5+ Best Reddit Apps for Android Smartphone [2021]

Reddit is a popular social news aggregation and discussion website.
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June 30, 2021
Reddit is known as the front page of the internet, and no one could deny the fact. The Reddit community knows it for sure, which is pretty hard to explain to someone who doesn't have any information about this discussion website.

Reddit is excellent when it comes to carrying out discussion on any of the topics. Be it about a social media news that is making the rounds or about a dose of entertainment that has made global recognition; the readers make the things worth happenings.

Our Top Picks

When we talk about the official Reddit app, there was nothing before 2016. It was only this year that Reddit came with its original application. So, our today's top picks are the best reddit apps.

Best Reddit Apps For Android [2021]

Well, Reddit’s app is relatively new, and besides Reddit's official app, there are many Reddit clients that we are going to talk about through this post. I have included the list of the best Android apps that help you add subreddits to any of the hot topics. Here comes the list:

BaconReader for Reddit


BaconReader has the status of being one of the widely-known, most used, and most popular apps for users that have everything for them. Talking about the design, it has a Material Design interface that fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the application.

Well, talking about the background themes, they are exceptional too in the offering. The threads are color-coded which makes it even easier to comments with the use of moderator tools that are again exceptional in the functionality, there is a decent search option for the users and advanced filtering too that adds to the overall app feature.

Features of this best Reddit app Android

  • Choose your favorite theme
  • Read best Reddit content
  • The app is free to use and install
  • You will witness ads as you explore the app
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Boost for Reddit


Boost for Reddit is more famous for getting customization in every element you would need. If compared to other apps in a similar category, most of the apps have two or three views, but Boost has eight variants including three Card view variants, two list views, two image-centric views, and a Swipe view.

The last offering suits those perfectly well who swipe Reddit the way they swipe Tinder. Browsing through comments, this app gets even more exciting as it allows users to use a collapse all button that helps them collapse threads to the parent comment. Another exceptional offering for the users.    

Features of this one of the best Reddit apps for Android

  • Customize UI with thousands of theme colors
  • Customize browsing type- cards, image gallery, and more
  • Filter posts by type- image, GIFs, Videos, etc
  • Use Moderator tools to moderate your Reddit groups
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Now for Reddit


Now for Reddit is again an app that needs mention in this list for its simplicity. It is also known for being an easier app on the list. The app’s features are basic but exceptional at the same time. The app offers support for several file types including Imgur support, and support for Reddit Gold features.

The app features a modern design too. The design helps users swipe to change the subreddits for quick browsing. There is also an option for browsing through subreddits as per the need. The app is available with a free version, but the pro version costs users $3.99 (as an in-app purchase).

Features of this one of the best Reddit apps for Android

  • Set light or dark themes
  • Read color-coded comments to know discussions
  • Stream latest Reddit videos
  • Use the Home Screen widget to access app content instantly
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Relay for Reddit


The Reddit client is known for a different reason. It features a UI that is funky. The app has a list of exceptional features too. It helps users be the pro at mega threads and most especially to AMAs as a versed user would do.

The full-size Card view is not enabled on this app, and this makes the Reddit client different from others owing to all these features. Well, this change will hit the app soon, but the app is already popular among the users just like anything.

There are big beautiful cards for adding aesthetics to the app. The app helps to flip between an article and the comments.

Features of this best Reddit app Android

  • Browse news and Reddit entertainment
  • Includes animations for an enhanced experience
  • Use moderator features like ban users, sticky posts, and more
  • Reply from the inbox itself
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As mentioned earlier, Reddit’s official application is new as compared to other apps featured here on this list. The official app was launched a few years back, and that is why it is not as popular as the other offerings in this list.

However, it is one of the must-have apps on the list owing to the functionality that the official app provides to the users.

The basic features are all the same and work appropriately for the users. The app gives the fundamental options, and because of a similar reason, it is said to be designed for the new users and not for the pros. It needs to garner an extensive list of features to be more prominent in the Reddit Android client list.

Features of this best Reddit mobile app

  • Explore the entertaining world of Reddit
  • Chat with anyone on the app
  • Follow people and upvote content you like
  • Downvote to dislike things 
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Slide for Reddit


Slide for Reddit is different for all the right reasons. Some users call it a diamond in the rough. The customizable options are exceptional, and that is why the application has fame of its own.

The features are all the basics that any such app has for the users, but one thing that makes it exceptional from an extensive list of Reddit clients is the Synccit integration, Shadowbox support, and live thread support.

All these features are exceptional for the users. There is a pro version available for the users, but going for the same would require users to get the ad-block in the built-in browser.

Features of this best Reddit mobile app

  • Includes 12,000 theme combinations
  • Ad-free and open-source app
  • Show-off your unique flair with flair support
  • Respond and review comments and submissions
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Sync for Reddit


Sync for Reddit is another exceptional application for the many rich features it has for users. The app claims to be optimized for subreddits and has a material design for the users. The material design fits perfectly with the multi-window support that the app has for the users.

Worth mentioning the app has a night-themed design to showcase the AMOLED theme. Reddit additionally supports Android Nougat, which is another great news for Nougat users.

Features of this best Reddit mobile app

  • Night themed to keep your eyes safe
  • Customizable options for the UI
  • Use Multi accounts within a single app
  • Submit new links with the photo upload
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Here comes the end of the write-up about the best Reddit apps for Android. All of these applications are known for some special offerings that they offer to the users. All of these Reddit clients have a special feature that makes them one prominent in the list of other apps listed here.

In case, you are a Reddit user, do let us know about your choice. In case, you are not on Reddit yet, do visit this amazing website to know all about the happenings taking place across the globe. And, if you have an app and want to get your app reviewed by us, don’t wait and contact us today!


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