How To Disable Settings & Hide Recent, Suggested App in iOS 11 on iPad

How To Disable Settings: Hide Recent & Suggested App in iOS 11 on iPad

Here are the suggested notes to disable app setting

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There is no hint of doubt in the fact that Apple has taken iPad to a whole new level with iOS 11. The operating system has offered an array of services for the users among which the “Dock” and the “drag and drop” facility is one of the most prominent ones. The Dock allows users to switch between the apps in an effortless manner and helps them perform the task with utmost ease. By default, the app features a list of three most recent applications, the users have recently used. But one possible concern for most of the users is that they may want to see the apps they have added to it only.

Well, the good news is, settings are available for the same that the users can opt for to prevent the Dock to show the recently used applications’ list on iPad 11. Here are the settings that the users could opt for.

In order to apply the same, the users need to navigate to the settings to reach multitasking and Dock section. the users then should flip the switch for showing suggested and recent app. Here are the details in pointers:

  1. Browse through Settings > Multitasking & Dock

  2. Flip the switch for Show Suggested and Recent Apps

  3. Turn off the switch next to Show Suggested and Recent Apps

how to disable setting

With such a simple setting, the users could easily opt for the setting effortlessly. This change will not disable any of the icon change that appears on the top right of the Dock; however, it will help you to adjust the app setting as required.

Let’s get accustomed to the Dock now

The brand new feature that has hit the iPads with iOS 11 is branded as the “Dock.” The feature allows users to include more than 6 icons at a time.

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