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The First Eminem AR Show Kicks Off At Coachella

Huge Eminem was taking down the buildings and helicopters at Coachella. First Eminem AR Show Kicks Off At Coachella

Eminem, the US pop start and 15-time Grammy winner proven that the technology can be embraced to enjoy music concerts. Last night at Coachella, the musician showcases his recently launched Eminem AR app. Using the AR technology, the app enhances the experiences of the music lovers at the live music concerts. The app was developed by Drive studios and on Monday night it shows the glimpse of the Marshall's upcoming AR music tours across the US and Europe. 

While most of the musicians shown their rage and disappointment against the cellphones in the concerts, the rap god, and his team perceives it differently. There is no doubt that the fans are going to hold their phone up in the air for recording at the shows. Using this as critical approach the Paul Rosenberg, Def Jam chief executive and also Eminem's manager with the help of a multimedia production shop from LA changed the way fans perceive the gigs. 


Video Source: TechCrunch

At Coachella set, the AR experience via the Eminem Apps made people face the giant Eminem battling the helicopters, a meat cleaver attack on the crowd and bomb blast from the dropping missiles. Meanwhile, Marshall was performing at the stage and let it all go at the moment. While holding the phone the fans were able to experience the VR affects via the AR app at Coachella. 

“We figured if the phones are going to be there [at concerts] and people are going to be putting them up in the air and looking at them anyway why don’t we provide a way to maybe change the way they’re perceiving the show”, said Rosenberg. Based on the information mentioned on the Eminem's official website the AR effects in the concerts are geotagged and time-snapped. This means the fans within the limited yards from the stage will be able to experience the AR activities. Coachella show was just to drop a teaser about what’s going to happen in Eminem’s upcoming tour and the AR effects will be visible in the initial six songs of the concerts. 


Video Source: TechCrunch

In addition, the AR app also comprises an ‘AR Anywhere’ option that opens the portal to Shaddy’s world. Once you choose the option it will open and AR portal to the Eminem's place. On the contrary, many artists are against the use of screens at gigs and asking to ban it. However, Eminem is completely accepting the smartphones, moreover, he integrating them to enrich the show experience for the fans.  

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