HTC U12+ Specifications, Rumours & Leaks Ahead Of Tomorrow's Release

HTC U12+ Specifications, Rumours and Leaks Ahead Of Tomorrow's Release

HTC U12 Plus is going to be too expensive

HTC U12+ Specifications, Rumours and Leaks Ahead Of Tomorrow\'s Release

HTC is working hard in the mobile industry to acquire more users by competing with all-time dominators like Apple and Samsung. In order to compete in the high-end flagship smartphone category, the company launched the HTC U series. The HTC U 11 and HTC U12 did well and received good response from the users. Now, HTC is ready with another upgrade on which it has been working very rigorously, the HTC U 12 Plus. Although the device is the upgraded version of the last launched U12 it will be coming with more enhanced specifications and redesigned looks. 

However, there is not much information have been dropped by the company yet, except a teaser with the launch date. Let's have a look at all the leaks and rumors available before the tomorrow's launch as the company will be revealing the phone on 23 May 2018.

HTC U12 Plus Design

The design of the HTC U12 is still a mystery for most of us even after so many leaks. The device is expected to break the prior U series design pattern and will come up with more premium looks and body. The phone is expected to be made up of a glass on front and back both the sides. In addition, the U12 will be slimmer than the previous models in order to compete with the available flagship smartphones. The biggest questions that we have is all about the display, whether the front screen will get the notch similar to iPhone X or not. Moreover, there were some rumours that were suggesting that the company will stick to the minimum bezel instead of going for the notch. 



There were some images leaked by the all-time popular smartphone experts who like to spill the beans for the tech giants. He tweeted some pics including the images of HTC U12 Plus that contains three models of the phone in different colors. The image has the phone in three color variants and showing a dual rear camera at the back with the very slim body. In addition, GSMArena has also mentioned that the HTC U12 Plus will come in three colors including Black, Rose Red, Violet, and Translucent. In the image shared by Blass, the phone seems to have the minimum bezel with horizontally placed camera t the back with the fingerprint sensor.



However, Evan Blass has also shared an image prior to the three colored image that describes the U12 little bit differently. In this image, the phone has a dual rear camera and as well dual front camera at the top and the location of the LED is also a different place with no glass look back. This image was shared by Blass in March maybe, he got his hands on the prototype image of the phone first and finally on the real one. 

Moreover, the company participated in an event in Taiwan to promote the 5G where it showcases the speed on a new device that looked like the HTC U12 Plus leaked images. However, the bottom and the top of the phone was covered so we only had a glimpse of the suspected phone. 

HTC U12 Plus Specifications

As the phone will be launching in mid-2018 where we already have some powerful smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, HTC U12 Plus needs to be equipped with latest hardware support. The leaks and rumors suggest that the phone will have everything that is needed to beat all the high-end devices. Moreover, considering how the company is teasing us and promoting U12 it must be a top-notch device from the company. The Verizon Development Lab has leaked a report that surfaces all the specification of the HTC U12. According to the report, the phone will be coming with a 6-inch OLED display and will have the 3,500 mAh battery. Along with this the Verizon Lab also claims that U12 will be coming with the latest Android Oreo version that will be overlayed by HTC’s Sense UI. 



Evan Blass also took the information of the U12 to the Twitter for revealing the specs last week. According to him, the device will be running on a Snapdragon 845 processor that will be coupled with 6GB of RAM. U12 will be available in two storage variant including a 64GB and 128GB internal storage. He also mentioned that the smartphone will comprise a 6-inch Quad HD+ LCD display.

HTC U12 Plus Release Date and Price



HTC has already announced that the phone will be coming on 23 May with a teaser. The company has shared a poster over its UK Twitter account that contains the phon’s component and the release date. The company calls it phone ‘A phone that is more than of its specs’, however it did not reveal the name of the phone. There is no confirmed information about the HTC U12 price but we expect it to be launched with a $900 price tag. 

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