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10 Best Alternatives For Google Play Store

Give it a try to the lesser known mobile app stores.

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According to a report by Statista, the total number of iOS apps on the App Store are 2.2 million (as of the January of 2017) and Android apps on Google Play stands at 3 million (as of June of 2017). If we talk about the Google Play Store, it accounts for billions of downloads every month, except it's not by any means the only place to get mobile apps. There are numerous elective app stores out there that you can utilize whenever you get bored.

To stay in contention, most of the elective Android app stores out there offer some or the other perks. Numerous application stores include a free app of the day, a marked down premium app, or some other cash sparing offer. While, some Android app stores have a particular genre and a little choice of application decisions that have been sifted for quality, age group, or reason.

Though one should stick to Google Play Store for downloading any app and avoid third-party app stores due to the security scare. As security policies of every Android app store will depend upon their interest, some will perform comparative checks as that of Google, while others won't. In some cases, you may experience different issues like poor app quality because of counterfeit app versions.

On the off chance that despite everything you wish to seek after, I will prescribe you to get some security app first. For your better understanding, I have compiled best Android app stores that won’t disappoint you.

1. Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is an app store for the Android working framework worked by Amazon.com. It was launched on March 22, 2011, and was made accessible in about 200 nations. On September 28, 2011, Amazon propelled the Kindle Fire tablet. The tablet, intended for media utilization in the Amazon’s landscape and depends entirely on the Amazon Appstore for its commercial centre, shunning Google Play. Close to the tablet was another outline for the Amazon Appstore, proposed to better coordinate with the tablet's UI. It was followed by Blackberry, which declared an official association with Amazon that extended the ease of access to the Amazon Appstore in BlackBerry 10.3.

Amazon app store

To tempt the users, the Amazon Appstore incorporated the "Free App of the Day" option. The first game to be included in this list was Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free). Then on The European dispatch day, the free app was Angry Birds (Ad-Free). To add ist own blend, Amazon presented Amazon Coins as a type of instalment on the store in 2013. One of the bright sides of this store is, developers are paid 70% of the rundown cost of the app or in-app buy.

2. GetJar

GetJar is an autonomous mobile Android app store established in Lithuania in 2004, with workplaces in Vilnius, Lithuania and San Francisco, California. The app store was started by developers in 2004 as an app beta testing stage and afterwards moved toward becoming application conveyance ending up first and greatest free open app commercial centre and app store in mid-2005. In the starting of 2015, the store had in excess of 849,036 versatile applications crosswise over real portable stages including Java ME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android.

In June 2010, around 3 lakh developers added their respective apps to GetJar, which resulted in bringing about more than one billion downloads. The numbers were doubled in the very next year.

3. SlideME

SlideME LLC was established in 2008. Its basic mantra is, “one Application Store can't reach everyone, everywhere with the applications they want.” This Android app store offers an 'on-gadget' Application Store for gadget merchants, applications to these speciality markets, in view of the geographic area, gadgets, payment method or even kinds of uses that clients can't discover in conventional platforms. The store is open up to developers, who can convey and offer their apps on the international arena and is specifically curated app and games marketplace. It stands second only to Google Play Store, in terms of worldwide reach for Android Apps and Games conveyance.


SlideME has turned into the accepted option for developers in utilizing the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) that does exclude the Google restrictive applications. All app is tested on SlideME to guarantee they work on AOSP based gadgets and not exclusively reliant on Google Play Services. It gives a 'Managed App-Store Service' and assembles arrangements according to advertise prerequisites.

4. Samsung Galaxy App Store

As one of the greatest and best Android gadgets producer around, Samsung has been putting forth its very own scope administrations and substance on the majority of its gadgets, and that also incorporates mobile apps. Initially, Samsung named its app store as “Samsung Apps,” at that point, it moved toward becoming “S Suggest,” and at last in July 2014, it was set as “Galaxy Apps.”

Samsung Galaxy App Store

Galaxy Apps works on a special algorithm to evaluate a bundle of information and offer cleverly customized recommendations for you. There's additionally a site that you can sign into, empowering you to peruse applications and send them straightforwardly to your gadget.

5. 1Mobile Market

1Mobile is a quality stage made for worldwide Android clients providing different apps and safe download. The focus is to provide each user free, quick and efficient downloading. With this Android app store, you can browse and download all your favourite apps or games. The store offers safe app downloading environment by running comprehensive security inspection and eradicate all virus and deducting plug-in. 1Mobile Market supply a variety of featured topics to help you find interesting and practical apps.

1Mobile Market

Some of the Significant Stats of 1Mobile Market are:

• 1.6 million apps and games.

• 3.1 million wallpapers.

• 0.6 million photos are shared by users.

6. F-Droid

F-Droid is a robotic Android app store with an enthusiasm for Free and Open Source (FOSS) programming. On this site, you'll discover a storehouse of FOSS applications, alongside an Android customer to perform establishments and updates, and news, surveys and different highlights covering everything Android and programming opportunity related.

F - Droid

It is owned by a non-profit English association, F-Droid Limited. Wherever conceivable, apps in this storehouse are worked from source, and that source code is checked for potential security or protection concerns. But the downside is, the checking is a long way from comprehensive and offers no surety.

7. Mobile9

Since 2003, Mobile9 has conveyed billions of free downloads to more than 12 million individuals around the globe. This Android app store gives you a chance to download free Android applications to explore better approaches to get things done or tempting games for Android clients to keep them in the loop.


The prevalent applications incorporate best Android wellbeing and health apps to shape you up, Android modded games stack, Minecraft games, and much more. Mobile9 not only furnishes mobile apps but, it is stacked with many free songs and videos for free download. In short, it is the perfect home to everything that entertains you. The store has more than 240 million monthly downloads.

8. Mobango

This app store is unique in its own way. Mobango is a universal Android app store that permits mobile users to publish, convert, and share a wide range of client created content like videos, photos, ringtones, applications, and games. It all can be achieved through internet and smartphones for customizing and engaging the new mobile age. This platform provides you with a prompt access to a large number of individual files offered by the store users, over the World.

9. Bemobi Mobile Store

Bemobi Mobile Store is owned and maintained by Opera Software ASA. The store is a stage autonomous program based application store for mobile phone users and an advanced application distribution stage utilized by in excess of 40,000 developers the world over. It is one of the best app stores present. The app store offers more than 20 million apps and games for in excess of 7,500 diverse smartphone models over platforms like Android, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and iOS. Bemobi Android app store can be accessed by users from any mobile browser. Bemobi Mobile Store simply provides a special stage to the developers.

Bemobi Mobile Store

Notable Stats:

  • Selling mobile apps in 230 countries

  • 100 million visitors per month

  • 20 million apps downloaded every day

  • Over 7,500 devices & all major platforms supporting

10. Itch.io

Itch.io is a commercial centre for autonomous digital developers with an emphasis on free computer games. The game store came to light in March 2013 by Leaf Corcoran. It's a stage that empowers anybody to offer the content they've perfected. In the last quarter of 2015, the support for desktop was extended for installing games and other content. The platforms included Windows, macOS, and Linux. As of February 2018, itch.io service hosts nearly 100,000 games and items.


It is a one-stop shop for some of the absolute most exceptional, intriguing, and autonomous manifestations you'll discover on the web. The store offers a wide range of both paid and free content. Interestingly, the paid content can be purchased with the help of cryptocurrency bitcoin.

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