process with this software gets easier. The review process is designed in a way that it integrates the discussion directly into the branch for the developers.

Improved security

Keeps track of issues

Code review gives the option for two types of feedback. One is issue and the second one is discussion. Comments that require specific actions are considered issues that separate it from the discussion.

The additional note: There are multiple environments for the developers to customize and deploy configurations. The different deployment environments suit to anyone into the server.

4. Gitea


Reason to switch to Gitea

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

Lightweight Git system

As an alternative to GitHub repository, Gitea is an option for those who are looking for lightweight systems. Developers can host it on a $2.50 per month server by Vultr, which is the community behind the software.

Best-in-class cloud delivery

Open source nature

The open source nature of this GitHub alternative makes it an ideal choice for the developers to include the same on their list. It can be self-hosted, which is another advantage.

One platform one tool

A cross-platform software

Being a cross-platform software, Gitea supports Windows, Linux, ARM, MacOS and more. Developers can choose the one they prefer the most from an extended list of offerings.

Improved security

Easy Installation

It is easy to install. All that developers need to do is to run the binary code for their systems. It is one of the first choices for developers to self-host git software among developers.

The additional note: The software saves your machines’ energy and requires low minimal requirement to run on inexpensive Raspberry Pi., even developers can contribute to the system.

5. SourceForce


Reason to switch to SourceForce

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

A tool to create robust software

The tools that come along with SourceForce help developers to create powerful software that breath in life to the projects. It’s worth an open source alternative for the developers.

Best-in-class cloud delivery

Robust community collaboration

The robust community collaboration is an exceptional offering for the developers to help them create a premier resource that acts as open source and helps in the distribution.

One platform one tool

A huge directory to offer services

SourceForge’s popular directory connects more than 33 million monthly users. The software additionally serves more than 4 million downloads a day. And, the numbers are growing continually.

Improved security

Most trusted open-source destination

Developers reach to this open-source GitHub alternative to develop, review, and publish the open-source software. It is one of the largest and the most trusted option for the developers.

The additional note: It is worth mentioning that the software was launched before GitHub but some malware issues lead into the trouble so it was taken back into the track after a year.

6. LaunchPad


Reason to switch to LaunchPad

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

Software collaboration from Ubuntu

This alternative to GitHub is a software collaboration from Ubuntu which provides the PPA and bug tracking for Ubuntu related projects. It has features worth notifying for the users.

Best-in-class cloud delivery

Enjoys good support from Git

Although Launchpad is not as much popular as other GitHub alternatives, it enjoys robust support from Git, although the workflow differs from GitHub in a number of manners.

One platform one tool

It is a free offering

The entirely free repository from the Launchpad makes it easy for developers to store their source code without spending a fortune. Also, it’s open source nature is a reason behind its popularity.

Improved security

Tracks a project’s bug

The interface of the software offers a number of offerings for the developers that include tracking a project’s bug, hosting project’s source code, translating the project and more to it.

The additional note: The privacy that Launchpad offers make it a significant offering for the developers. There is an open-source suite of tools that extend the benefits of using the same.

7. RhodeCode


Reason to switch to RhodeCode

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

Effective team collaboration

RhodeCode's active team collaboration facilitates better code quality. The GitHub alternative helps to conduct code reviews, iterate and improve code quality, which is one of the reasons why developers love it.

Best-in-class cloud delivery

Faster Interaction

Integrating an existing code base with new tools gets faster which as a result automates the workflows to implement faster coding. Additionally, there are innovative tool trackers.

One platform one tool

Secure software development

The repository has permission management for secure software management. The enterprise-level permission control manages the software assets to add the security layer to developer’s code.

Improved security

Improved team collaboration

Improved team collaboration makes it easy to deliver outstanding results much faster with an added layer of secured environment which fosters innovation. For the reason, developers like using this GitHub alternative a lot.

The additional note: RhodeCode's mission is to exceed the ongoing demand of the developers by providing a secure environment that could prove innovative for their entire requirements.

8. GitKraken


Reason to switch to GitKraken

Integrates impressively give Jira and Trello

A promising name

GitKraken is a promising name in this list of free GitHub alternatives. It served to many open-source projects and this is a reason behind the massive popularity of the software among the developers.

Best-in-class cloud delivery

Comes with exclusive features

The set of features that come along with GitKraken is exclusive. It includes clean and visually appealing interface, optimal speed along with ease of use. This attracts the users to this platform.

One platform one tool

Available in free and premium version

Users have both the options available for them. The free version offers set of offerings that is not as exclusive as the premium version. The premium version has a set of tools available for the users.

Improved security

Available for a variety of platforms

GitKraken runs natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux environment. It has a sizeable interface along with a focus on speed that is quite an appreciable offering for the developers. It has handy undo button too.

The additional note: There are in-app merge tools that resolve merge conflicts. There is undo and redo buttons that help to roll back any mistakes that developers may have done while submitting the codes.

Anything we missed?

The number of GitHub alternatives is much exclusive. However, I have tried to summarize the best and the most used tools among the developers. In case, you wish to see more alternatives on the list, do comment on the same. We would love to include your preferences here.

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