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Is God Of War Really An Escort Mission?

Sony Santa Monica director refutes such claims God Of War Really An Escort Mission?

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Right after the launch of “God of War” for PlayStation four on the Digital Leisure Expo business display in 2016, the game is taken as a longer escort venture and this perception is strongly denied by the Sony’s director, Cory Barlog.

In one of his interview with a Hollywood Reporter, Barlog explained, “It’s maximum no doubt now not an escort venture. The participant has direct command over Atreus and is making an attempt to steer him during the procedure, however, the child has his personal thoughts, and he is in a position to deal with himself even while you’re now not paying consideration.”

God war kid

Img Source: Sony Pictures

The plot of “God of war” revolved around Kratos. After successfully surviving wars and three adventures in the PlayStation 2, Kratos is seen stationed at Norse realm of Midgard. The place also houses other prominent gods like Odin and Thor. At the very start of the game, the funeral of Kratos’s 2nd wife is shown and the speculation is that the second wife is the mother of Kratos son Artreus. In the God of War’s mission, Kratos and his son, Artreus have to lay her ashes on the top of Midgard and the only way to reach that place is to climb the mighty mountain.

God of War

Img Source: Sony Pictures

Similarly, God of War game holds a lot of missions to achieve some of the other goals. At some places, the player has to focus on the survivability of character in order to inch forward. Throughout the game, Kratos (the player) is seen directing and escorting Artreus, but if the things are unfolded clearly, Artreus is the one who makes the player follow. In the escort mission, Kratos is seen directing the Artreus to lead in the war and survive. On the other hand, Artreus is the voice of Sony Santa Monica who is actually instructing Kratos related to the game missions. For instance, if the player gets surrounded by enemies, it’s the Artreus who provides the warning and if the player gets low on life, again Artreus alerts on the same.

god of war game

Img Source: Sony Pictures

The voice and actions of Artreus are displayed in such a way that it doesn’t bother much to the player and his character is purely put in the God of War to help the player with information and protection.

The reason behind putting characters like Artreus is, the player actually wants some escort throughout the game who assist in every perspective of the mission. Moreover, like this, the player is least expected to get frustrated. In future video games similar to God of War, a prominent figure like Artreus is more likely expected.

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