Evolution's Of The App Market: Alternatives To In-app Micropayments
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Evolutions Of The App Market: Alternatives To In-app Micropayments

All that you need to know about In-app micropayments

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In-app micropayments, the dominant form of online app payment, can be frustrating. Spending money on multiple occasions for upgrades of the same app, regardless of price, can grate on a consumer. Whether it’s because these can be a hassle to pay for or because of the uncertainty about the amount of content that will be made available (as apps are constantly developing new material), people are searching for alternatives to in-app micropayments.

Single app payment

In recent years, app stores across all platforms have seen an increase in one-platform payment apps, these apps combine different products and allow one-off payments for these. Blendle, for example, compiles thousands of magazines and newspapers and sells them by either the issue or the article. Rather than presenting partial stories and insisting on payment for a complete article, it allows users to be selective, paying only once for the products that interest them. Models like Apple’s Pay Once and Play appeal to parents whose children play games on their devices.



Rather than worrying about their child accidentally racking up a huge bill paying for level-ups and in-game purchases, the platform compiles a series of games that require a single payment to be downloaded.


Bonuses are benefits allotted to consumers upon the purchase of an app or of products related to an app. Some apps present a sign-up bonus, free extras simply for signing up, while others provide incentives for payment. This is a common platform for online shopping and betting apps. Oddschecker, for example, compiles casino apps that use bonuses. These are deals such as paying £200 to receive £600 in-app, less daunting than multiple micropayments, and they provide instant gratification.


This subscription model is common in educational apps, often using the freemium model. Klikaklu, for instance, is a scavenger hunt game app that comes free for single hunts but charges a subscription cost to allow the user to create scavenger hunts. A renewable subscription is interesting to the user that is unsure how often and for how long they may want to use an app.

in-app micropayments

Moreover, the subscription cost can contain benefits. As a free app, Spotify is ad-supported but an annual subscription allows the user to listen to music free of adverts.

The online market is a constantly-evolving world. As such, ways to access it are eternally changing, shifting to suit the needs of the modern consumer.

Neha Baluni
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