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Google I/O 2018 Leaks and Rumors Ahead of 8 May Event

Google may share some information on Pixel 3 at the event to tease us I/O 2018 Leaks and Rumors Ahead of 8 May Event

Google held its annual developer conference every year to drop new innovations and advancements for the developers. With Google I/0 2018 around the corner, all of us are expecting a lot of updates from the tech giant. Every year with the conference, the company introduces some new trends and upgrades for its products. This year we are expecting a lot of things from Google including Android P, Google Home products, Google Assistant Improvements and much more. But, there are some of the less talked about Google updates that may appear during the event, though the schedule of the event is available and it hints about everything that we will be going to witness. However, every year there are surprise elements in the Google I/O that company didn't even revealed in its schedule. 

Here are some of the announcement that may come out of the Shoreline Amphitheatre this year.

Pixel 3

We know that the company never launches its Pixel series smartphones at the Google I/O stage. However, there are some Google I/O 2018 rumors that the company may share some information of the advanced technology that will be equipped in the upcoming Google Pixel 3. With the company’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP) it has been already confirmed that the Pixel 3 is coming this year, the code contains the name ‘Pixel 3’ on the AOSP.

pixel 3

Source: Google

The recent leaks from various sources have claimed that there will be three Google Pixel 3 variant this year instead of two. In addition, the upcoming flagship smartphone could come with the AMOLED display having the in-screen fingerprint sensor. So, there is a fair possibility that Google may share some breadcrumbs of its new generation technology piece. As India’s Economic Times has shared that the Pixel 3 could be launched in July or August, so we may get a teaser during the Google I/O 2018. 

‘Yeti’- Rumoured Gaming Console From Google

Google has already tried its luck with the gaming console but that didn't end well in the past. However, the success of its home devices like Chromecast may inspire the company to again compete in the gaming console market. We are talking about a long time rumored ‘Yeti’ gaming console that the company has been working on for a long time now. Google is planning to launch ‘Yeti’ named gaming console that will be able to support the game streaming services like Nvidia’s GeForce and Sony PS.


According to the reports, the console is high-end gaming equipment that will have the advance control options for the gaming nerds. The console was scheduled to launch in the fall of 2017 but was postponed due to the unknown reasons and we believe that it could get a place at Google I/O 2018 event. However, the developer conference isn't basically a hardware launch platform of the company but we never know what the company is up to. 

All New YouTube Music

Google offers the YouTube Music service to the smartphone users having the love for the music. However, with the Apple Music and Spotify ruling the online music streaming market with their paid services, the YouTube music was struggling to make it big.


The rumors were going around that Google is actively working on revamping the YouTube music with some new features. The revamped YouTube Music app was also scheduled for the release in March but pushed further by the company. Now, we expect Google to introduce the new version of the YouTube Music app at the this year’s I/O. 

.app domain

Google bought the ‘.app’ domain back in 2015 and ever since working on it to provide the world's most secure domain ever. For the non-tech folks, the ‘.app’ is the domain that was launched in 2012 after the announcement of "New gTLD” Program by CANN. The domain is very beneficial and important for the developers and the companies with the mobile apps as their product. Google has suddenly started marketing its new domain and promoting among the developer's to register their product under this domain.

app domian

The company claims it to be the most secure domain that protect against the serious malware threats and unsecured Wifi networks. There are some of the Google I/o 2018 rumors suggesting that Google may announce some of the important news about domain as it is mostly for the app developers. The tech giants have recently opened the registration for its top-level domain available only on the Google Registry under the Early Access Program. The general public will be able to register their website under ‘.app’ domain from 8th May. The company making the domain available just before the Google I/O 2018 surely hints that it must have something else to announce about the new domain.

Flutter App

Well before I/O 2018 developers conference, Google has launched the third beta release of Flutter. It will brings more localization features like better accessibility support, right-to-left languages, and an improved widget inspector. Basically, it will assist Google to take a lead in mobile app development.

In order to gain momentum in cross-platform native mobile app development framework for Android and iOS, Google came up with the Flutter app. Initially, the app was expected to enable the developers to write code and get the feedback.

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