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The Best Bluetooth Speakers That You Shouldn't Miss

Move and shake with the best of Bluetooth speakers. Best Bluetooth Speakers That You Shouldn\'t Miss

Lately, speakers have become an indispensable part for many of us. Some desire to relish the best sound, many take it as an outdoor adventurer buddy and few are simply bass heads. A Bluetooth speaker lets you stream music from your phone, tablet or laptop. Every now and then you must be coming across new speakers on various platforms, but sadly you can’t lay your hands on every one of it. Thus, utilize our privilege of testing various speakers and make up your mind without any further confusion.

The companies are also working extensively on the battery aspect, and it has led to speakers continuously running for several days on a single charge.The latest speakers are raising the bar on every single day and advancement in Bluetooth technology is only complimenting it more. That’s just incredible.

While scratching your head for the best Bluetooth speaker, you may come across various picks, varying in shape, size, and price. Many of the speakers also offer smart functionality and waterproofing. You just need to shell out some bucks, pair it to your phone, and keep the speaker charged for uninterrupted fun.

Get set to get thrilled with the sound and performance of the speakers listed below. The choice is all yours:

1. Bose SoundLink Mini II

Bose is well known for producing some top-line speakers and people swear by its name. From making classic radios to mainstream gadgets, Bose leads at will. SoundLink Mini II is another class-leading product by Bose.


This Bluetooth speaker may look small and portable but produces best quality sound. The thundering bass of Mini II can make anyone groove. The secret of sonic expand is not disclosed by the company and that is obvious. Mini II also boasts about its neat charging dock which doesn’t require much of efforts while plugging the cable.

2. UE Boom 2

Though UE Boom last speakers were good enough in producing some quality sound, but the new avatar of its rocks even more. UE Boom 2 has literally nailed it. The incredibly durable speaker is amicably loud. The waterproof features add the much-needed punch in this. It gives you the freedom to carry this anywhere and anytime. In case, you don’t get contended by its offerings, Megaboom is another product that won’t disappoint you.

3. JBL Charge 3

At present, JBL has become the household name. The hard-earned reputation of JBL is due to products like JBL Charge 3. Even after being a portable speaker, it plays loud and distortion-free. The overall features and unbeatable sound quality puts it above other rivals.

JBL charge

The “Charge” series from JBL has certainly made its dominance in the portable Bluetooth speaker market and can be marked as one of the best one in its category.

4. Creative Muvo 2C

One of the pocket-friendly speakers available in the market right now. Apart from its looks, this Bluetooth is bang on its audio output. Creative Muvo 2 can very well enhance the sound of music files that are stacked on your smartphone. The bass radiator of this speakers promises to make your party go wild. And its waterproof feature frees you from keeping an eye on it while the champagne gets splashed everywhere.

The one thing that let it take an edge over its competitors is the “Creative Smarts.” It enables you to plug the speaker into your laptop through USB. After connecting it, I can bet, music will play better your laptop’s.

5. Denon Envaya

After jumping in producing professional and consumer audio equipment, the Japanese electronics giant has finally mastered the development of digital audio technology. One of its examples stands to be “Envaya.” This speaker is one of the best all-around portable Bluetooth speakers that you would like to grab.


Its perfect balance between power and control makes it excel at the sound quality. The sound produced by this, is quite loud and clear. Another high spot of this, is the vocal detailing which doesn’t make you feel any difference even if the volume remains low.

6. UE Wonderboom

The only thing which was missing in UE Roll 2 (the older sibling of the UE speakers) was the lack of bass. But this time the company made sure, it doesn’t lose on it and hence came up with “Wonderboom.” The new offering is better in every aspect and offers 50-foot wireless range, which calls for some applause. Again, its splashproof feature adds another feather in its hat. The sound quality of this, is in no match to any other speaker placed in the same price bracket.

7. Bose SoundLink Revolve

Whenever we are up for scrambling among speakers, Bose remains one of the companies that surprises with more than of its product. Excellent build and best-quality sound have become a synonym to Bose.


After listing SoundLink Mini II at the top, the other one that we stumbled upon is “SoundLink Revolve.” This speaker offers 360-degree surround sound that gives you the liberty to roam freely in the party hall, without missing a single beat. The only thing that this speaker lacks is the waterproof feature. Sometimes, sound quality can’t be compromised with any other feature.

8. Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2

Ruark is one company which flaunts its passion for sound. Founded in 1986, Ruark always excelled in the sound and design department. Initially, the company rose to fame with its vintage DAB radios and all-in-one hi-fi systems. And now Ruark sprang one of its another excellent product in the form of Audio MR1 Mk2 Bluetooth stereo speakers. The company has stuffed it well with features like optical input that allows you to hook it up to the TV that can act as soundbars. Additionally, this speaker comes with optional battery pack, that can keep you going non-stop for next 12 hours.

9. Marshall Kilburn

Many of you, who are well versed with Bluetooth speakers may find the listing of this on the list because Marshall Kilburn is bigger as compared to others mentioned here and also weighs a bit more. Also, this speaker lacks USB charging and waterproof feature.


But all these flaws can be well rounded up by the exceptional audio performance and the classic design. The notes produced by it sounds crystal clear to the ear. Marshall nailed the area where it matters the most.


If you are a hard-core music lover and just can’t stay without bass, this speaker is definitely for you.The ultra-stylish V-Moda Remix offers a lot of customization that puts it above any other device of its class. Its amazing sound and built-in headphone amplifier can make you buy it any second. The premium Bluetooth speaker comes in aluminum or vegan leather skin. It caters almost everything that one looks in the best sound system.

11. UE Blast

UE Blast offers an impeccable audio output that can make many other speakers to go for a toss. Besides being a quality speaker, it is quite light on your pocket too in its segment. The best part is the built-in Alexa support that can help you to command it with your voice.

UE Blast

Its sturdy design and waterproof feature add more value to it. The speaker is a perfect fit for every kind of place. Be it your room or some hallway, the sound quality will keep you on your toes. The only issue that I faced with it was the fluctuating bass experience that sometimes crept in.

12. Riva Turbo X

After making its debut in 2015, this Bluetooth speaker kept on getting upgraded features. Many of you can be well taken aback by the sound and bass output of this brick-sized speaker. Turbo X you stream audio files from your phone or tablet. Just when you think you are over with this speaker, features like motion activated controls, USB charging for your smartphone, and DSP sound effects will bind you to keep it for much longer. After your last charge, the whooping battery can last up to 26 hours. Riva Turbo X seems to be a perfect fit for a weekend trip.

13. Fugoo Style-S

Don’t get disappointed by its design. It may look a little out of fashion due to its plastic covering attached to a piece of cardboard like a new toy car. At first glance, it looks more like a toy rather than a speaker. Fugoo Style-S offers some commendable booming sound quality.


The bright spot of this, is the feature that can allow you to pair it with another Style-S speaker to produce ultimate stereo experience. The robust build of it allows you to carry it to the beach and dump it on any rock. As per company claims, the battery of this speaker can last for about 15 hours, which according to me is decent enough. In terms of connectivity, Style-S lets you connect with it till 100 feet.

14. Riva Festival

Riva Festival is the elder sibling of Riva Arena. It sounds extravagantly clear, that can be compared to sound similar to a floor-standing speaker at higher volumes. Riva offers wide options in connectivity part. Apart from Bluetooth, Festival can be connected over Wi-Fi, including AirPlay, DLNA, and DDMS. Not only this, the speakers offer streaming options like Spotify Connect and Google Cast-ready. It can also cater pretty much any audio format. In terms of design, it may look a bit dull, if compared to other elegant speakers in the same price range. This speaker is fully loaded with ADX drivers, passive radiators, and six-channel amplification with advanced digital signal processing.

Overall, Festival rocks on its basic function of being a speaker, which results in crisp and quality audio output.

15. Ultimate Ears Roll 2

You may have come across may waterproof speakers that sounds good. But what if I tell you, Ultimate Ears Roll 2 can survive up to 3 feet in the water and keep on buzzing for next 30 minutes. Are you going to believe it? Interestingly, you have to. The disc-shaped speakers offer good enough sound for a normal party. Don’t expect rocking bass from it.

Ultimate Ears

The one thing that can take it down is its battery pack. Other features of Roll 2 includes linking up a pair of Roll 2s for stereo sound, add basic equalization and using the speaker as an alarm. Like Fugoo Style-S, Roll 2 also offers connectivity up to 100 feet. The speakers only lasted for about five and half hours before going to sleep. We hope, the next model upgrades on the battery performance.

The Upshot

Throughout our testing, we made sure to give due credit whichever speaker deserved it. Our parameters highly revolved around the sound quality and durability. Moreover, our list caters every kind of speakers. One that looks cool, other which can withstand any weather and then there are some which aren't fit for the outdoors.

If you are constantly on the move and doesn’t want to embarrass yourself by carrying your home theatre all around, pick one of the Bluetooth speakers from our list and we promise, it won’t disappoint you.

Vikram Khajuria
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