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Android P Feature Spotlight: Innovations In Google's New OS

What are the new offerings for the users? P Feature Spotlight: Innovations In Google\'s New OS

Google is hard at work and it needs no proof. The company keeps rolling the updated versions one after another and this time it is Android P. Like the previous versions, Android P has its own set of features that give it weightage among the list of already popular Android versions. Well, Android P official release is some monthns away but we have got the round-up of the best features the operating system is yet to offer.

As Google follows its legacy of creating hype before announcing the name of every new Android version, the release of this latest version is no different. However, the official name will only be announced in the developer’s annual meet until then we can only wait. I surely can’t offer much on the name but I have all the information compiled on the features of this innovative Android version.

What will the Android 9.0 be called?

Android versions are synonyms to sweet treats that too in alphabet orders. So, having the preview of older versions, the list goes something like this:

 Android Donut (v1.6)

Android Eclair (v2.0)

Android Froyo (v2.2)

Android Gingerbread (v2.3)

Android Honeycomb (v3.0)

Android Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0)

Android Jelly Bean (v4.1)

Android KitKat (v4.4)

Android Lolliopop (v5.0)

Android Marshmallow (v6.0)

Android Nougat (v7.0)

Android Oreo (v8.0)

Android P, which is the version 9.0 is most likely to be announced at Google Developer’s meet this summer most likely to be held mid-May. There are already rumors about the name and the potential names are:

  • Android Pie

  • Android Pecan Pie or

  • Android Pumpkin Pie   

Android Pi is most likely to get the crown among all these names as developer’s preview of the version states the same. Popsicles is another potential name that is making the rounds on the Instagram feeds. Popsicles is a trademark name and the giant is may choose the same as the next Android version name.

When will the new version come out?

The consumer preview of Android 9.0 is likely to be announced at Google I/O 2018 that will as always take place in mid-May. The rumors have also it that the complete version will be serviced to the users by the end of August this year. Although there is no official confirmation on the same and the things will only clear out once the official rollout will be made available from the giant.

When will users get the new version on their phones?

Even after the official release of the Android 9.0, it will take some time for the very latest version to reach to a user’s phone. The very first update will come for Google pixel devices and then there will be a new series of phones arriving with Google’s latest Android version. Worth mentioning that Android updates are rolled out by smartphone manufacturer rather than Google itself. These updates need to be tweaked to work with the customization that a handset is having and that is why the smartphone manufacturer’s role becomes much more important.

There will be a set of innovative features in the upcoming Android version and here is a preview of those that are in the news:

Wi-fi RTT with indoor navigation

Android P has been given the support of IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). The innovative feature makes indoor GPS tracking easier by determining the user’s location and giving them step-by-step direction to move from a building to another through indoor navigation.  

Added layer of security

Android phones are known to have robust security of their own. With the increased privacy concerns like the recent Facebook data breach incidence, Android has worked towards adding a new security layer to its new version. As of now, as soon as the users allow apps to run on their smartphones, they get the access to the camera and the mic anytime. But, with Android P the users need not worry about such concerns as the latest Android version will prevent the apps running in the background to access camera and microphone. In case, the app will try to access the system without the users’ acknowledgment, the system will shut down to prevent the same. Meanwhile, apps attempting to track audios will capture blank sound only.

Lockdown mode

Lockdown is the latest addition in the form of a button to the Android P feature’s list. Once enabled, the lockdown button will disable fingerprint unlocking option, which is quite useful when your phone gets snatched or any person without user’s knowledge tries to browse through his/her smartphone. Once, the mode is enabled, the users will have to insert a PIN, any pattern or a password to enable any other unlock method to work again.

Battery percentage through ambient display

Ambient display dedicatedly showcases the current time and notifications on your phone letting you avoid the hassle to go to the home menu. Now with Android P, the display will also accommodate the battery percentage to let users know the remaining battery on their smartphones.

Notification channels have become smarter with Android P

Among all the latest developments, notification channels have also been revamped with Android P. And, the new version has added features to block certain types of messages that appear on your smartphone as notifications. The notification that users dismisses will appear with a red “minus” sign as shown in the figure below. Tapping on the same will display the message if the users would either like to stop notification or wants to continue receiving the same.

Taking screenshots is easier now

Android P has a new screenshot editor that not only makes it easier to capture the screenshot but also edit the same. Additionally, the menu has also been added with a screenshot button as shown in the picture below that makes taking screenshot a breeze for the users. With this new feature, the user no longer needs to press power + volume down button to capture the screenshot.

Improvement in Android runtime

Android runtime or ART has been improved with the all new Android P and this means the apps that users will install will run much faster and smoother on their smartphones. With this tweak, the apps will not only load much faster but also consume less memory adding more to the overall battery life of users’ smartphone.

Added features to messaging apps

Android keep on making messaging experience much more delightful for the users. And, with the Android P, the messaging experience is going to get a lot amazing for the users. A notable feature is the availability of a new provision as an effect of which the developers will be enabled to view messages in the notification shade for all the upcoming messages.

Android Feature

The Bottom Line

Android P has already made the headlines with the developer preview released earlier. The set of exceptional features with this new version is worth mentioning and a glance of the same has been listed above. Although the name of this new version is still not clear, it is likely to be Android Pi as per the hints that have been poured out till date. Whatever the name will be this new Android version is, of course, going to win the hearts of the users.

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