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Top 10 Android Themes In 2018

These apps will take your smartphone's interface to an altogether next level. 10 Android Themes In 2018

As Android provides very few customization options for the home screen, you tend to get bored soon. Through new updates and versions, Android do try to make-up for the missing space but, that is not enough to quench our thirst for some more. However, we are expecting some decent changes in Android P, the latest version of Android from Google.

Over the last couple of years, Android themes are changing. There are a number of ways by which you can design your Android smartphone to look good, for that, one of the simplest ways is to download an Android theme app. To better your smartphone experience, I have brought some exciting theme apps, that would surely make you fall in love with them. Take a look:

1. WatchMaker Watch Faces

Are you a big fan of trendy watches? If yes, this app is for you. WatchMaker is the largest watch face collection and community in the world for Android Wear & Tizen. It lets you instantly get everything you need to customize & personalize your Android Watch or Gear S2/S3.


Features exclusive to WatchMaker:

  • 40,000+ high quality watch faces

  • Create your own faces

  • Animated GIFs

  • 3d Gyroscope

  • Battery Protector

  • Interactive Clock

Download on Google Play Store

2. Action Launcher

Action Launcher brings all the features of Pixel Launcher and Android Oreo to your device, then adds a wealth of color, customizations and unique features so you can quickly and easily make your home screen shine!

Standout features include:

  • All Pixel Launcher features

  • Full customizable dock search box

  • At a Glance widget

  • App Shortcuts

  • Adaptive Icon support

  • An inbuilt weather widget

  • Tons of Android themes

Download on Google Play Store

3. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

The app is perfect for the new Android Marshmallow material design style. The main difference with the others live background is that this one will never bother you with a lot of animations that drain your battery in 5 minutes, that's the beauty of minimal.

chrooma Live Wallpaper

Main features:

  • Background changes every time you come back to the main menu, or in an interval of time.

  • Unlimited combinations of colors.

  • 12 different shapes.

  • Smooth 60fps animation.

  • Customizable animations.

  • Battery save mode with lower dpi textures and lower fps.

Download on Google Play Store

4. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher will impress you with its user-friendly features and Android theme prospects. It is an unparalleled home screen replacement, designed with performance in mind. The app rightly fits into a Android smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Universal Search

  • Quick Navigation

  • Custom Shortcuts

  • Personalization

Download on Google Play Store

5. KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key

Make your Android Launcher or Lockscreen look unique with Kustom, one of the most splendid Widget creator ever. It offers an interesting feature, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). It is an editor to create your own designs and display any data you need, at once and without draining your battery as others apps generally do. You can also try KWGT little brother Kustom Live Wallpaper.

KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key

This key unlocks the following extras in KWGT:

  • Remove the ADS

  • Support the dev!

  • Unlock import from SD and all external skins

  • Recover preset

  • Buzz Launcher import suppor

With Kustom Widget you can create customized Digital and Analog Clocks, Live Map Widget, Weather Widget, Text Widget, sophisticated Battery or Memory meters, randomly changing images, Music Players, World clocks, Astronomy widgets and much much more.

Download on Google Play Store

6. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a highly customizable and performance driven Android app. It embraces full Material Design throughout. The app replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. You can change icons, layouts, animations and much more.

Notable features:

  • Icon Android themes

  • Subgrid positioning

  • Color controls

  • Customize App Drawer

  • Improved Widget Drawer

  • Backup/Restore

  • Widgets in dock

Download on Google Play Store

7. UCCW - Ultimate custom widget

This app has given the idea of customisation a new dimension. Even without rooting your device or installing a custom ROM or installing a special launcher, you can do some incredible things to shape your phone to be just the way you want it.

UCCW - Ultimate custom widget

Its widget feature enables you to place custom clocks, battery meters, weather info, and just about anything else right on your home screen. There is a sheer number of skins available in this Android theme and shared in various forums, and more skins are being added all the time.

Download on Google Play Store

8. Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD offers you some tailored Wallpapers for your smartphone. It displays wallpapers that rightly matches your screen size. All images are of high quality (HQ) and different resolutions. Moreover, it supports any device, including devices with large screens. All the Wallpapers in this Android themed app have been trimmed by hand to ensure you enjoy perfect pictures for your mobile phones. With its features, it allows you to conserve battery power and Internet traffic, and use the app at maximum speed without losing image quality.

Download on Google Play Store

9. GO Launcher EX UI5.0 theme

The classical UI5.0 Android theme has more than 200 beautiful original designed icons, includes the most popular apps, and perfectly designed wallpaper. This theme is just perfect for you to restyle your phone.

GO Launcher EX UI5.0 theme

Features it offers:

  • More than 200 unique icons (keep increasing)!

  • A new special customized wallpaper

  • Automatically adapt to different kinds of screen resolution

Download on Google Play Store

10. Themer

It is an Android app with free themes that include HD wallpapers, neat icon packs, and amazing widgets to suit any mood or occasion. One can thoroughly flip through the library of free themes. With Themer, one can effortlessly personalize the home screen. Themer’s Smart Categories automatically auto-categorize your apps, making them easier to find and launch.

Key features:

  • All Android themes are fully customizable

  • No need for third-party apps

  • All Android themes are free, with new gorgeous themes added every week

  • Full icon pack support

  • Over 400 premium Android themes available with various categories

  • App icon gestures

  • Themer Actions learn your app preferences

  • Receive advanced information about your battery, weather, system and more directly on your home screen without any setup

Download on Google Play Store

The Upshot

A theme app can change the whole setup of your smartphone, like the home screen, setting, menu, keyboard, etc. Google Play store is full themes for Android, but not all of them will offer you what you expect. However, with the help of above-mentioned apps, you can alter your Android UI in every possible way.

Get your hands on these Android themes and feel the difference.

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