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5 Photo Editing Apps Trending in 2018

Photo editing apps that will change the way you edit the pictures.

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With the advancements in smartphone cameras, smartphone photography and photo editing have gone to another level. As we all love to shoot pictures from phones, and the filters are the new elements by which we can edit further.

In case, you are looking for reliable photo editing apps, We have compiled a list of 5 most trending photo editing apps in 2018 for you right here on this page.

Have a look:

1. Instagram

An introduction for this app is not needed. Instagram is the main social media platform but it is also the most famous mobile app for photo editing.  It has 40 amazing filters with the intensity controls. There are some easy and straightforward editing tools present in the app as well. It is free for all Android and iOS phones.

Instagram application

During the past years, Instagram has become famous for its one-click filters. Though there are many photo editing apps on the market, Insta still has its name there for its editing tools. This social media app is absolutely the best for all basic edits and filters. You can edit and share your pictures in few minutes, without the need for any extra effort. This works for all business, celebrities, and individuals. So, don’t underestimate Instagram for giving your photos a quick fix.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express /Lightroom

Both are Adobe apps and offer amazing digital filter effects. They work in raw formats and are compatible with Android and iOS phones. There is no price for both the apps. What makes them different? Well, both of these editing applications have amazing editing tools but Lightroom that requires an account set up from desktop version to benefit from all its option offered on it.


There are photographers who find Photoshop Express more convenient to use while some prefer Lightroom desktop version edits for more professional detailing and processing.


VSCO is another great app which has its own community. It has 20 free filters for its users. The app is not completely free. You have to buy some of the features of this application. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. One interesting thing to mention here is that you can see some of the VSCO filters in Lightroom and ACR presets.


These VSCO filter effects can also be purchased from its official web. There are various customized packages for photographers wanting to try different kinds of editing styles. Simple editing tools are also there like contrast, saturation, rotate, crop, blur and sharpen. One thing that is completely new and unique in this app is that you can arrange the editing tools according to your own preferences.

4. EyeEm

This app has 24 gorgeous filters. You can not only edit pictures but you can also sell your photos on this app. It is absolutely free and works on windows, android, and iOS smartphones.


This application was introduced in 2011 and it got its name for an amazing camera community. It has provided many photographers opportunities to share and sell their work. This application has 13 million members. EyeEm member has 50% discount on its stock photos.

5. Pixlr

Pixlr has gained its popularity over the last few years. It is my personal favorite application for editing photos. There are so many editing tools and features in this app that you wouldn’t normally see in other applications. For example, auto fix. It is free but to utilize a version without advertisements you need to pay £1.61. This app not only works on Android and iOS phones but it is also great to use on desktop offline and online.


You don’t even need to download this application in your computer or laptop to use its desktop version; you can simply use it online in your web browser. In this app, you won’t just find editing and adjustment tools, you will have options for collage making too. You can also add stickers, frames, and text to pictures. This app is the best one to make themed collages for your friends and family. So, if you are looking for some nice collage ideas, Pixlr will definitely help you out.

Stephanie Lewis
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Stephanie Lewis

Stephanie Lewis is a writer and a photographer. She joined Photography Concentrate team in 2017 and since then she has been trying to pursue the best photography and editing practices. Besides photography, she loves having coffee, meeting new people and traveling to exotic places. Stephanie also spends her free time catching up with new technology trends.

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