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The Future of Smartphone Is Here: Take A Look

Future innovations will change the whole dimension of a smartphone. Future of Smartphone Is Here: Take A Look

Which was your first cell phone? Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, or LG. Whatever it may be, if you have lived through the nineties, I can promise you that it wouldn’t have been smart. Since the last decade, the concept of the smartphone has jumped many folds and has reached an altogether next level. Who would have thought, one could send a text message just by their speech.

With the constant innovation in mobile technology, the smartphone’s potential is also taking an upward turn. By looking at the future and leaked reports, I have listed some of the most-probable features that we will be experiencing soon. Read it and let me know your thoughts on the same.

1. Foldable Screens

Think over a screen that can be folded and carried away in your shirt’s pocket and when you reach your office, you can unfold it as it was before. Get over with your smartphone’s touchscreen. The foldable screens are expected to make a debut soon in the mobile industry. Such screens will be much larger and would be movable and flexible.

Foldable screen

As per a reliable report, Samsung is already working on the production of foldable OLED display, which is slated to begin in November. These display can be embedded in the next flagship smartphone of Samsung.

2. In-screen Fingerprint Sensor

With an aim to make the smartphones bezel-free, many of the companies have started excluding fingerprint button from the front panel. Some brands have resorted to back panel to adjust their fingerprint sensor and others like Apple has eliminated this feature as it is.

iPhone X has replaced it with Face ID, which again is not a bad option. But what about budget smartphones? We all know Face ID is a new feature and is far off being a standard feature in all the smartphones.

To this, in-screen fingerprint sensor will soon be making their way into smartphone industry. LG and Synaptics are already working towards this approach.

3. AR Apps

Though AR (Augmented Reality) is not new but, it’s applications are not explored as it should have been done. AR apps are gaining some momentum in the smartphone arena. It doesn’t require much of the hardware and works on a basic principle, superimposing information over imaging data from your camera.

AR Apps

Google Lens is one of the better examples of the AR app. The app employs Google learning and data analyses to whatever you see. Once you lock your sight to a particular target, Google will explore it through its computer vision and will come up with data related to that thing.

For instance, if you want to know about a monument, just look at it with Google Lens and in a short while, Google will display all the information about that monument.

4. Monstrous Battery

One of the biggest downsides of the smartphone is the constant drainage of battery. Once you get going with YouTube videos or a graphically demanding game, the battery bars won’t take much time to drop.

To counter this issue, smartphone companies have started packing their smartphones with heavy duty battery packs. But even a 3000mAH battery has some limit. Now you will say when will the power bank will come into play. Even power bank also requires charge once it drains out.

The backscattering technology holds the future for unending battery storage. It employs wireless signals into both a power source and a communication medium. That means you can continuously charge your smartphone through wireless signals you get from your nearby devices.

5. Unbreakable Screen

It doesn’t matter if you drop your phone in a fit of rage or by mistake, in the end, it will be you who will have to bear all the expenses for a broken screen or any other damage. Have you heard about “graphene?” If not, let me tell you, it is stated as the world’s strongest material. Graphene will basically consist of the outer body of the smartphone.

Nokia is already experimenting with semi-metal and if everything falls into place, the whole concept of the modern computing environment will change. Scratching your head over the dropped phone would soon be a thing of past.

Unbreakable Screen

Another major highlight is Sapphire. It was Apple who initially brought it into use by fixing it over Touch ID fingerprint scanner of iPhone 5S. Sapphire is thinner and more scratch-resistant material. I wish to see its use in all future smartphones.

6. Wearable Smartphone

You must have heard about wearable fitness trackers, which comes in the form of fancy watches and rings. But sadly, the use of such wearable gadgets are limited. Such devices generally help you in keeping a tab over your body and physical activity stats.

What if you could wear a smartphone on your arm and when not in use, pull down your shirt sleeves to cover it. To make it a reality, it might take a decade more but it will surely kick-off someday.

7. Voice Controlled Smartphone

The virtual assistant is slowly but steadily making its way into our lives. Just ask Google Assistant to play your favorite list in the morning and you will listen to your top track. Ask it about the weather and traffic condition, you will soon get all the information regarding the same. I can feel how cool it sounds. Other major digital assistants are Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

Voice Controlled Smartphone

Now, just think about commanding your smartphone over voice. While you are driving, ask your smartphone to text your boss about your late arrival. Neither will you have to get distracted, nor you have to pick up your phone. This innovation is already in its making and wouldn’t take much time to get rolled out for the public.

8. Wireless Charging As Standard

As of now, wireless charging is just confined to high-end phones. Moreover, some of the companies don't even offer wireless charger with the handset, one has to buy it from the store. Anyway, we would like to see the wireless feature as standard in all the smartphones soon.

Just place your smartphone in your office or house desk and when you pick it up next, your smartphone will all be charged up. The best part of it will be, it will end the practice of carrying your charger everywhere and looking for power supply points.

9. More Secured Phone

With so much advancements taking place in the tech field, the number of loopholes is also increasing simultaneously. Today’s cyber attacks are not just confined to PC and laptops, Android and iOS smartphones are equally vulnerable to every other phishing or bot attack. Here I don’t have to elaborate on the after-effects of a cyber attack, as I guess everyone is well aware of the same.

More Secured Phones

According to a report by Heimdal security, 68% of funds lost as a result of a cyber attack were declared unrecoverable. So to corner any such threat, we need smartphones that tackle such issues on their own and makes our smartphones better protected against cyber attacks.

10. Multi-Zoom Camera

The camera is one part of the smartphone that has undergone multiple upgradations in the last many decades. From portrait mode to True Depth system, the camera has progressed a long way.

With each refinement, the picture and video quality gets the boost and turns out to be clearer to our eyes. In the recent past, we have already witnessed the advancement from a single lens camera to dual and now it has reached to three lens camera setup.

Likewise, a multi-zoom camera will also be complimenting in the near future that will let you zoom more than a standard lens camera.

Vikram Khajuria
Written By Vikram Khajuria

Jack of all trades. Covering the journalism field, Vikram writes at MobileAppDaily and keeps surfing the trends to understand tech and inventions better. Don’t forget his driving skills, he is a professional car rallyist. Life has just got better. Breathe it!!

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