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Best Android Email Apps In 2018

Are you still stuck to Gmail? Try few others. Android Email Apps In 2018

Email is one of the most established types of online communication. This service is used by many of us on daily basis. As of now, there are a number of email services accessible on Play Store. This rundown is for the individuals who require something more than the stock email applications offers.

With the evolution of smartphones and tablets, email has become an inevitable part of our life. Browsing and sending messages are presumably the most regular things we do on our cell phones. From broadly useful email app replacements to ones offering customization options, and AI smart assistance, there are numerous apps making rounds.

On account of all that, we have compiled a list of the best email apps for Android users:

1. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook assists millions of users to connect all their email accounts, calendars, and files in one convenient spot. Its focused inbox keeps the important messages on top and enables you to switch between your emails and calendar to schedule your next meeting or share your availability with just a few taps.

Microsoft Outlook

This app also works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.  The newly redesigned, Outlook for Android lets you do more from one powerful inbox.

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2. Gmail

Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe. It directs your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online & offline, and find any message quickly.

With the Gmail app you get:

  • An organized inbox

  • Less spam

  • 15GB of free storage

  • Multiple account support

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3. Dispatch - Secure Email

It is an easy-to-use email app that automatically secures your messages and attachments all the time. It doesn’t matter where they exist, be it your device, in transit, in the cloud, and on your recipients' devices.

Dispatch Secure Email

In addition, Dispatch allows you to control how long your recipients have access to your messages and attachments, and what they can do with them. That sounds quite amazing.

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4. Newton Mail

Newton is a subscription-based service that supercharges your email with power features like Read Receipts, Snooze, Send Later, Undo Send, Sender Profile, Connected Apps and more. The app is compatible with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and all IMAP accounts. The bright spot is, without switching between apps, it supports Calendar for Gmail, Google Apps, and Exchange (EWS).

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5. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is the world’s largest encrypted email service with over 2 million users. It brings easy-to-use email encryption to your mobile device by seamlessly integrating PGP end-to-end encryption.

Proton mail

The app offers a modern user interface with a full set of innovative features such as customizable swipe gestures and the ability to send expiring emails.

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6. Trove

Trove is a data-driven professional network & communications platform, powered by advanced artificial intelligence. It reveals your true network, a rich list of real connections based on your email history. The app further lets you discuss and collaborate on email while reducing inbox bloat, and receive deep insights.

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7. Edison Mail

This app is a brand new, elegantly designed, universal mail app to manage unlimited mail accounts from different providers including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, Alto, iCloud and more.

Edison mail

Engineered from the ground up, offering unparalleled speed and an intelligent assistant built-in to keep lifestyle essentials like shopping, expenses, travel, and subscriptions organized. Email is the ideal inbox replacement for your stock email app.

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8. VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer is the most innovative email, calendar and contacts app available on Android. It is a true email client and connects directly to your email and never stores your email content or passwords on our servers. The app helps you work smarter and faster with features like bulk edit and quick replies, and with built-in calendar and contacts.

Following are some other features that will surely impress you:

  • Combined Inbox

  • Smart Folders

  • Send Availability

  • Email Likes

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9. AquaMail - Email App

Aqua Mail is the go-to app for all your email needs. Whether it’s a work or personal email, a corporate exchange server or even a seldom-used secondary account, this app lets you easily access all your emails from one complete app.

Aqua Mail

With its flexibility and vast customization options, Aqua Mail’s goal is to reflect the needs of the modern-day user and provide a platform anyone can tailor to their needs and preferences.

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10. WeMail

WeMail is a free email app that is designed from the ground up for the way you naturally communicate using your mobile phone. It automatically organizes emails by sender, reducing your inbox size by more than 50%. The app offers easy access to attachments, voice email capabilities, and more. WeMail also works with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and, IMAP.

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11. MailDroid

MailDroid is an Exchange/POP3/IMAP Idle Push mail client written from the ground up and not based on the stock mail client. It is the Pro version of MailDroid and contains NO ads.


The pro version does contain some extra features that are not available in the ad version. Support for the pro version is the same as for the ad version (email only and no phone).

Download on Play Store

12. Nine

Nine is a full-fledged email application for Android based on Direct Push technology to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and also designed for entrepreneurs or ordinary people who want to have efficient communication with their colleagues, friends, ‎and family members at any time, anywhere.

Key features:

  • Direct Push Synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync

  • Multiple accounts

  • Rich-Text Editor

  • Client Cert

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

  • Hybrid Email Search

Download on Play Store

13. TypeApp

TypeApp is a beautifully designed email app providing a top-notch email experience while managing all your accounts from one completely customizable mail app. With instant smart push notifications, packaged in an intuitive & easy to use design, TypeApp is the perfect replacement for your stock email client.

Type app

Major highlights:

  • Unified Inbox

  • People-Centric

  • Group Mail

  • Simplifying Email with Clusters

  • Instant, Smart Push Notifications

Download on Play Store

14. myMail

It manages all your email accounts at once. It offers support for all major mail providers and any other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox. This app keeps your mail securely in one place. It makes communication fast, light and mobile-friendly. All you need is your email login and password and the mail app is ready to use.

myMail supports all popular email services:

  • Google Mail (Gmail, Google Apps for Business and Education)

  • Microsoft (Hotmail, MSN mail, MS Outlook, Office 365 and Live)

  • Yahoo mail (previously, ymail)

  • AOL (Alto)

  • GMX


  • Apple (iCloud,,

Download on Play Store

15. Blue Mail

BlueMail is a free, beautifully designed, universal email client, capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts from various providers, allowing for smart push notifications and group emailing while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts. The app is a perfect replacement for your stock email app.

Blue Mail

 Blue Mail provides a top-notch email service like:

  • Group Mail

  • Support Android Wear

  • Can be Integrated for mobile printing

  • Configurable Menus

Download on Play Store

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