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Best Antivirus For Android 2018: Featuring The Top Software

Keep your PC and Smartphones safe with Antivirus Antivirus For Android 2018: Featuring The Top Software

Android as an operating system is favorite to many and that is why it is the widely-used operating system in the world. The one threat associated with the use of such platform is that there is a continuous threat of malware attack on these systems and that is why it is important to add a security layer to the systems. When it comes to providing the security blanket, users are given a number of choices in the form of best Android antivirus tools for android that are actually great in performing their jobs. The list of such software and applications is a wider one each having its own specification for the users. This post will cover the best android antiviruses 2018 that are creating the buzz.

Here are the offerings: Top 10 Best Antivirus For Android 2018

Kaspersky Internet Security

One of the best Android antivirus scanner that is equally popular among the users. Kaspersky’s range of security product is actually impressive and the users using the same would know it for real. The software includes a safe range of products for the users.

Kaspersky Internet

The offering includes a secure email browser, dedicated protection from ransomware, a virtual keyboard, as well as webcam protection for the users. The software has a virtual private network that protects users’ system when they connect to the outside world through wifi. The malware protection with the software is just excellent and that is why it is justified to give it #1 spot.

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe software has an exceptional set of features as an antivirus tool for android for the users. Besides providing a complete range of security, users can use the software either for their Apple products or for providing security to the Android devices. The easy-to-affordable price makes it even easier to own a subscription. Formerly the system used to have a heavy impact on the devices but now it’s lighter and efficient. The malware protection is good but it has no parental controls. The software additionally offers two-way firewall system for the users.

Avast Internet Security

Avast offers deeper protection to the systems as compared to its counterparts. The software features intelligent security scanner for a range of devices. The threat-detection system keeps users’ online identity safe and secured from any attack.

Avast Internet Security

The added anti-ransome feature is an extended offering for the users and thus it becomes a must-have antivirus tool for android for people to use. The software provides a number of features among which avoiding fake websites is one impressive that needs mentioning. Avast secures your system from getting connected to any such website that is again an added offering for the users.

Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security and Antivirus is so exceptional that even the free version offers some exceptional features. The software removes malware, spyware, or Android viruses that play an active role in damaging the functioning of system. In addition to providing security, the Antivirus does a host of jobs for you. The antivirus software triggers an alarm for the users when an anti-theft attempt is made. It also helps to find missing devices, helps to lock devices remotely besides providing a complete security blanket to the users.  

Security Master

Original CM security has now upgraded to Security Master. Owing to the list of features it offers to the users, I won’t hesitate to offer it an all-in-one security software status. Because of the similar reason, it has an extended number of downloads and an impressive app Play Store ranking.

Security Master

This increases the elevated status of the application. Even the free version of the software includes impressive security features such as app-locker, scanner, Wi-Fi security, junk cleaner, notification cleaner, phone booster, CPU cooler, battery saver, call blocker, etc.

McAfee Mobile Security and Lock

McAfee has graced users with its presence for quite a while with features that are worth mentioning for the users. It is also noteworthy to claim that it is doing a great job when it comes to protecting PC and mobile users from either virus and malware. The app has a virus scanner that has additional features, which allows users to easily track a lost device. The software keeps a check on the bogus apps and finds whether these apps are installed or leaking sensitive data from the users’ phone.

Sophos Free Android Antivirus and Security

Sophos Mobile Security does the antivirus job for your Android device with an added benefit, it does not compromise with either the performance or battery life of the device. Among a number of added benefits that come to the users, real-time synchronization ensures that users’ device is always protected even from the latest malware and online threats. The android antivirus software is thus feature-packed with the best surprises for the users, which is again a benefit for the users. With an added blanket of security the antivirus scanner offers online account to the users with authentication feature. The software additionally takes care of the malware attack in the background of the device.

AVG Antivirus

One of the best Android antivirus 2018 for the users that not only protects their computer systems but also their smartphones and the tablets. Having an array of features that actually offers security to users’ system, the security software is ranked 4.4 star on Google Play Store.

AVG Antivirus

The best news about the software is, it is available for the users for free. Additional features include real-time scan apps, enabling finding/locating users’ lost phone via Google Maps™. Wiping users’ device to protect the privacy is another exceptional feature that needs mention. The software has kill task feature, that is important to perform as it slows down the device if not performed regularly. Battery monitoring is another excellent feature of the software.

360 Security

360 Security has its own place reserved in the best antivirus tool for android. As one of the best antivirus scanner, it offers free security protection to the users. Besides security protection services for the users, the software also works as speed booster for Android app. With a 4.4 rating, the software is just exceptional to install on your devices for getting exceptional features. The best features of the app include scan and remove virus, cleaning up functions that work impressively for the users. The software makes it easy for the users to keep their system clean and updated enough with the use of the software. 360 security is also impressive to use for cleaning history with a single tap.    

PSafe DFNDR 5.4

PSafe DFNDR 5.4 does an exceptional job when it comes to protecting the system against security threats. The antivirus security system has its own series of features that make it an offering much impressive than the other counterparts in the industry.

PSafe DFNDR 5.4

The software discovers the latest threats in real-time and kills them to offer an added layer of security on the users’ system. The real-time threat detection is so accurate that the software finds out 99% of malware issue to kill the same. It also features benefits like remote locking, wiping, battery optimizer and much more to the same.

The Upshot

This is all on the best Antivirus scanner for Android. The list has all the prominent names of the software that offers exceptional services. In case, you are looking after any such services, do have a look on the offerings and choose the one that suits the best to your requirements. Protecting your devices from virus and possible malware is an important concern. So never compromise on the choice of your antivirus.

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