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Know All About A Leak Revealing Apple's New Design Concept

Know all about new Apple design leak.

Apple published date 24th May, 2018 Neha Baluni

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Apple has started the warm-up for WWDC 2018 and there is a sudden reveal on iOS 12 for the public. The leak suggests the production of some parts needed for 2018’s iPhone handset launch is underway. As per the official news, “Apple Inc. manufacturing partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has started mass production of next-generation processors for new iPhones launching later this year”. The update is from the people who are well aware of the matter. 

Here are more insights on the same:

  • The processor will likely be named A12 chip
  • It will feature a 7-nanometer chip design much efficient than the 10-nanometer chip that is currently in the use

Apple’s manufacturing is said to be “on time” as per the company’s spokesperson believe unlike the last year’s delay in manufacturing for the facial recognition system for iPhone X. 

Talking about the 7nm chip in smartphones, Android may challenge Apple on the same technology given the fact that Android handsets are yet to be launched at Berlin IFA Conference. The handset is believed to have similar chip not only in design aspect but also in the measurement too. 

If A New Handset Will Release, What It Will Be Called?

The game with iPhone naming got a bit unexpected with the release of iPhone X to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone. At the same time, Apple also revealed 8 and 8 Plus. so, where is 9? And, what is going to happen with the numbers? Are we going to get the roman number again or it will remain in the numerical? Maybe WWDC 2018 will bring the iPhone XI or XII. 

More to this, the iPhone SE is also under the production and rumors have suggested that the new design for the device will adapt to iPhone-like design. 

The news about Apple is that it always profits from the attention. This is why Apple keeps on leaking information on the early releases to make room and the required environment for the launch. Maybe, Apple thinks, why to give a bigger notch when a smaller one will do the needful. If that is true, Apple is, of course, the master of the game called Marketing. 

Neha Baluni

Neha Baluni

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