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Red Hydrogen One: Features, Specifications & Everything You Need To Know

A sneak peek into Red Hydrogen One.

Red Hydrogen One: Features, Specifications & Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever came across a smartphone that has features similar to every other phone on the market but does not look like one? If not, you are going to read something about such a smartphone right here right now. The news is about Hydrogen One. If the name seems unfamiliar, I am here to make you aware of the same. So, the new Red Hydrogen does look, feel, and behave like a smartphone but once you see the screen it doesn’t even seem like you are holding one. 

RED is the company that is globally renowned for developing high-end video cameras. The company is now trying its hands at smartphone make. The company has already allowed a sneak peek into its very new innovation for the smartphone enthusiasts at a weekend event wherein people were allowed to know more about the smartphone and the technology used in the phone.

Red Hydrogen One smartphone specifications

The design of the Hydrogen One is an elaborated one that you cannot find with other smartphones. The back of the Hydrogen One has been made with a mix of metal and Kevlar. The lens camera is big and dual in nature that adds more to the smartphone specification. The smartphone features four screws in the corner. Red Hydrogen One has a brand logo in addition to having modular accessory pins featured at the bottom.

An innovative news about the phone is that its sides are groovier than any other smartphone. The phone thus fits great into users’ fingers. There is a dedicated button that has only been developed for the video recording. The volume buttons are featured separately that increase and decrease the volume with a press on the buttons. The bottom of the phone has USB-C port and a jack for headphones. A 5.7-inch display adds more to the overall phone specification.

"The phone is for everybody who wants to change the way they view the world, we see in multi-view, yet everything we watch on our phones is in 2D. We want to change that, so you get your content in multi-view." RED founder Jim Jannard quoted to a well-known daily journal. 


The price and the launch

However, the official news on either on the launch and the price has not been declared yet, the Red Hydrogen One is speculated to be launched in summers this year. If early reports are to be believed the prices for the smartphone start at $1,195 that the users would pay for the aluminum variant, in case, the users will want a premium titanium version they will have to pay a sum of $1,595 or more for the product. There is no official information on the same and thus the information has just been jotted down on the early releases. 

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