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Features That Gives iOS An Upper Edge Over Android

Is iPhone really a Threat to Android’s existence? Let’s find out.

Features That Gives iOS An Upper Edge Over Android

The recent iOS 11.3 update has already created ripples in the mobile market, as it mainly focuses on the iPhones overall performance and battery life. Till now, most of the iPhone users must have installed the new updates on their devices. iOS 11.4 is up for developers and can expect some new goodies from Apple.

If we talk about Android then, Oreo version 8.1 is the latest version from its armory. Android is already working on version 9 named as Android P, which is still in its Beta form.

Although, it’s really an arduous task to take out the best among iPhone and Android, still, in this article, I will be taking you across various features that make iPhone better than Android.

Convenience of iMessage 


What if, you can retrieve every message from your previous device on the one that you might have bought lately. Here, iPhone comes to your rescue. iMessage administrations for the iPhone users enable them to have a discussion over all iOS gadgets. These messages can be improved with pictures, stickers, songs and much more. One can log in from any iDevice and have access to every one of the messages through the iCloud platform. The Android gadgets lack such synchronization in messages.

DND Mode for Driving

We all know, how fatal it can prove if we indulge in texting or taking a call while driving. Every day we come across such news, where someone or the other met with an accident for the same reason. So, Apple took this issue too seriously and came up with ‘Do Not Disturb' while driving. In Android devices, we have to manually select the ‘Do Not Disturb.' But that doesn’t go same for iPhone users. For enhancing the security of the driver, the iPhone consequently sense in the event that you are driving and after that quiet all the warning to keep away from the diversion.

Spam Messages Filtration

Spam Message Filter

If you feel irksome due to the constant bombardment of spam messages then iPhone is the answer to your dilemma. The iPhone can consequently distinguish the spam messages and sift them through. Dissimilar to an Android gadget, one doesn't have to install an additional application from the Google Play store for sifting the spam messages. 

This is a standout amongst the most vital new highlights of the iOS 11. While specifying the OS, Apple discussed the Messages application's capacity to channel spam messages.

Native Screen Recording 

The feature of Native Screen Recording is something new for all the gadget freaks. The option lets the user record the screen activity, which makes it quite exceptional. An iPhone user can boast about this feature with an additional voice input. 

Additionally, GIFs can be made by utilizing native Screen Recording. Although, this option is likewise accessible for the Samsung gadgets. Notwithstanding, it isn't accessible for all the Android cell phones.

Online Money Transactions

Apple Pay

In the age of digitalization, online money transaction is quite common and if you have a smartphone then nothing like that. In Android, one has to download a third-party app to avail the benefits of the online transaction, but that is not the case with iPhone.

It seems to be another interesting feature of iOS 11, that let the user send and receive money directly from the Messages app. Users can do as such by means of straightforward instant messages. It's additionally conceivable to exchange received cash to one's own bank account.


Drag and Drop

As the name of this feature itself suggests that one can drag and drop files on their device. That holds true for iPhone users as this option enables you to exchange pictures, URLs, and texts on your device. This feature works optimally on iPads. One can utilize the upgraded application switcher board to move content crosswise over different applications.

Battery and Performance Management

Battery and performance

One of the biggest let down for any smartphone user is the instant drainage of battery. But with iOS 11.3 update from Apple, the user can take control of their device in terms of battery and performance management. That does make this feature cool. 

No doubt, this feature is must-have for every Android device and will make them the envy of an iPhone user.

Music support on multiple speakers

Apple Music

Music is an inevitable part of our lives. If we have the ability to play music files on multiple speakers then nothing like that. iOS 11 update brought quite a lot of features for the iPhone users and one of its include the capacity to play music on various Apple products with the refreshed AirPlay 2 feature. This option lets you stream content to different Apple TVs.

The Upshot

The above-mentioned features possibly may not stamps iOS authority over Android but it clearly gives the Apple users a substantial reason to cheer about their choice. Isn’t it always spiffing to have exclusive features on your phone? However, I can’t bet on any particular feature, but yes, I can say it with my experience that both of these operating systems are the stalwarts of the mobile industry. And I can’t see any potential threat to their dominance in the near future.

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