Are You Stuck in Candy Crush Saga - Try These Tricks And Cheats
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Are You Stuck in Candy Crush Saga? Try These Tricks And Cheats

Push Yourself in Candy Crush with this ultimate guide. You Stuck in Candy Crush Saga? Try These Tricks And Cheats

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle mobile game released by King on April 12, 2012, for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10, and Facebook as well. The game comes with 550 different levels and each level has a different mission. In this game, players finish levels by swapping different coloured bits of candy on a diversion board to make a match of at least three of a similar shading, disposing of those confections from the board. After five years of its release, the Candy Crush has been downloaded over 2.7 billion times. Furthermore, the game also made its way into top-ten grossing mobile apps for four years. With an estimated $633,000 per day, the Candy Crush is the highest revenue-generating game in company's ( 10-year history.

The game is pretty easy to understand, as it begins with a tutorial that will guide you through the basics. But for going beyond that, I have some cheats that you would like to fold-up in your sleeves while you go for the next round of Candy Crush Saga. Also, these cheats will help you to progress in the Candy Crush. Without wasting much time, let’s get rolling.

Cheat 1: Get Familiar With The Combos

Candy Crush offers a lot of combos that are potent enough to sail you through the large sections of the level. On the other hand, unwanted combos will take away good candies and will make your task more arduous. The combination of striped candies shouldn’t be used repeatedly and limited striped candies should be used with a pinch of salt, as they are hard to get. Have a look at the combinations that you need to follow and evade.

Combos To Follow In Candy Crush:

  • Striped + Wrapped - Clear three vertical and horizontal lines

  • Striped + Colour Bomb - Turn all jellies of the striped candy’s colour into striped candies, and blow them

  • Colour Bomb + Color Bomb - Put you in the next level

Combos To Evade In Candy Crush:

  • Wrapped + Wrapped - Blast adjoining blocks twice

  • Colour Bomb + Wrapped - Turn all jellies of the wrapped candy’s colour into wrapped candies and blow them

  • Striped + Striped - Roast everything in vertical and horizontal lines

Cheat 2: Follow Three-Move Rule

On the off chance that you don't play a move for a couple of moments, Candy Crush Saga will assist you out by featuring a conceivable move. Usually, it will come into play in the very beginning. Though it is enticing to utilize the suggested move, but try not to fall for it every time. Candy Crush doesn't generally feature the best move, as the moves come from the random direction. It would be better if you keenly watch out the entire board, at that point utilize the three-move run the show. It's straightforward. Toward the beginning of the level or at any troublesome circumstance, make sense of what your next three moves will be, and play as per that. Sweet Crush Saga is about thoughtful moves, if you perfect them, you will glide through.

Cheat 3: Restart The Game

With every new game, you get a fresh array of candies. So, what if you are stuck with a tough arrangement of jellies? Don’t spoil your chances by playing even a single move. Simply exit the level, come back for a new game and it may also bring your luck.

Restart the game

Furthermore, restarting a game can also give you a new spark to think better.

Cheat 4: Scan The Base

For some best results, always try to figure out the candies order from the bottom because candies fall from the top and eliminating any combination from the base will leave very fewer chances of losing any combination.

Cheat 5: Learn About Stripes

All the candies are striped in an indistinguishable way from the last move to finish the last arrangement. In the event that you move a candy horizontally, it will form a horizontal stripe, which will then detonate horizontal candies.

learn about the strips

Cheat 6: Know About Boosters

While playing Candy Crush Saga, you tend to receive a lot of boosters. From moving forward with a colour bomb to blowing away all the blocker, there are many ways these boosters can be brought into use. The story doesn’t end here, you should be smart enough to know the difference between friendly and unfriendly boosters.

Few of the commonly popped-up boosters are:

  • Sweet Teeth

  • Bomb Cooler

  • Lollipop Hammer

Cheat 7: Don’t Forget The Edges

As I mentioned earlier, initiate your mission by clearing up the base. But what if you don’t find any legitimate move to make? Before looking upwards, move your eyes all along the edges. This way, you would be leaving no chance for a missed candy arrangement. Moreover, the candies at the edges are hard to blow, so it will be better if you keep combing the sides.

dont forget the edges

Cheat 8: Worth of +5 Candy

If everytime you are struck with the time constraint, you need to learn the benefit of blowing away more than five candies at one go. By doing so, you will earn five more seconds in the time trial level. At the starting of every Candy Crush level, just by looking at the icon on the left corner of the screen, you can make out whether it is a "time trial" level or a "clear the jelly" level.

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