Android Oreo Hidden Feature You Were Missing All This Time
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10 Android Oreo Hidden Feature You Were Missing All This Time

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10 Android Oreo Hidden Feature You Were Missing All This Time

Whenever a company drops the latest operating system for the users, there is nothing important than experiencing that update for a curious smartphone user. To keep the users intreated and add new functionalities Google update the Android every year with a new version.

Android Oreo is the latest Android version available for the users; however, only 1.1 percent of the Android user can access it till date. The latest Android version adds many new features to the platform including Picture-In-Picture Mode, better notifications alerts, system autofill, and others.

However, in spite of many new functionalities, Google always plays with users by incorporating some hidden Android features. These hidden features aren't available to users with few taps, for accessing these options the users need to try harder.

Android Oreo Hidden Feature

These below mentioned 10 Hidden features of the Android Oreo would help you in unveiling the new functionalities on your Android phone:

1. Play With Android Icons Shape

Android Oreo allows you to change icon shape and make it more interesting according to your need. To use the option you need to long press the empty area of the home screen, now click the Settings option.

Play With Android

Then you will see change icon shape option tap the option to change the icon shapes. You will find square, rounded square, squircle, and teardrop shapes to choose from or you can select the default option.  

2. Notification Channels

The notifications are the best part of the Android that keeps you connected with all your favorite apps. But, have your thought how these notification channels are bind together, developer categorized the notification accordingly.

However, Android O enables the users to customize the notification channel based on their needs like a high priority, update notification, alerts, push message and more. While swiping the notification away hold it in the hallway you will see the gear icon, click it. A new window will open you can customize the notification channels here.

3. Data Autofill

While browsing Android phone, you must have wished the autofill for a more convenient experience. Till now the auto-filling service was only the web browser feature that automatically fills the details it has recalled from your history.


Google has gifted the feature now to Android O and enable the auto filling in the phone also. This means in Android Oreo your phone will instantly understand what you want to type and will fill it quickly at the required place using your previous typed information.

To configure the autofill feature you need to head towards Settings > System > Languages & input > Advanced > Autofill service.

4. Manage your storage more effectively

Google revamped the storage section in the Android O to give detailed information to the users. The previous version of the storage section was more general that did not have that much storage consuming apps.

It helps the users in managing the phone storage for avoiding any low space situation. The smart storage feature also assists the Android P by automatically deleting the images and videos from the device. However, it only removes the files that have been already backed up on cloud storage.

5. Unleash the System UI Tuner

Google likes to hide the advance Android option in its operating system and let the users play around for them. This also includes the System UI Tuner, this is a developer option that is hidden in the settings.

UI Tuner

The System UI Tuner enables the user to customize the status bar by removing the app’s icon including Battery, WiFi, and other changes. This option also available in earlier Android version but Google added more options to Android Oreo.

You can access System UI Tuner by taping the settings icon from status bar minimum eight times. Now go to Settings, and you will find the option there, it can be disabled in the same way.

6. Put background restrictions on apps

To prevent the apps from sucking all your battery power, Android have background limit feature. This stops the background activities of the apps that are not being used by the user. However, the functionality can restrict only the apps based on new API compatible with Android Oreo not the apps with older API.

You can manage that situation annually and save your battery from getting used unnecessarily. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Info.

Now you will see the list of the apps, select the app you want to restrict in background. You will see a battery usage option taping it will show you the background activity toggle switch it on.

7. Use notification badge

The other helpful feature of Android Oreo is the notification badges for conveniently accessing the notifications. The status bar usually displays the notification on our Android device; however, in case of bulk of notification, it is quite hard.

Use Notification

In that case, you can turn to notification badges, notification strikes the respective app will get a dot on it. Pressing long the icon will show the notification badge will the information you needed.

8. Try Searching in Android Settings

Android settings contain tons of option to optimize the phone, and it sometimes becomes hard for us to remember which setting option lies where. The hierarchy of settings options makes it tough to remember the position of everyone, and it takes time at the time of need to access them.

Google now solved this issue with Android O, the Settings Window in the new Android version contains a search option. At the top right corner of the screen, you will find the search option for accessing any specific settings you remember by name.

9. Access Developer Quick Settings

Android offers quick setting panel for quickly jumping to the settings that users need to access time to time. However, the details that developers are intended to see are buried under the settings section including the layout bounds, GPU rendering, and other options.

Access Developer

But, Android O brings a major change for the developers with Developer Quick setting panel to access quick settings easily. To enable the option go to Settings > System > Developer options > Quick settings developer tiles. Now, you will see the list of quick settings toggle to turn them on.

10. Automatically enable WiFi

Android O posses ingenious features for the regular WiFi users, to provide uninterrupted time service. The feature automatically turns on the WiFi when spotted the location with the saved WiFi network.

Under the WiFi settings, you will find Automatically ‘Turn On WiFi settings,’ after enabling it whenever your phone recognizes the GPS coordinates tie with saved WiFi network it will automatically turn on the WiFi.

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