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7 Incredible Smartphone Hacks That Will Surprise You for Sure

Smartphone hacks that can change the way you manage your smartphone.

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Smartphones have changed the way we have experienced technology and innovation in the last few years. The gadgets are offering cutting-edge features which earlier were only a part of fictional movies. There is tremendous information that goes with the exceedingly refined cell smartphones of today.

A new innovation is introduced sooner than our considerations. Features like heart rate monitors, biometric Security features, unbeatable camera lenses, IR blaster, and unending access to unending wonderful apps are few of the highlights that the new smartphones hold.

But what if you are not using your phone to its optimal level? Yes, there is certain possibility that your smartphone is capable of much more than you ever thought. If you assume yourself as a tech-savvy, go through this article and find out what all you were missing in all these days.

The mentioned Smartphone hacks are a perfect match to sail through many of the day-to-day hiccups many of us go through:

1. Save On Data Usage And Battery Power

Data consumption is always a cause of worry for all of us. No one wants, their data to get licked by unnecessary apps that ultimately hit the performance of your smartphone. The main culprit is the apps running in the background.

Battery Saver

I am quite sure, most of you must be missing on this feature. Who doesn’t like freebies? Be it a complimentary drink or your favorite game. But always remember everything comes with a price tag. The free version of an app is always loaded with commercials that keep on popping now and then. Due to it, the battery takes a heavy toll and it also leaks your data pack. So, it is always better to opt for the paid version of an app rather than getting hit by unwanted commercial ads every time. It will help you to extend your battery life and there will be less consumption of your data pack.

2. Don’t mix-up on the missed calls

Nowadays life is so engrossing that you can’t be available to take calls every time. You tend to miss a few calls due to your airtight schedule. But missing an important call from your boss can turn out to be tricky.

Remind me later

Thus, to cater this issue, you can download an additional app from the Google Play store and if you are an iPhone owner, you just need to tap Remind Me button above the slide and it will serve your purpose. To lighten up the things a bit further, add exact address details in the contact section so that your smartphone can remind you about the missed call, once you are home.

3. Boost Your Charging Speed

One of the major flaws of owning a smartphone is the constant drainage of battery. In case of travel, this issue can even take a toll on your next meeting or an appointment. And you can’t be carrying power bank at all time. Therefore, some latest smartphones are coming with the fast-charging feature, that can fuel your battery in no time. But what if, you own a budget smartphone.

Double up the charging

Don’t worry. In that case, you can simply turn on the airplane mode and if possible, you can even turn off your device for a while. By doing this, you will directly multiply the charge on your smartphone. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Get a Trash Bag

Being an Android smartphone owner is a bliss in itself. There are many functions that an iPhone can’t perform as easily as an Android smartphone can do. But if we talk about the back-up for your deleted files, Android loses on it.

Get a recycle bin

In case of data loss, you may need some data recovery software to recover the deleted files. To save yourself from such a mess, simply download an app called Dumpster from Google Play store and let it collect your trashed files.

5. Find Your Remote Controllers

Are you ever struck by the turmoil of losing the AC or TV remote? If not, sometimes your friends could be in a mood to entertain themselves by making you go insane.

check your remote controllers

Try not to bang your head on the wall, better try finding your remote simply by using your smartphone camera to detect the infrared signals of the remote controller. It is not rocket science, you should know about it.

6. Managing Space

If you don’t own a flagship smartphone, you may have to co-op with the issue of space management. And especially the Android users. Looking up for every bits and piece which are hogging on your space can be a task.


So, to negotiate through such a complication, download DiskUsage from the store and get going. This app will aid you in presenting the visual representation of your disk usage.

7. Translate Text On-The-Go

Have you ever scrapped your plan of going to someplace due to the language barrier? If I would have been at your place, my answer should sound like “No.” The solution to your query is “Word Lens.”

Translate Text

This app is incredible and lets you decode any text, just by pointing your smartphone’s camera to that text. The app is available both for Android and iOS. Though the app is not free, you need to pay for some tidbits.

Vikram Khajuria
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Vikram Khajuria

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