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Google All Set To Roll Out Web SMS Feature For Android Users

Google is now focusing more on messages.

google published date 19th June, 2018 Neha Baluni

Google Web SMS

Google is all set to offer exceptional message functionality for the users as the company announced it will roll out support to messages for the web. The complete roll out of the services will take an entire week as per the timeline quoted by the technology giant. The feature will be rolled out with other exceptional features too including GIF search, smart replies, and more. All these features are believed to be a part of an updated messaging experience for Android users. The experts see it as Google’s response to iMessage.

A few months back Google shifted the Allo team to work on Android messages that is a Google app having the RCS messaging standards. It is a standard that numerous operators adopt worldwide. With this new rollout, Google web message will offer a number of features to the users.

smart reply

Talking about iMessages, it already leads the game with a host of features including reading receipts, typing indicators, high-resolution photo sharing, better group chat, and more. The Apple users can also use iMessage on their Mac using a dedicated application. Google is believed to roll out the services in the similar direction. The Google web Message will be offered cross-platform access to the messages, and that will help Android users to view and respond to their chat even if they are not on their phones. Messages for web will have embedded support on sending stickers, emoji and image attachments, as well as text, at launch.

smart reply

Google has also announced a series of features that will compliment Google web Message in the form of Smart Replies, that will offer text suggestions to the users and different types of emojis for now. There will be a preview web link in conversation as well as with the ability to copy one-time passwords with a single tap only. 


iMessage will have the similar feature on the new iOS12. In case of iOS12, when users will login into a site or an app that requires a one-time password, iOS12 will let the users paste the password with just one tap into the necessary field. With Google, the users may need to do the similar thing with two taps. One for copying and another to paste the text. The services will be made available in the latest version of Android. 

Neha Baluni

Neha Baluni

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