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7 Enigmatic Strategies That Can Take You Through Instagram's Success

Instagram secrets which no one will share with you. Enigmatic Strategies That Can Take You Through Instagram\'s Success

Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users and there are over 4.2 billion post likes per day, many of the likes are lured by staggering 80 million photos shared. Now, you can very well make out about the significance of Instagram features, if you wish to succeed in the social media industry. From all around the globe, some people indulge in Instagram for attaining the coveted blue tick, some get in for the promotion of their respective brand, others value the number of followers and for people like me, it’s just a fun app to learn and know more about others.

To aid the users, Instagram has added loads of new features to make it more exciting. Some of the new ingredients include Portrait Shutters for stories, voice and video calling, fresh fonts in Insta stories and significantly more.

Therefore, just in case you plan to draw maximum out of such an engaging platform, one needs to learn the tricks of the trade. From attaining the attention of people on Instagram to compel them to follow you, it turns out to be a long journey. Take a look at some of the not so secretive ways through which anyone can climb up the ladder of success and glory.

1. Think of a game plan

Before jumping into it, you need to clear your mind. No one treads without a clear business plan or defined goal. Make up your mind about what you want to achieve. Is it for a business promotion or about reaping the benefits of having millions of followers.

Game Plan

Initially, play around and get acclimatised with it. It will aid you to get used to this particular platform and people’s reaction to your initial creativity. Once you understand the basics, you are good to go on Instagram.

2. Something unorthodox: Give it a try

Going past the barrier is always two-way approach. You may land up in one piece or possibility of a rough crash is also quite imminent. But failures always makes you learn more than your success. So, don’t bog down and always stay up for something new.

Something Valuable

You can always run your campaigns on other platforms and later connect it with Instagram. It will lead to more traffic and followers. Being a social media wizard, don’t be wary of uncommon practices.

3. Don’t shy away from using witted hashtags

The basic function of a hashtag is to discover new photos. And who knows your current target audience is also looking out for the same. The use of relevant hashtags on Instagram posts and pictures will surely help them to find you. Don’t forget, flooding the post won’t help you in any way.

Sont shy

Many a time, unnecessary hashtags can force people to run away from your post, which obviously won’t help your cause. If you are going to follow the same hashtag pattern that you draws on Facebook, it again won’t benefit you because patterns vary from one social media channel to other. Hence, be smart while stuffing hashtags and keep them close enough to your post’s idea.

4. Keep getting inspired by others

Running straightway into any business does bring plenty of challenges and to deal with everyone of that may consume your valuable time. Thus, to sidetrack such glitches, always try to learn from others success and making it a habit will certainly take you to places.

Keep getting

Learning new approach is just one aspect of it. The best part is, you learn from others failures rather than committing it yourself. As of now, Instagram is topped by celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande and the list goes on. Consequently, seek to follow their strategies.

5. Get familiar with the pay scale

What if your luck clicks right and you are able to garner millions of followers? The next major thing is to understand how a pay scale works. First of all, pay scale differs for different pages. For some brand promotion, 10k mark on a page can be good enough to land you a sponsored post, But if you aim to become an influencer, be it a fashion, food or travel, the things can take sudden flip.

Get Familiar

Therefore, while intending to go big, work on the pay scale for your page. On Instagram, the pay scale for different genres can fluctuate tremendously.

6. Get the best out of Instagram’s Video feature

Putting something out on a video is always better than posting just a lifeless picture. Instagram allows you to create a 60-second video and further the video can be directly shared on other social networks too. Who would deny an extra reach through a single post?

Judicious Posts

In inclusion to the video feature, Instagram recently also added live video option, that lets you film a video and viewers can take a look as long as you go live. A thoroughly planned video can get you more likes and followers than 5-10 average pictures at one go.

7. Judicious posts

Hanging on Instagram is not that easy as it may look at the first glance. Even after successfully making a stupendous debut, there are chances you may phase out soon due to ever-increasing competitions from all around the world.

Engaging posts

But, by engaging in strategic tagging, relevant links, CTA (Calls To Action) and the engagement driven question can take you to altogether different level. Other than that, creatives like throwing up a photo contest and killer visuals too drive people crazy. It’s just that how and when you place them. Presenting not so usual stuff like behind the scene actions are few of the best ways to utilize. Don’t forget, engagement is key to succeed on Instagram

In the End

If you want to make it big, don’t forget to try every social media channel and especially the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Such platforms infuse an enormous amount of people and getting followed by even half of them will serve your purpose.

Vikram Khajuria
Written By Vikram Khajuria

Jack of all trades. Covering the journalism field, Vikram writes at MobileAppDaily and keeps surfing the trends to understand tech and inventions better. Don’t forget his driving skills, he is a professional car rallyist. Life has just got better. Breathe it!!

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