Smartphone Buying Guide - Finding The Right Phone is Few Tips Away
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Smartphone Buying Guide: Finding The Right Phone is Few Tips Away

It's time for a new phone Buying Guide: Finding The Right Phone is Few Tips Away

There are so many good phones to choose from, Google Pixel 2, iPhone X, Galaxy S9 and possibly a list so long that it would get difficult to even list them all. Although I won’t go into the specification today. The guide is all about considering the important points that you must keep into the mind while buying your next smartphone. Phones are pretty confusing, you all will agree with me, don’t you? And, getting into the specification is the second line of preference, first being choosing the OS (of course if you have the preference).

People around me are so crazy about the operating system, that they can literally swear by it. And, that tickled right inside my brain with a thought, if smartphones are so important why not give a delight to the users in the form a write-up to help them buy their new smartphones. A write-up that could sum all, besides the device specification that must be given a thought to get the right return on the investment. Folks, when it is an investment, a well-thought analysis is more than important to even wish for the return. If that strikes the bell to you too, I am going to make you a lot smarter to give all the knowledge it would possibly require ever to buy your new smartphone.


  • Consider Android if you are looking forward to a series of offerings, stick to iOS if Apple is all that matters to you

  • Decide your budget well in advance. The smartphone offerings available in the market can easily confuse you

  • What’s important to you? A 6.3” display or a 5.5” is more than enough? Decide right away

  • Remember phone’s display (AMOLED panels) are more important than the resolution

  • Camera, battery, and processor specifications are important too. Have a preview prior to making the decision

  • Don’t ever settle for a phone that lasts less than 10-12 hours on a charge

  • Opt for 32 GB storage, get the best available around you


It’s a decade old battle and you are not the very first soldier floating between the cobweb of these operating systems, not confident enough to remain loyal to the operating system you have been using or choosing a new platform. Well, an Android fan like me would never give it a second thought to stick loyally to the operating system I have been using (probably I am not well-heeled to own one, gosh spilled the beans!!).

Android vs iOS

Technically, while using any of the platforms for all these years, you must have your music, films, movie shows and other subscription purchased stored on your device. Switching the operating system would mean you will lose the access to all this valuable information. Tough to afford, I guess! So, if you adore Apple and have been listening iTunes like an ideal customer, simply stick to it.

In case, you are a floating voter, nothing can stop you to experiment with either of the operating systems.  


Smart people do phones in a manner way different from the non-geeks. If you have that urge too, I would suggest play smartly. First things first, consider what’s the most important to you? The camera (obviously to do justice with your Instagram feed), battery life (of course for that herculean backup), overall cost (definitely for acquiring the best return), or other objectives like the flagship from any phone company?

Consider whats important

Let me present you another fad prevailing these days, contract phones. Yes, you heard that right, people are getting phones on contract, similar to leasing a car. Everyone is doing it, it’s that common. But, folks, it’s not that smart as you pay much more than what you should (similar to credit card mechanism). So, never fall for it even if you are regularly hearing a thing or two about the same. Rather focus the point of importance depending upon your preference as listed in the ascending para.


Buying a phone just after it is rolled out is nothing but merely stupidity. Never fall for those fancy advertisements until you have your specific reasons to buy your smart gadget or the phone. You may get a phone at a hefty price shining brightly beside you letting you get compliments from all but one thing is for sure your finances won’t thank you. Never for a reason to spend your hard-earnings just for a fancy piece of glass even if it is studded and embedded with the best embellishments (consider its functionality).

always buy phone

It’s wise to wait a few months, have your eyes on the reviews coming directly from the best reviewers. Choose to browse more and more about the specifications combining other details elaborately. The case with LG G5 is worth mentioning here, the phone features some of the best qualities but failed to attract the right portion of customers, in the end retailers dropped the prices. Here comes the best time to get your new phone.

Alternatively, it is the best to consider last year’s flagship too if you are not finding anything innovative in current year phones. For example give a thought to iPhone 7 rather than iPhone 8 and Galaxy S7 for replacement of S8.


Yes, price matters, for some the most and for others it’s just a thing to consider. Well, a smart buyer would never think it the latter way. And, it’s fair enough to give the price a thought even if you own a jackpot. After price comes comparison, the price of a model may differ from a platform to another and for the similar reason, it is important to analyze the comparison. Remember you are going to buy something from your hard earned money, never spend it on something that doesn't give you the value back.

In terms of smartphone buying, if you are having your preferences (iOS & Android), consider all the factors listed above and then have a price comparison of the same on the different platforms prior to buying the phone.


Being into this smartphone reviewing industry, I keep coming across users who find it an enticing option to buy old-model phones that could precisely meet their requirements. I have been asked several times if such phones should be considered or not? And, to that question, I never reply with either a yes or a no. Rather I leave it to them to decide what’s important. Let me bring the limelight to this. Consider the age of the phone.

Consider Phone Age

If it is too old to own (typically 2-3 years), don’t fall for it. It might soon stop getting software updates including all the security patches. Also, such phones no longer remain capable to handle the robust app built. The processor and memory may lack behind too. So, only buy a refurbished phone if it is in good condition and has not been used much.  


In the end, consider a few more things. And, the very first concern is to find out the network the phone supports. Does the phone supports generation 5th, 4th or the phone processor just supports the 3rd generation mobile networking. It is important to keep all these factors in the mind prior to either buying a new offering or considering an older one.  

Neha Baluni
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Neha Baluni

Being a Senior Technical Writer at MobileAppDaily, Neha Baluni loves jotting down her piece of opinion for the advancing technology in mobile app world. Having a journalism background, she is a writer by day and a reader by night. Her passion for writing covers different categories of technical and non-technical genre. In addition to writing, Neha loves traveling a lot.

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