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Top Google Chrome Extensions For Students in 2018

Try these Google Chrome extensions and enhance your skills. Google Chrome Extensions For Students in 2018

Globally, Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers. Two billion was the last confirmed figure of Google Chrome user in 2016 and the total addition in the next two years would have been surely high. The components that let it take an edge over other web browsers are its user-friendly interface, unfaltering speed, and tons of features provided by Google.

The extensions are a key feature of Google Chrome, which lets you do dozens of things without much annoyance. Google already offers numerous extensions from its store. Particularly for a student, some of the Chrome extensions can turn out to be a true buddy. From blocking the websites to point out grammatical errors, Google extension does it all.

Let’s get started with some of the best Chrome extension for students:

Strict Workflow

While studying on the Google Chrome web program, you can easily get distracted by various other websites as Facebook and YouTube, which have something or other to bind you for hours. But with Strict Workflow extension, you can keep all the distracting stuff away for a set period of time.

Strict Workflow

Once installed, this Chrome extension can block your internet from viewing for 25 mins, except for what you want to see. And after 25 minutes, you will get 5 mins break, where the internet will work as usual and you can surf anything you wish. It will help you to focus more on your study.


If you have any difficulty in remembering some essential information, this Chrome extension is for you. It will let you store questions inside it and the questions will pop-up at the time set by you. Whether you are watching your favourite movie or playing an intense game, it doesn’t share anything. At the scheduled time, the saved question will appear before you and will help you to memorize the important information. The best part of this Chrome extension is, questions will keep surfacing until you don’t answer them all. In worst case scenario, you have to stop the extension manually.

So, virtually this extension will enable you to learn even if you are wasting your time on Reddit or Facebook.

Google Dictionary

Dictionary is the keyword over here and who doesn’t need it. While writing a mail or a school project, you will need a dictionary, the exception is only if you are Shakespeare. To make the word finding easy, Google has offered its own dictionary that can be added to the Chrome extension bar.

Google Dictionary

It will aid you in finding out exact dictionary meaning for a word on the web results. Being a Chrome user, you just need to double-click on the word and Google Dictionary will throw up the exact meaning of it. Stop wasting your precious time, which gets wasted while taking help from other websites to find the definition of a word.

Note Board

If you believe in writing, you must be an ardent fan of notepad, where we tend to write our additional note for reference. But shuffling among different windows can take few seconds of yours. For this, I have Note Board for you. You can simply click on this Chrome extension and a board will appear before you, which can be used to write whatever you want. The notes can be saved with the same ease with which Note Board was launched.


Though most of you must be knowing about Grammarly app, but that won’t stop me from listing it among the best extensions. Grammarly is a must-have app for everyone. You just need to start writing and it will come into play. From word correction to the addition of a comma, this Chrome extension will do it all.


If you have the premium version of it, then nothing like that. The extension will suggest you with sentence formation also. It was first released in late 2009 and since then, it has become the saviour for many.


Keeping your focus while studying is one of the most tiresome jobs, especially when you are on the web because we all know what sort of options it offers. Install StayFocused Chrome extension and keep away from anything that may distract you. It will simply block the distracting websites, but with a catch. Once you are done with the number of hours set for a particular website, you would no longer be able to surf the same.

StayFocused Chrome extension is handy for websites like YouTube and Facebook which are pro in sucking your attention for hours.

Hover Zoom

Are you done with opening a new tab every time while viewing a picture or a thumbnail? If yes then take a look at Hover Zoom Chrome extension. Just by hovering your mouse cursor over the image, you will be able to see the full-size display of it, that too without loading a new page. So now, is it your next download?

Hover Zoom

This Chrome extension works on various other sites including:

  • Amazon

  • Baidu

  • Bing

  • eBay

  • Facebook

  • Flickr

  • Google (Google Images, Google+)

  • Outlook

  • Picasa Web Albums

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Twitter

  • Tumblr

  • Wikipedia

  • Wordpress

  • Yahoo

  • YouTube

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