Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And iOS To Enhance Your Clicks

5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And iOS To Enhance Your Clicks

Edit your photos with the best apps.

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Photo editing applications are an exceptional offering to all those who love clicking the best moments of their lives. Who doesn’t love to keep these memories alive for years and when you have the right editing app there with you, the memory gets enhanced prominently. 

Among the most important photography editing applications for Android, we are presenting a compilation of the most interesting and the most popular ones. I recommend downloading those that are available free of cost for the users. The apps have been organized in the order of the preference and thus you can browse through them one after another. 


It is free and will turn your Android phone into a complete editing station with basic settings such as filters, brightness, contrast or exposure and more advanced settings that includes editing by areas using your finger, removing spots, HDR, blur the background or double exposure and much more to it. Its interface is very easy to use, has a very intuitive design and "painting" with your finger does not become cumbersome. 

Download the App for iOS and Android.


One of my favorite photo applications, the variety of filters and the quality of the app is what makes it one of the best apps to edit photos. It is not as versatile as Snapseed but the filters are really good and you can do the basic editing for exposure, contrast, crop, color temperature, and focus settings. In addition, it allows to retouch photos by layers and different areas, which will be of great help when converting each one of your snapshots into a small work of art. There is a filter store that is worth watching. There are really good presets that you can get with it. The minimalist design perfectly compliments the app. In addition, by downloading this app and registering, you will become part of the homonymous social network to share your photos.

Download the App for iOS and Android.


Pixlr is a popular app that competes directly with Snapseed with some extra bunch of features and more advanced tools. With Pixlr you can use the camera from the app itself, something that is not possible with most of the competitor apps. In terms of editing, in addition to basic settings, you can blur, repair lights and shadows or crop the image.

Download the App for iOS and Android.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop can scare those who come first to the world of photo editing but its mobile version is simplified to make it much more intuitive and easy to use. Photoshop Express is a free and compressed offering of its desktop version.  With it, you can make a quick and advanced edition of your photos directly from the phone. In addition to editing tools, it has more than 60 Instagram-style filters, many are free but for others, you will have to go through the box. It highlights its function to eliminate luminance noise, something that currently affects most phones, in dim lighting, you may have noise in your photographs and this option reduces the issue without losing too much detail.

Download the App for iOS and Android.


It lives up to its name and turns your phone into a true photo lab. Despite looking like a mere collection of filters and effects, it allows the creation of montages with images that can become covers of publications or anything you want. the app includes more than 500 effects. 

Download the App for iOS and Android.

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