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WhatsApp Update: More Power To Group Admins On Chat Convos

New WhatsApp update lets "pin" the convos.

Social Media published date 22nd May, 2018 Neha Baluni

Whatsapp Group chat

With WhatsApp, one thing is for sure, it has powered chats like never before and the best thing about this messaging giant is that it keeps rolling out changes to delight users every now and then. We have kept you updated on every slightest WhatsApp chat feature and this time the exclusive reports are here once again. This time the change is all about giving more power to the group admins. The new series of change includes giving power to admins to control group chat and a catch-up option in addition.

Whatsapp Group Chat Feature

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The updates are available for both the Android and iPhone users and here are the changes that have been rolled out.

Setting the group topic

The change seems like one that Telegram (cloud-based instant messaging app) already has. With this new WhatsApp chat rollout, the admins can set parameters for group chats. To make use of the same, the admins could enter the chat sessions to be customized and then tap the name on the top of the screen. This setting will take them to the info page where group description using text and the emojis can be entered.

Changing the group icon

WhatsApp groups are known to carry endless conversations. Well, this can't be stopped but one thing that group admins can do with new WhatsApp change is that they can control the settings and restricts members (if they want) from changing group’s description, icon and the subject line.

Group admins can chat to anyone they want

A WhatsApp group can have as much as 256 members till now. Keeping an eye on these members is not possible for the group admin. But when it comes to chatting any of these members personally, group admins can do the same easily. All they need to do is to tap on the magnifying glass that sits in the group info tab. Tapping this icon would offer the extended list of members for the admin from where he/she can chat to anyone.
Catching up to the group chat mentions

The all-new “@” button that now appears on the right of the WhatsApp chat helps group members to catch up to the chats if they have missed anything. The floating icon “@” sits inside a group chat and when tapped, brings all the unread replies and mentions since a person last checked in.

In addition to all these innovative chat features, group admins have the control to remove others from being the admin of the group. They can control anything to everything that happens inside the group. However, they cannot remove the person who created the group. 

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