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10 Best Cleaning Apps For Android Phone

Here are the best picks for you.

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Have you ever noticed that various hidden process always run on your device when you use your Android application? These processes may prove to be hazardous to the health of your smartphone and that is why it is important to have the apps that could keep your system clean enough. Cleaner apps take care of the hidden process in order to remove any unwanted app to run in the background. Additionally, it cleans memory space. It, thus assists the user to save more space on the Android phone. If you are operating the device with less memory it slows down speed and performance of the phone. Cleaner apps give an exact solution to all Android users. 

Here are the best cleaner apps to help you choose the one that suits perfectly to your requirements.

Wondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner: This cleaner app is one of the most famous apps which is used by numerous users. Wondershare MobileGo assists Android users to enhance apps’ performance, to uninstall apps, manage APK and free space by removing unwanted files. It is available free of cost on Google Play.  Some of the additional features in the app are app manager and file transfers. It resolves issues related to Android and cleans your phone excellently well.

Clean Master: It comes free of cost and is available in the online store. Android cleaner app is widely accessed by people around the world. One can clean residual files, app cache, junk files, and history. The clean master app takes less charge on the Android phone. This app is simple to use and offers antivirus protection to your device. With simple steps, one can install the app on the mobile phone.

App Cache Cleaner: It clears all cache files in your Android phone. The users can install the app from the Google Play. It stores cache files and offers extra memory to your device. App cache cleaner gets more space in your device by finding and clearing out sizable junk files. This app allows the user to clean files. Anyone can install the app on the android phone. The app sets the reminders for you to know when junk files should be cleaned.

DU Speed Booster: DU speed booster is mostly preferred by lots of users owing to the functionality it offers. It not only cleans up space on the device but also cleans junk files. It is an app manager, one-touch accelerator, privacy advisor, internet speed tester and much more. This cleaner app also offers features of speed booster, game booster, and accelerator. The user might operate the Android device at high speed without any issue.

1 Tap Cleaner: The Android app cleaner cleans all the junk files at a single touch. It has additional features to help the users clean the history, cache files, along with the text and call logs. It cleans files regularly and increases the performance of your Android phone. In addition, this app has the default option to get rid of unwanted actions. It helps users to set the time interval for cleaning files. You can download the app free of cost from the stores, which just takes few minutes.

SD Maid: This cleaning app offers perfect maintenance to the device. This app tracks folders and files running in the background. It makes the user save memory on deleting apps and files on the Android device. SD maid comes in two versions. Free version aids users to install software with few clicks.  Premier version adds extra space and is more effective in maintaining the app the right way.

Cleaner eXtreme: The technological world is advancing and every one of us is looking out for a way to complete a task or a process easily. Cleaner eXtreme app comes to your rescue to reduce data loss, which generally happens when a number of apps run in the background. It has the capability of removing junk files without detecting data from the system. The app takes care of all the functions of the device and deletes unwanted files easily.

CCleaner: CCleaner assists you to remove junk from your Android phone. This app cleans browser history, application cache, and clipboard content. It uninstalls the unnecessary apps in order to free up space on your device. You acquire user-friendly interface on using the application. It will not display any ads on browsing websites on the internet. CCleaner takes care of RAM and internal storage space of the phone.  It cleans up download folder, temporary files, and SMS log.

Root Cleaner: Root cleaner cleans up depend on root permission of the Android device. Quick clean options include cleaning tools and basic cleaning tools that help in removing unique processes and memory space. In this app, you might process full clean and quick clean.

CPU Tuner: CPU Tuner helps the user to overlock and under lock to enhance performance and save battery life. It 

In case you are looking forward to any such application, skim through each one of them carefully. Find out your requirement so that you can choose the best app among the ones listed here. Installing the right app is important to keep your phone junk free. 

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