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How To Increase Device Space in your iPhones

Deal with the storage popup the right way.

How To Increase Device Space in your iPhones

iPhones’ camera quality has improved impressively in the past few decades to such an extent that some extra-talented geeks are ditching their DSLRs. That’s the beauty iPhones have garnered over the years. Well, lots of photos, the time lapse Instagram videos, the hefty KB of downloaded files and your favorite movies out there in your device, all add to the space your iPhone device has. And, folks I can personally feel the pain when your iphone scream out not loudly but with a silently pop-up, “no storage available”. It sucks, sucks like hell to even visualize such a scenario. Why not be proactive to tackle this frequent storage problem? If that seems your cup of tea, I have a dining delight right here right now just for you. Kindly help yourself while serving.  

Although Apple has sorted out the storage issue with the new iPhone models, the users with the older devices are still struggling a lot to make space for their new memories (photos and videos). If you, by any chance are one of the victims of poor iPhone storage, I have got the problem covered for you. Let’s delve into this not-so-much-explored side of iPhones that make it easy to increase the device storage even in the older models.

I'll be discussing the pointers one-by-one. Choose the one that suits your need the best.

Wifi Card Readers Can Take The Pain Away

Wifi card readers are your true companion. Why? Because they store probably everything you would require to back up. Why not have your own card reader and transfer songs, movies, and books to the device. Wireless connection is available and you don’t need the internet connection to access your files.

Delete Duplicate Files

Most of the times, devices end up with the duplicate files of a new install. That’s nothing but merely added junk to our iPhone device. Take out some time to clean up the junk and add more storage to your smartphone.

Clear the Browser Cache

To all those who frequently browse Chrome and Safari through their iPhones must clear the browser cache that gets stored on the device without coming into users’ knowledge. I bet you will be amazed to acknowledge the space that you are left with after cleaning the browser cache. Well, you can THANKS later!!

Have A Look At The Default Message Settings

By default, your iPhone device stores all the message you either send or receive. This is convenient if you wish to read your 2-year-old messages. But who does that? No one, at least not in this 21st century when the connectivity is more prominent than your daily brunches. That sums up deleting these “forever” stored messages. Through the settings, you can reach the pop-up asking to delete older messages. Command a yes and you are done.  

Wipe Off Apps That Are Not Important

It may seem the most common advice you come across frequently but you know that’s the most overlooked one. So, make it a practice to do a frequent scrutiny of the apps that are no more important. It saves considerable space in your device to help you add new memories to your phone. With iPhones, whatever you download paid or free can be re-downloaded since it is attached with your Apple ID. So, you can always find whatever was downloaded. In case, the app sits idle at your home screen, it is ideal to delete it up.

To delete apps from home screen choose to tap the icon and hold it until it starts jiggling. The jiggling of the app means you are in the editing mode. In order to move the app icon to the trash, tap on the “X “ which you will see sitting in the left corner. Tap the same and drag the icon to delete it. Users could also drag an app to shift its position from a side to another.

Free Up Space By Deleting App Data

In your quest to find out ways that could help you add up space in your iPhone device, deleting app data could seem to resolve the storage issue. App data is one of the culprits that takes enough space just to fill the device storage. Choosing to keep an eye on the space that any of the installed app is taking is good. And, for the same, you could choose to look again at Settings > General > iPhone Storage and click on the arrow beside one of the apps listed there. This will show up how much data the app is using. And, how much additional space is used by the documents and data.

For a better understanding let me break down the pointers for you

  • Kindle app generally takes up 111.7 MB

  • Viewing the additional details will let you know about the actual storage space that is 195.5 MB

  • It suggests some additional programs are there that users unknowingly download with their app

  • So, tap the arrow next to the app in order to offload it

Choose To Store Photos On iCloud Library

iCloud photo library allows you to add photos and videos on the cloud storage. Thus, making it a lot easier to get access to those photos anytime anywhere. That also means your phone has now enough space to store other important documents. That’s a solution when you are looking for increasing the space in your iphone device. You may choose to proceed the settings as displayed below.

choose store settings

Deleting Non-HDR Images

Capturing stunning photos is an added advantage when you have an iPhone with you. However, your phone could secretly add up HDR or High Dynamic Range to make photos much more prominent. In case, you have an older iPhone, choose to keep the normal photo mode. This is a problem with older iPhones. The newer versions are capable enough to handle photos even in the HDR mode.

camera settings

Delete Older Messages

As described earlier, iPhone stores your messages. It may sound a not-so-very-good idea to invest your time frequently on deleting messages, it is far better to opt for the settings that may automatically delete your backup after a considerable time interval. And, to proceed the settings, opt for the steps prescribed here:

Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages, select a time parameter, then click Delete.

Similarly, you could delete voicemail messages, downloaded messages, documents and data, photos and videos and other files that are not important for you.

Try To Record Videos At Lower Resolution

Reducing the resolution of the videos you are going to shoot with your iPhones would help in keeping the extra space safe enough to use for other important documents. Newer iPhone models offer you the privilege to record the videos in any of the resolutions you want as displayed here. And, choosing to shoot on a lower resolution would help in adding up extra space.

Record Video

Optimize Storage Using Third-Party Apps

By now, you must have become a pro in adding up extra space into your iPhone device. In case, you are still not convinced I have an additional offering. There are third-party apps that users can install to expand the storage of their device. iMyFone Umate is one of the apps that could help in this endeavor. The app cleans up space in Mac and Windows too to free up huge space.    

Back Up Apple Library With Google+ or Google Drive

Google drive is all there to store the photos from your device. You could actually sync your photos to the drive in order to free up space. Google drive additionally offer 30GB of free space. Besides paying for space you are wishing to get there is additional 30GB space that comes with it.  

Wrapping It Up

I hope you found the troubleshooting guide from MobileAppDaily team helpful in winning over “storage almost full” popup message. And, with that enjoy piling up new memories, shooting your next vacation photos, and listening to your favorite iMusic. Till then allow us to sign off on a promise to come up again with another article dealing with frequent iPhone issues.

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