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Onboarding Google Pay: Payment Option Integrated For The Web Now

Say hello to Google Pay!

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Google is global and probably penetrated every market that operates in the service industry. Fairly obvious, as it’s Sundar Pichai who is in the driver’s seat. The man with the ambition has given another reason to google for blowing up the web with the Google Pay. Google is cementing its position more prominently in the payment market and the recent integration of Google Pay to the web features the best example. The launch of this payment method for Android is all set to create a story that every one of us was looking forward to hearing for some time. With this story, Google has outlined the plot to update Android Pay and introduced some new functionality. Maybe Pichai well thought dream to make the payment service more ubiquitous not just on the stores but also on the web.

With this launch, Google’s all set to redesign the Google Wallet app. It is going to be a lot easier to send, receive, or request money with the service now called Google Pay Send. The breeze is going to delight the UK and the US users through the first roll out. So, new users could download the app right away. And for the users having Android Pay in their smartphones, new updates will roll out in the next few days. 

The very first glance confirms Google Pay merely a redesign of Android Pay with all the new looks and the functionalities. It may seem difficult for a not-so-versed-designing-enthusiast to notice that Material Design that Google now sticks to, but a well-versed very-much-in-the-design-professional could easily figure out the innovation. In terms of functionality, the new changes are at par. One noticeable change is the Google Pay home screen now shows your stores where you can pay easily with the payment option. Well, the catch is, Google collects the information from customers’ previous shopping behavior to offer services further. The app shows a recent purchase from customers and they are given the option of adding the loyalty card to their respective app. 

With Google Pay, the giant is trying to make it effortless for users to pay for the services. Worth mentioning Google’s VP of Product Management for Payments, Pali Bhat shares similar views. For the users having Bank of America account and those who are holding the Mbank account (Poland banking services) can set up the app right from bank’s app. They don’t need to install the app in person. “We give developers a very simple API to implement Google Pay, the API is simply because we are not processing that payment. We just securely pass the credentials to whoever is doing it.” Bhat Quoted.

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