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Best Android Apps That BackUp Your Money Making Resolution

Earn money through the app way Android Apps That BackUp Your Money Making Resolution

Those few extra bucks now and then besides the regular cash flow certainly adds up to our financial pleasure. Admit it or not, we are all slave to money. The desire to have those extra bucks is not only prominent but a lot desirable to us. And, to add more to your delight, let me confirm, exceptional apps are there that help you make the money.

And, the best part?

A lot of the best money making Android apps will not ask for your efforts. That’s perfect even for the lazy users.

In case, you are anything like me, you use your smartphone 24*7. Wouldn’t it be awesome that you could make money with the addiction of your smartphone? Well, you are not going to be super rich, but who regrets having those extra pounds in the account.

Your smartphone is going to be your tool while moving forward on this journey. Let your tool be the sword to slay down the month end I-am-running-out-of-cash phenomenon.

Welcome the very first offering!!


I call eBay the international shopping app. And, that’s fair enough. There is hardly any app that fetches you money for the stuff that lies idle at any corner of your home.


Sell anything, sell everything, from clothes to devices and from electronics to cars, the app is your way to find global users searching for stuff like this at a cost that they could afford. Being a seller at eBay is a lot easier. Get the app downloaded on your Android device, list your offerings and you are done. Wait till the time your very first user says hello.

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Before the advent of smartphone era, getting services even for locals was not as easy as it is today with just a few clicks. And, that reminds me of Gigwalk, the best Android money making app that gets it all for you. The app prominently connects users with businesses looking for getting a sort of services or others at prominent spots.

Either, it is the need of getting delivery services at the doorstep or choosing to get your Android app tested by professionals, click it right there at this app and see your command getting fulfilled through gigwalkers.

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Amazon Seller

It is a steller app in the list of best money making applications within the Android domain I have explored till date. Browsing through the app seems like a breeze and the additional perk of making money from this Android offering is worth mentioning.


So, what does Amazon Seller do for you? Amazon’s logo pronounces it all, they deliver everything; stuffs that start from any of the alphabets right from the very beginning “A” to the last one “Z”, the seller has it all for the Android users. A seller account with Amazon means you could offer anything on the website. A great way to clear the junk you have at home.  

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Cash Gift- Free Gift Cards

It is an app that rewards users for downloading it, watching the offering that is yet to come and completing the tasks that it schedules for you. What a great way to add extra bucks into your pocket. So, how does the app works? It is as easy as downloading any application from the Google Play Store. All that users need to do is to complete the tasks that app suggests and wait for the coupons or other rewards that could also come from Amazon or PayPal.  

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Swagbucks lets you earn the points. And, the beauty lies in the numerous ways the best money making app offers the users to earn the points. Probably everything that you do online; searching, shopping, watching ads and videos, taking survey, playing games and lots more that you could possibly imagine.


There are predefined points listed for every activity over the application. Get indulge in one and earn the respective points listed beside it. Literally, a breeze to earn extra points and further cash redeem into your Swagbucks account.    

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Google Opinion Rewards

The name says it all. Google provides you rewards for making an opinion on the places you have been. It offers you the survey so that you could provide your opinion about the same and could earn the credits to utilize the same at the Google Play Store. You answer the survey questions to earn those extra points. With a short span of time your rewards could fetch you points that you could use to earn even the most expensive stuff. It is a good way to build apps and games’ collection quickly.  

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How does it sounds, Get gift cards to download the app? Interesting isn’t it? Yes, of course, at least for a frequent buyer like me. And, if you are a soul like, get ready to get enthralled by the massive gift card offerings from the application. The app caters to the international audience.


A variety of apps is there for the users once they download the application. And, who doesn’t cherish shopping through gift cards without spending a penny from your side? Downloading the apps earn extra pointers for the users. The points that users earn by downloading the application can be used for exchanging gift cards for the Playstation Network, XBox, Steam, iTunes and more.

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It won’t go wrong to say PayPal as the most powerful platform that fetches worldwide currency there in your PayPal account. You can download the application to literally run any business through this virtual account. Offer your services to clients settled in the worldwide arena and get paid for the services you offer to them. The app has been designed to accept payments your clients make virtually from anywhere. Use your app to virtually manage invoices, payments, and sales from various websites if you want to. Paypal business is another offering for people who wish to utilize the app only for business purposes.

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Ibotta has its own charm with the best money making Android rebate apps. The idea of such a rebate app is not only profitable but a lot functional for the users. The Android offering works on simple guideline, go for shopping and buy the stuff to earn cash back on those purchases and utilize the cash for further purchases.


The offering for the users is that they can buy anything and probably everything that Ibotta offers, earn the cash back into the account and get the stuff at a less price than the original one. Of course, an absolute offering for the Android lovers.

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The app is your mine to download other applications that cater to a variety of genre. The users can make extra points by installing free apps, registering on free websites, buying paid apps and much more to that. The app redeems points for you to install these apps. MIntCoin has remained a buggy application in the past but all thanks to the developers now that we are able to have an upgraded version of the same. It is an exceptional app to earn those extra bucks just like the ones we have listed here.

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The Upshot

On that note, let me bring an end to the Android apps that fetch you money. Do give it a chance if you are also wishing to add up an extra layer of earnings to your regular income. On that note, good luck with your money making endeavor!!

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