10 Best Funny iOS Apps To Give You The Needed Laugh
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Try These 10 Best Funny iOS Apps To Get Good Laugh Every Day

Disclaimer: You will be addicted to these apps once you start using them

Try These 10 Best Funny iOS Apps To Get Good Laugh Every Day

We all know that our lives are getting more and more stressful with each passing day. This requires us to keep our mind relaxed with the help of some laughing moments on a daily basis. Using your funny bone will help you in reconnecting with the life that you are missing out totally nowadays. Moreover, science has also proven that the laughing directly affects your health. The hormones released during the joyful and laughing expressions helps the body in getting into a better condition. 

We have brought you a collection of 10 iOS funny mobile apps that will make you giggle or chuckle whenever you open them. So, just go through all the funny apps mentioned below and install the one or more that you find the most interesting. 



9GAG is among the few apps that does what it claims and the app is getting popular among people rapidly. 9GAG contains a huge collection of funny images, trolls, memes that keep updating as you scroll through the app. Once you start going through the funny stuff of the app. you won’t be able to exit it anytime sooner. 9GAG is very addictive and you will keep picking up your phone again and again to check the recent memes and trolls. 9GAG will help you in escaping your hectic life for few minutes and having a LOL moment of your own. 9GAG is available for the iPhone users and offers the extra feature of accessing its website’s photo gallery via the app.

2.The Onion

The American newspaper style magazine is perfect for the people looking for sarcastic humor over the recent happening. The Onion works as newspapers for the readers but its content is purely humorous based on the latest news and trends across the globe. Along with the news articles, you will also find some of the infographics and images in high resolution. Once you start reading the content of The Onion you won't be able to stop yourself and will continue to giggle at the humorous statement. Download The Onion from here

3.Best Vines

Best Vines

Best Vines is the perfect app to watch funny vines or videos just by simply scrolling through it. With the Best vines, you don't need to scroll through your social media account for funny content anymore. Just download the app and watch vine videos short as six seconds. The app also offers various vines under different categories for the users to find the interesting videos easily. You can download the Best vines on your iPhone or iPad form the Apple App Store.

4.Funny Or Die

Funny or Die is the perfect app for the users who visit their social media account for the memes, trolls or jokes. The app works on the idea to bring you the funny content from all the social media platforms at a single place. You can spend hours while going through the app’s collection of humorous memes and trolls. Whether its recent news or any celebrity statement the app keeps its eye on every incident going viral over the interment. 

5.LOL Pics

Lol Pics

Consider you are working for hours since morning and your phone gets a notification, you open it and see a funny baby meme. This will definitely get you some moments of relaxation and laughter to reduce the stress. LOL Pics is built with the aim to put your worry and stress on hold for a while. The app contains a huge collection of recently viral pics, GIFs, memes, and trolls. In addition, you can also post your own content in the app to see if it makes to the main feed of the app. Download LOL Pics on your iOS device from the App Store.

6.Damn LOL

Here comes another great app that will take you on the ride of laughter with a huge collection of funny stuff. Damn LOL offers a countless number of images, trolls, photobombs and much more to give you the laugh you need. You can even search the viral topics in the app to find the funny images of your interest. The app works efficiently even with the limited internet connection and refreshes the content within minutes. So, just download Damn LOL and get your daily dose of laughter right away. You can install the app on your iPhone from here. 

7. Buzzfeed


Buzzfeed is one of the most popular apps among the users hunting for memes and trolls all over the web. The app comprises a massive collection of funny videos, viral images, memes and trolls going viral over the internet. You just need to open the app and you will be taken to a whole new world of humorous stuff. The best thing about the Buzzfeed is that you never will never get bored even after scrolling through the app for hours. You will get different categories on the home including LOL, WTF, OMG, Trashy, Geeky and Cute to explore the content on the basis of interest.

8.Cyanide and Happiness

The Cyanide and Happiness is a globally renowned webcomic and it is popular too among youth. The app is a great replacement for the web version that lets you access the unlimited images, stories or videos from Cyanide and Happiness. The app is very simple to use and offers a number of option to enhance the experience via recently introduced content. In the app, you will find a whole new collection of the comic that you have never seen on the internet. You can open the app to enjoy funny jokes with Cyanide and Happiness images anytime. The app is available in the Apple App Store for the users to download and enjoy the comic.

9. Daily Rage Comic

Daily Rage

On your social media accounts, you may have encountered different memes and trolls. But, the rage meme with real-life experience is the best one yet and nothing can beat it. The Daily Rage Comic has its own mobile app where the users can explore new and fresh rage memes without waiting over the social media platforms for them. The app includes the complete comic and regular updates by the creator to make sure that users get to enjoy new content every day. Just, go to the Apple App Store to download your own Daily rage app on your iPhone or iPad. 

10.Rage Wars

We just can't get enough of the rage memes, if you are among the fans of rage memes like me then you will love this game. Rage Wars game contains the rage meme faces moving around with a launcher to shoot. You will be operating the rage face character running to kill the hurdles in order to save the kidnapped Harpina. But, here comes the best part, these memes will act dumb as usual and that's what makes the game so funny. So if you are looking for an interesting game with a laughter the Rage Wars is the game that you download on your iPhone right now. 

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