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Never Let Your Addition Settle Anything Less Than The Best Podcast Apps For Android

Radio is past, it's all about Podcast today Let Your Addition Settle Anything Less Than The Best Podcast Apps For Android

"Should it concern us that the Bible never calls us to ask Jesus into our hearts. Should it concern us that the bible never mentions such a superstitious sinners prayer and yet that is exactly what we have sold to so many as salvation." it’s my yesterday’s finding, a quote from David Platt who was a professional English football player. Yes, the quote is relatable and more meaningful when you are in any of the ways related to the podcast business.

The makers produce the information, make it available through best podcast app for Android but never fail to add their part, sometime through promotion and other times embedded perfectly within the information in such a way that it never looked a highly customized piece of information with the perfect blend of promotion.   

Owing to the capabilities Podcasts hold today, I can bet on this, “it is the golden era of podcast”. And, folks let me assure you the podcast renaissance is not going to die, not in next decade I guess. Podcasts furnish our knowledge on everything from culture to technology and form business to broadcast. And, that’s the beauty, you could get the actual piece of information while listening to them.

Thankfully there are hundreds and thousands of best podcast apps for Android available on-demand for the users. But, the idea of browsing through the best ones seems an investment that would give you the desired return. In case, you are a podcast lover, the offering is going to be nothing less than a reading delight.

Let’s double the joy!!!


It is comparatively a new offering fro the users but a lot effective when it comes to functionality. The credentials are pretty impressive. The founder partner is a nonprofit public radio exchange.


It is a podcast that is dedicated to connecting users searching for content creators. Give the podcast a chance if you cherish connections with content creators.  

Download from Google Play

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict comes packed with exclusive features for the users in the list of free android podcast apps. It provides support for Sonos speakers. Therefore, if you are looking for a podcast to listen around the house, it is one of the best offerings for you.

Podcast Addict also supports video podcasts. Another reason to go for the application.

Download from Google Play


The free podcast app boasts nearly over a million podcasts. The app additional supports over 70 languages and thus you can get the information in your native. An added perk of having this language learning podcast with you.


It also provides Amazon Echo support to the listeners. Cloud syncing is there for additional support.

Download from Google Play


The podcast app is not only available for Android users but also for the iPhone’s users. And, this makes Stitcher a bit different from the counterparts. It has a clean and intuitive interface, which marks another great functionality in the application. The podcast offerings are sure to delight you as the browsing category is full of interesting topics you have chosen to create your personal feed.

Download from Google Play

Player FM

A well-designed podcast player creating with simplicity in the mind. The app syncs episodes to the cloud, download the same for offline listening, creates custom categories, controls speed and more to let the users have a great time while listening to the podcast.

Player FM

Download from Google Play


It took a very long time for Spotify to jump on the podcast bandwagon even having a prominent space in the music streaming service. There are a number of plusses with Spotify including its beautiful interface for the users. The podcast is incredibly simple to use, browse through and stream through the best audios and videos.

Download from Google Play

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the interesting podcast applications. And, the main service it offers is for music streaming. Because of the functionality, it is regarded as one of the best podcast apps for Android available for the users.

Google Play Music

Thus, with Google Play Music, the users get two different offerings and thus it makes this app different from the podcasts available for the users.  

Download from Google Play


Overcast is an offering to those who love minimalist design. The very first thing that you will encounter while opening the app is a list of podcasts that you follow. You can very much browse through for new podcasts by tapping on the plus button that sits in the upper right corner. You can search for the new podcasts in the category including arts, technology, business, comedy and more.

Download from Google Play

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast offerings under the Android category. It is one of the best podcasts owing to a number of reasons. Among those features some exceptional ones are cloud syncing support, variable playback control, Chromecast support, Android wear support and much more.

Pocket Casts

This podcast offers costs users $3.99 but the price is worth for an offering the app offers.

Download from Google Play

Podcast Go

Podcast Go is an amazing app that offers services like downloading podcasts episodes, speed playback, sleep timers, and more. Material design fits beautifully to this podcast and increases the aesthetics of the same. There are more than 300000 podcasts available for the users with this applications. And the best part, the app is free with advertisements.

Download from Google Play

The Final Thoughts

The world of podcasts is actually amazing. Listen to some of them and you will know what I am talking about. And, the added perk, the information comes effectively helping you enrich yourself with an added layer of information. Do give it a try if you have not till date. And, in case, you have already fallen for them, do try these applications. It is only going to garnish your love even more.

Happy Podcasting!!!

Neha Baluni
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Neha Baluni

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